Winter People

Winter People

A young widower moves with his daughter into a North Carolina mountain town in 1934. He quickly takes up with a young woman with an illegitimate baby. First he must prove himself to her father and her three brothers. He does so first by joining them on a bear hunt and then by designing a clock tower for the small community. Trouble comes when it is revealed that the baby's father is the demented son of a mean clan across the river and they mean to take the child back.

A young widower moves with his daughter into a North Carolina mountain town in 1934. He quickly takes up with a young woman with an illegitimate baby. First he must prove himself to her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(au) wrote: nat wolff in the best performance.

Sabena A (it) wrote: Omg i can't believe that I was actually waiting for this movie, I haven't seen the original movie but after watching this one to be honest I don't want to be bother. This movie was so long boring and silly all together, Content of emotional drama was too much and felt over the top and exhausted, actors were decent and songs were colourful but overall this movie was a waste of time.

Bruno C (it) wrote: Sim eu curto manda-chuva e sim esse filme foi uma bomba. E pra deixar tudo pior colocaram o Rob Schneider no filme. Legal a vida.

Steven N (fr) wrote: I'm not entirely sure how it took me four years to see "The Year My Parents Went On Vacation," or how I haven't heard more about it because this is a very moving, well told, wholly engaging piece of cinema. This Brazilian film tells the story of a pair a boy that is left with his grandfather in a Jewish neighborhood in 1970 while his parents are on "vacation." When his grandfather suddenly dies he finds himself alone. The script is spot on - dense, well written, and crafted with some considerable patience. Nothing feels rushed here. It takes its time with its characters, and I appreciate that. It can sometimes be a mixed bag when it comes to child actors, but as far as kid performances go, these are pretty darn good. I have a few technical squabbles here and there, but nothing so crazy that it drags the film down in any way. All things considered, I found "The Year My Parents Went On Vacation" to be an absolute treat. Powerful, and loaded with emotions that feel extremely real, I'm happy I got around to seeing it, and can't imagine what in the world took me so long. This one gets my recommendation.

Philip S (ca) wrote: NYPD, family, crooked cops, angel cops, Irish cops... Sound familiar? It should by now, but somehow these filmmakers thought they were making something special. Not so much. You've seen it all before. Is it terrible? No, just kinda dull and silly at times. We're in a hole? Dig deeper! And then almost everyone dies in the end. Boy, that was a bad week. How'd they even live this long? If you are a fan of the genre, then by all means, but otherwise skip it.

Tim N (mx) wrote: heard it was crap but i'll give it a go

Stefan B (us) wrote: This is one of the very best Creature Features and there is one scene that will just blow your mind. A must for all true CF fans.

Oscar D (mx) wrote: One of the best JCVD movies out there

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