Witchery Deal

Witchery Deal

The psychiatric Julio Degrás is invited by his old friend Captain Salanueva to help him in a murder case with five victims. Salanueva explains that apparently a young man named Ricardo had ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Witchery Deal 2003 full movies, Witchery Deal torrents movie

The psychiatric Julio Degrás is invited by his old friend Captain Salanueva to help him in a murder case with five victims. Salanueva explains that apparently a young man named Ricardo had ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Witchery Deal torrent reviews

Tony L (fr) wrote: As far as exposing the corruptness of the financial system this is one of the genre's better efforts, the story is believable and the acting impeccable. Quite frankly this is "The Big Short" 2.

Felipe F (es) wrote: Tangerines manages to be affecting even if its storyline becomes plain and formulaic.

Simon B (au) wrote: A brilliant, DARK & gritty drama set in the 'shit holes' of London, superb directing from Mr. Plan B, great soundtrack

Musa S (us) wrote: The screenplay could have been enriched by some additons for his lose of his mother, thus this would have emphasized the psychological smokescreen of both the guy and his father. Kenan is always criticized by his father but why? Did he play a role of dying of his mother? Answer is no, so his father's negative attitude against Kenan is not very well based.

Paul S (us) wrote: To hell with what the critics say. This movie is fun. It's visually bautiful and its a great campy story.

Tero H (nl) wrote: Slow-paced is an understatement. Nothing really happens in this movie. If it were supposed to be a love story, then maybe one kiss at the very end of the movie was thought to make this movie that. I usually like Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz. The music by Norah Jones was cool. That's pretty much all there was to it. I couldn't see a story in there, but perhaps the story was somewhere there between the lines? I was too bored to listen to what people were talking, however. Great actors in this movie, which, however well cast, had me feel like I was repeatedly lulled asleep with two people talking to each other about something really boring, and then woken up by Norah Jones' beautiful music. In other words: Had there been anything but talk, I might had liked this movie. You need more than blueberry pies and beautiful women to make a film. Although, that's a great start.

Tommy H (ca) wrote: If you're a fan of Christian Bale you have to see this movie. This and American Psycho are his best performances, in my opinion. He usually plays roles where he's strong and in control, it's interesting to see him start as his typical self, then humbled by the prison camp and the jungle.

Kalvi R (de) wrote: Brilliant comedy from leading spanish actors/actresses....Betiana, Carmen and Marisa just do what they do best....they entertain you well......have to agree that the movie is silly but I had the best laugh for ages

Caleb N (it) wrote: This was crap. Buzz lightyear is a toy, not a show.

Anatoly S (us) wrote: An okay Alien + The Thing rip off. Good cast, not super cheap. An almost convincing underwater effect. Good for a one time rental. A sold C grade flick. CHECK IT OUT

Jay M (us) wrote: I really liked this film, And good work by Charles Bronson.

Laurent L (jp) wrote: totally stupid but the first I saw on VCR! still great fun but should stay as a memory

Paige S (gb) wrote: Still spooky decades later.

STCENTERPRISE (ag) wrote: O' Brother Whereart thouThis film is Set Mississippi in the 1930's. John GoodmanGeorge ClooneyActress who play Ms. Incredible as George Clooney's husband. This Film begins in black and white with prisoners working then turns to brown and white. Then we cut to three prisoners who escaped. It has one got a train.George Nelson shoots cows in robbery escape with money blowing out of car. Bank robberyNow people from radio recording station want the prisoners and African American for a contract for Soggy Bottom Boys the band after hearing the recording made a big hit on radio. the band they made for $10.00 each for recording one song. George Clooney constantly uses Dapper Dan use for hair. I am not a big fan of the overexposed orange and yellow look to this film. This is a redneck movie in my opinion. Do not seek the treasure. It is a trap. George Clooney says that There is no treasure. There never was. It was about getting to George Clooney trying to get back to his wife to avoid her getting married. George Clooney only needed the other two to help him get out of the jail. George Clooney's Wife kept saying he was run over by a train. Klu klux klan has black singer who sold himself to the devil. I am not a big fan of the music. Not my kind of music. Soggy Bottom Boys the band sounds stupid. Sounds like a terrible gross name for a band. Sounds like someone messed up there pants in the bathroom or in the swamp. Flood saved them from the devils hanging. The film ends in black and white. I was not into this film mainly because it was not my kind of film. Two of the prisoners are superstitious and one is big believer in God. George Clooney's character is the only looking for a more logical answer based upon science rather than looking to supernatural, superstitious, Devil, or God for the reason for how or why things occur. This film I guess shares similar characteristics to that of Homer and the Odyssey but told in a southern fashion but I did not enjoy that.

Lanky Man P (de) wrote: For a it being such a great dark story, I would have expected more.