Ivan is a true number cruncher and 'surfs the waves of the stock market' like a natural trader. He rakes in big profits for the bank. But all is not well. The new job gives Ivan sleepless nights. As Ivan rapidly becomes the most successful trader in town, he feels increasingly alienated from himself and the world around him. In spite of his unprecedented success Ivan has to get out. Before it's too late...

A playful 'nobody' at a famous investment bank becomes a successful trader overnight. As he's gradually becoming estranged from himself, he still seems unable to lose. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gerol B (nl) wrote: very good cast with a well-written story! highly recommended!

Timothy J (jp) wrote: This was a nearly perfect film. A very moving story. Well written and acted. You are taken along emotionally by the journey. Really recommend this film.

Matt M (nl) wrote: Catherine Breillat gets more personal than she has ever been in her entire career in her latest film Abuse of Weakness. The story is almost entirely autobiographical, and one of the only things that are changed are the names. Maud is a director who suffers a stroke. As she is recovering, she watches a con artist being interviewed on television and starts entertaining the idea of casting him in the lead part of her new film project. Soon enough the two become acquainted and she finds herself willingly loaning him large sums of money. Despite the nature of the story, Breillat is neither spiteful nor vengeful in her telling of the events. In fact, she even points to the fact that she might have had it coming. Nevertheless, she seems to be entirely focused on making the whole story seem very authentic and avoids stylistic embellishments. Breillat also avoids her characteristic strange casting antics by giving the role of her cinematic alter ego to one of the best French actresses of the last twenty years, Isabelle Huppert. Her performance as the proud yet vulnerable Maud is quite remarkable, particularly due to the role's physically demanding nature. The same cannot be said about Kool Shen, the French rapper who lacks the ability to make the con artist seem a charmer or a rogue. The two end up lacking chemistry and this makes the film drag particularly in its seemingly interminable middle part. However, Breillat can still be praised for her honesty and for bringing her own personal experiences on the big screen, coming close to a documentary style and unafraid of seeming uncomfortable.

Eeddine J (fr) wrote: a powerful perspective on a very common problem!!!!

Kelly I (ca) wrote: The most discustingly disturbing and mysoginistic piece of garbage i've ever had the misfortune to see.

Stacie R (jp) wrote: Horrible acting and effects. Very boring movie.

Michael K (ru) wrote: Great story. Great referrence for great films. Get on this before I lose all respect for mankind.

Kmar R (de) wrote: almost as good as belly

Karia Q (jp) wrote: is it wrong to find the priest pretty smexy? Otherwise, I guess this movie was good. There were a lot of stigmata flashbacks though - almost edging on overkill.

Dylan H (ca) wrote: Cruella De Vil is easily one of Disney's most memorable and iconic villains and the sheer, emphatic charm of the dogs helps push this simple narrative along.

Ted W (mx) wrote: Great entertaining action packed good time movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger , the girl no one knows about except for being Sarah Connor in the terminator franchise and some random kid they most likely got off the street in los Angeles. First the action is phenomenal, even though this film came out in the 90s it had good action and not the cheesy kind in the matrix. Yes the special effects for the metal terminator did suck and were cheesy you just have to remember it's an old movie. Now the plot and that Arnold is not longer a bad guy terminator but now is a good nice reprogrammed terminator protecting a young John Connor. I like that Arnold's the good guy but who cares who's he plays better they're both really good. So yeah the plot, old John Connor sends a good Arnold to protect his younger self so that the metal terminator doesn't murder the fudge out of him with that little finger of his. I just like the plot, it's simple and not too complicated like alien where you have to pin point everything. Now finally the ending, if your reading this you should have already seen this movie so spoilers, good terminator dies and he dies with a thumbs up oh and the metal terminator dies too but who cares, it's all about Arnold, nobody else. My thumb is up. Now the bad, that kid was annoying, that's why I put a half star.

Michael P (it) wrote: Best martial arts fick EVER.

Jens T (jp) wrote: Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Fox and His Friends is a sad and dreadfull picture with Fassbinder himself in the title role as Franz Fox a working class carnival worker who wins 500 000 marks in a lottery. But Fox gets tricked by a bunch of rich guys by financing their printing company. Every dog has his day, but it's seems like Fox is an alien in the new convetional upper-class world.

Gisle B (nl) wrote: This is an excellent movie, except for the ending where you have no idea how Mili is going to end up. Amitabh is deep and sincere, and Jaya is very good too. This is my first "old" hindi movie, and it is refreshing. Loved it!

Matthew H (kr) wrote: The Best video game movie EVER!

Ryan H (ru) wrote: "It's not a joke. It's a rope, Tuco."

Bradley C (br) wrote: a higher rating then superman vs batman. the best movie of ALL TIME.