Witchcraft VI

Witchcraft VI

A serial killer targets young women wearing gold crosses; Detectives Lutz and Garner enlist Will Spanner to help with the occult angles of the case.

A serial killer targets young women wearing gold crosses; Detectives Lutz and Garner enlist Will Spanner to help with the occult angles of the case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim C (ag) wrote: Zombies + Feelings = one hell of a good movie. Don't be surprised to find yourself grappling with your morals as you watch this masterpiece play out. Trust me - this is not your typical zombie flick... you might just want to grab a tissue.

Syma Q (it) wrote: don't bother watching it!

Tony P (es) wrote: The obvious comparison to "By The People"is, of course, "The War Room", the 1992 documentary about Bill Clinton's campaign. The latter is a far superior documentary only because Clinton's campaign was loaded with colorful characters, not the least of which was Clinton himself. By comparison, "By The People" is a boring, useless 2 hours that practically does a disservice to a charismatic, if boring and drama-free, candidate. Given that there's no drama around Obama, one would expect some insight into the staffers, the family, or even more behind the scenes looks at how the campaign dealt with the bumps in the road (Jeremiah Wright, Hillary's fight to the end, etc.). Nothing.If you're a political junkie, this is a waste of time. There is hardly anything here that couldn't be gleaned from press accounts immediately following the election and any number of books about the candidate and the campaign. If you're a novice or just an Obama fan, you might find it compelling. It's a nice piece of history to own, I suppose, but good for little else.

Joseph H (nl) wrote: good actors, not very good reviews, not sure if i want to watch or not, probably still will sometime..

Jose D (au) wrote: Film que cierra la triloga de PARIA y LA BLESSURE. Muy slido film, planteado a partir de un jefe de RRHH y un pedido de investigacin al Director de la empresa por motivos psicolgicos. A medida que va desarrollndose el film, cambia el tono, los temas, incursionando en una queja poltica, cuestiones referidas al genocidio, y el mismo personaje principal va cambiando notoriamente su pensamiento. MICHAEL LONDSDALE interpreta al Jefe de la empresa y es destacable la actuacin de MATHIEU AMALRIC. 8/10

Rohan D (mx) wrote: A great bollywood action film,was my immediate favorite at the time. Stuff copied from Memento but doesnt really matter as long as the bollywood version was done well,which it was :)

IESHA J (kr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Kyle F (jp) wrote: Brutal but well acted.

Brad S (it) wrote: - Just watched it yet again...I feel it gets better with each viewing. Oldman is outstanding, I have no idea why he wasn't nominated for an Oscar for this. A must watch!- Such a great film...it is one of the few films for me that honestly gets better every time I watch it and I have seen it several times now. Oldman is amazing as Beethoven, it is such a crime he has never been nominated for an Oscar, I thought he was especially deserving for this role. Highly recommended, even if you have seen it, this film is worth revisiting.

Tim G (kr) wrote: I liked memories of me billy crystal showed that he can do dramatic parts just as well alan kings character though got on my nerves at times good film

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: This is basically more of the same only this time the vast majority of the gags fall flat.

Bruce B (au) wrote: Anytime you watch a Charlton Heston Movie you know 2 things, Its going to be outstanding and it's going to be long, and this movie is both. Also Laurence Olivier is in this and it makes it a awesome move with international flair. Seldom do we see a film made with this magnitude today, to be filmed on location. The movie is about the famous British General Charles Gordon who will not leave the Egyptians' behind in Khartoum and without the help of the British Government he vow's to stay in Khartoum until the bitter end. General Gordon was a God fearing Christian, which the movie brought out many times, and the foe was a Muslim, in today's pansy world when it comes to American Television you will not get any air play on this one as it might be insulting to some. So if you want to see it either special order or Netflix while they still have it. And it gets 5 stars in my review.

Greg W (kr) wrote: just ok later groucho

Dani (gb) wrote: I remember seeing this when i was little and really want to see it again.

Jenifer M (gb) wrote: Every movie Tinkerbell has made has been wonderfull