Winter Sleepers

Winter Sleepers

Beautiful blonde translator Rebecca lives with her boyfriend, ski instructor Marco, in a small mountain villa owned by her friend, nurse Laura. Rene, a cinema projectionist, steals Marco's ...

Young blonde translator Rebecca lives with her boyfriend ski instructor Marco in a small mountain villa owned by her friend, nurse Laura. Rene, a cinema projectionist, steals Marco's car ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (it) wrote: When all said and done, this is a very depraved premise. It takes a while to get some answers, but it's done well enough up to that point.

Outi I (it) wrote: Leaves you to think, doesn't it!

Natalie P (au) wrote: Really disappointed with this movie! The first one was so much better!

David H (fr) wrote: This film was very enjoyable (I start which with a believe that I would find it better that "the Artist", and I was not disappointed, it felt a lot more like a silent film than the Artist and the storyline was much more engrossing and irreverent) the visuals in both the past and present are very good, showing crazed and contrasting technology. The storyline itself is sort of a prediction to the response the film would have to present day audiences.

Alec C (es) wrote: Another reason for why I love Ron Howard's movies so much.

rajiv 2 (es) wrote: Uzak is a great turkish movie that tells us about ?the meaninglessness of life? in a very meaningful way. The story is about two very strong characters, a man and his cousin. the man, mahmut, is a strong character whose life is at distant with peoples around him because his self-prideness, which costs him his married life and his awkward relationship with yusuf, his cousin from a rural village seeking job in Istanbul. The cast is might not the professional actors (they are nuri's best friend, wife, mother, and cousin), but their performance, especially for two lead cast, is quiet stunning. Muzaffer zdemir as mahmut is successful to deliver subtle yet powerful performance as the self-pride man who actually has a good heart but never really know how to response like a normal people in a certain situation. HIs most memorable performance for me is in the closing scene, which i found very beautiful both physically and psychologically. And credit also goes to Mehmet Emin Toprak as he gave us a good performance as Yusuf, a contradiction profile compared to mahmut, he is friendly and shy at the same time, and has a good sense of humor. Many people said that this film is not for everyone, i am agree and disagree with them. Agree, because the film's pacing, the pace is really slow and not every people could cope with that, but for me the pacing is couldn't be any better, it's just perfectly matched with the very fashionable style of directing of nuri bilge ceylan and darkly beautiful cinematography and wonderful camerawork. And disagree, because this film has a universal theme, an issue that happened to every human being, about relationship with another human being, how you adapt your character to another character or to another society and the consequences.

Joseph W (de) wrote: Classic mockumentary. Looks painfully outdated now but still stands up comedy-wise.

Ian S (nl) wrote: The Devil playing bingo in a town full of losers is well worth the price of admission.

Jerrica J (ag) wrote: I love this movie. It is hilarious!

Chris D (de) wrote: Jim Carrey pops his Hollywood cherry ironically in the role as a's chock full of silliness, memorable quotes and hilarious 80's music montages - hey, you got to start somewhere.

Brett B (es) wrote: Quite simply one of the greatest art house film ever made. Unique, haunting and erotic. The way the body (and human sexuality) is presented against the backdrop of the sand is nothing less than remarkable. Just an amazing film.

Jesse L (jp) wrote: (DVD) (First Viewing, 2nd Mann film) Another undistinctive but competant noir, though it's very entertaining and has a great lead performance by Richard Basheart . I'm just not a big fan of these police-procedure-sausage-party noirs. I want femme fatales! :D The location work and gritty black and white cinematography is great, however, and there's a terrific climactic sewer chase the pre-dates [b]The Third Man[/b] by one year.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Inte ofta man ser en film med en SS officer som tydligen hade ett samvete...

Kyle M (de) wrote: It's one of those films where it's sort-of hard to follow along and the only enjoyment you can find is what the film was able to offer: good performances and a meaning. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Jennie M (au) wrote: lacked depth.. was highly bores until the last quarter of this movie.. it was a struggle not to turn it off.. very disappointing considering I heard good things...

Rony P (mx) wrote: A very engaging movie, that throws light on the menacingly shocking cast system prevailing in India for centuries, as well as the "Art of Love" that today's moral police seem to have forgotten....