Witchmaster General

Witchmaster General

An evil Voodoo Witchdoctor runs a murder-for-hire business. He'll do away with your unfaithful wife, your unappreciative boss, or your back-stabbing friend - but the price is your soul!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   evil,   voodoo,  

An evil Voodoo Witchdoctor runs a murder-for-hire business. He'll do away with your unfaithful wife, your unappreciative boss, or your back-stabbing friend - but the price is your soul! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Witchmaster General torrent reviews

Dammy G (es) wrote: I'll check it. I liked the TV show, so this can't be too bad.

Marah R (es) wrote: This is so unbelievably boring

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Another ... Hell... Don't know what to call it...

RJohn X (kr) wrote: West is a master of creating a sense of the real. He creates very developed characters who are thrust into very strange and deadly situations. His real skill is making the audience believe these are not dumb victims, just normal people trying to survive in ways that build suspence because they do things we might actually try. The fact that all his movies are major downers and defeats (evil wins). This one has a flock of bats and some creepy vampirelike zombies (maybe?) much like a real horror attack, the main characters never get a neatly tied up explanation.

Patrick P (it) wrote: OoOOoOOo, i want some tuna.

Becky B (it) wrote: Badly written and predictable. Morgan Freeman is the only redeemable part of the movie. But it was still mildly entertaining.

Nick P (gb) wrote: One of the worst attempts at a superhero movie ever.

Jack W (au) wrote: predictable baseball film. you think if they were going to make Selleck a power hitter they would have elevated his swing just a bit? he swings more like Pete Rose than Babe Ruth.

Luis C (gb) wrote: good.....ok....but extremely short! 1hr 5 minutes

Nicki M (nl) wrote: I love the book, read it many times growing up. The movie does not stay true to its source, which is a real shame as the ending does ruin it. It's kind of weak as adaptations go, I think it's a little miscast and it hasn't aged very well, either. Kristy Swanson is an okay Cathy and the grandmother is also effective. The boys fail to convince and the mother is weak (her acting, I mean. Obviously the character is weak). It is watchable and the story is so horrific it does draw you in.I know another adaptation has been made and also one of the sequel, so I am very interested to see those and see if they were able to improve on this.

Adam R (br) wrote: An enjoyable comedy classic. How can you not love Ernest? (First viewing - Childhood)

Joey B (gb) wrote: this was a great documentary. It has many interesting special features and a fascinating two part movie. If you can find it I recommend picking it up.

Eric H (de) wrote: A decidedly odd film that is wonderfully script and filmed, with lovely performances from Natalie Wood, Robert Redford and Christopher Plummer.

Michael S (gb) wrote: Love this film! Perfect Gothic horror atmosphere.

Russell W (de) wrote: Not like the films John Wayne made with Ford or Hawkes but better than most of his others. Entertaining enough for a JW fan but nothing great here it was released the same year as Shane with a similar plot but Shane takes the prize.

Farah R (it) wrote: It's quite surprising that this movie got such a bashing from critics when it's not bad at all. Shia Leboeuf delivers an exquisite performance that practically saves the movie from its bad script.

Adriano B (fr) wrote: Not the best Tony Scott. An interesting twist packing perhaps too many good ideas in one shot: the stilyzed uberaction romance true false mockumentary videoclip recounted by an unrealiable real life but not-quite-so narrator, incidentally a model turned boundy hunter depicted by OMG Keyra Knightley satyrizing massmedia manipulation with parkinson-cam included maybe should have used only one bullet at a time for its own sake, and not waste all that ammo in vain. But, hey, there is a luve-subject arm mutilation practiced without the suggested hygenic condition, using a bloody shotgun: this talks about love in my language.