Wirey Spindell

Wirey Spindell

A whimsical look back at the life of a bisexual man who is going straight and nervous about his upcoming wedding.

A whimsical look back at the life of a man who is nervous about his upcoming wedding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy P (de) wrote: It was done before and I am pretty sure it has been done before... wait what!

Mike L (ca) wrote: One Of Those Underrated Suspense/Thriller Films You Never Hear Much But With Strong Script Direction And Acting This Is A Must Watch

Mary (it) wrote: Bushwhacked is the story of deliveryman "Mad Max" Grabelski and how, after delivering a package to a home, he becomes the suspect accused of murdering the person whom he was delivering the package to. After fleeing the police, Max goes on the run and after switching cars with someone, learns that he is now thought to be a world famous scout guide. Max must take the group of kids into the wilderness, while alluding the police, and make his way to Devil's Peak, where the next package is meant to be dropped off. This is the type of movie that is completely forgettable to most, unless you watched it before. I am one of those people, having been ten at the time it came out, and remember watching it. I had only remembered a couple of moments in the movie. Bushwhacked is a kid friendly (except for a couple of parts) movie, with action and adventure. I much prefer Daniel Stern in some of his other movies, like Home Alone and City Slickers, and he seemed to overplay it in this movie. You may recognize the odd face from the movie, but most of the young kids didn't really star in much else after this, aside from Blake Bashoff, who played Karl on Lost. Overall, if you are looking for a fun children's movie, check this one out, but don't expect to be thrilled or anything.

Calvin C (de) wrote: A romantic comedy-drama about a Englishman who meets an American woman over the course of said title. This is Hugh Grant at his most charming and vulnerable. There are some funny moments, some sad moments, but overall a great British movie about finding love.Grade: A-

Gregory G (fr) wrote: An Irish biographical drama about the Guilford Four; a group of four Irish civilians wrongly convicted by the British government of an IRA bombing that killed five people in a British pub in 1974. Based on a true story told in the book "Proved Innocent," Gerry Conlon (Daniel Day-Lewis) is arrested after the bombing and is forced to sign a false confession after being tortured during interrogation. His father Giuseppe (Pete Postelthwaite) is also charged as an accomplice and jailed. This is a powerful drama that resonates with great moral complexities at the ways in which an injustice can occur as the result of political pressure under the guise of security. Imprisoned together, the estranged relationship between the father and son is the center of the story. At first, Gerry is a petty thief who resents his father's overbearing nature but he gradually evolves into a crusader. There are inaccuracies that are problematic. Although the imprisonment of father and son together made the material more dramatic, in real-life they were separated. Its also a bit redundant to have another portrayal involving the British suppression of the Irish. Still, this is emotionally stirring material and the ending is effectively cathartic. Daniel Day-Lewis - speaking with a thick Irish brogue - gives a powerful performance with the dynamism of a young De Niro. Postlethwaite is quietly brilliant as he matches Day-Lewis. Written by Jim Sheridan and Terry George and directed by Sheridan. With Emma Thompson as the defense attorney who retries the case; John Lynch, Corin Redgrave, Beatie Edney, Tom Wilkinson.

Josh H (de) wrote: This was just a lame movie from every angle. Predictable, corny, not at all scary (which is supposed to be a key component). I like Stephen King for the most part, but this was just a collection of all his story cliches wrapped into one.


C H (ru) wrote: "Ao Runfar dos Tambores" Guerra civil americana. To visualmente caricato que at legal. Poderia ser um episdio de Tin Tin sem o mistrio, pelo visual, "Tin Tin na terra dos Moicanos" (se existisse tal episdio). O chefe dos soldados civis tem o modo de falar IGUAL ao do Sean Connery... ser s coinscidncia?

Donny N (es) wrote: Better than Boyz n the hood

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Incredible film I loved every minute of it, One of my favorite action films to date, Some good gory kills, One of the strongest casts ever in an action film and the action itself was amazing, The humour tops it off to make it the perfect action film.

Grant K (mx) wrote: One of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen. Sublimely stupid, deliciously subversive and nauseatingly disgusting, this is a film for film lovers - but not for those with a weak stomach. It's as advertised: a film about a man coming to terms with a monster that crawls out of his ass.