With a Friend Like Harry...

With a Friend Like Harry...

Harry knew Michel in high school; they meet again by accident, Harry inserts himself in Michel's life... and things take a sinister turn.

Harry knew Michel in high school; they meet again by accident, Harry inserts himself in Michel's life... and things take a sinister turn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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With a Friend Like Harry... torrent reviews

Catherine N (de) wrote: Silly fun with Patsy and Edina. Try to catch all the cameos. Sweetie, darling, 60 is the new 40.

Jill R (it) wrote: Bedtime stories is a movie that I had a lot of fun with. Don't get me wrong this is not a great movie but for me personally it's a guilty pleasure. I did laugh and I was entertained. Also I was interested where the story went. Overall far from perfect Bedtime Stories is a fun movie worth seeingGrade B

Are G (nl) wrote: "Makes one appreciate the life they have...a riveting drama"

Alexandria H (it) wrote: :( the Rock isn't in it!

Ola G (br) wrote: The fearless gunslinger, Lucky Luke (Jean Dujardin), known to "draw faster than his shadow" is ordered by the President to bring law and order to Daisy Town with the help of his loyal talking horse, Jolly Jumper. On this journey he bumps into old enemies such as Billy The Kid (Michal Youn), Pat Poker (Daniel Prvost), Phil Defer (Claudio Weppler) and Jesse James (Melvil Poupaud). By his side is his beloved Belle (Alexandra Lamy) and the harsh Calamity Jane (Sylvie Testud). He will not only have to fight his enemies, but his own conscience as well...I red Lucky Luke as a kid and loved him and his adventures. At that point they put out a lot of animated films of his adventures which made sense. But, in the early 90s Terrence Hill (of some reason....) ended up as Lucky Luke in two live action movies that didn't carry very much resemblance with the cartoon itself. Thus, those ones are something to forget and deny. This version of "Lucky Luke" is however something very close to the cartoon. This live action version gives us a tone that fits, environments/landscapes that comes alive, it's slightly over the top (but it works), it has several classic Lucky Luke characters, great costumes/settings and with a storyline that still carries some level of emotional drama. It's a movie based on a cartoon, it should be taken for what it is. Dujardin is pretty good as Lucky Luke and the rest of the ensemble does a good job as well. I was positively surprised and I did enjoy watching "Lucky Luke".

Gordo d (gb) wrote: I don't normally like Mel Brooks movies, however when he writes or stars in original material I seem to dig it. With that said, this comedy isn't perfect and it sure isn't satire at its finest but it is a watchable film with a great change of pace.

Tom F (de) wrote: The second half of the story beginning with the film "Jean de Florette" and another wonderful job. The story goes deeper, more emotional and more like real life. Wonderful.

Trevor C (au) wrote: A disturbing, super exploitative look on slavery. It's style is possibly the only thing that kept me watching and finding something worthwhile. Within the first 6 minutes I was disturbed when a dinner guest offered food scraps to slave children underneath the dining table as though they were dogs. Right away we're thrown into a bizarre world that isn't necessarily historically accurate or realistic for that matter, but effective in what I believe the film was trying to do. Firstly, it's exploitation, and what is filmed is disgusting and stylized as a grindhouse feature. It doesn't show the true face of slavery as it's tagline suggests, but instead takes it to levels beyond where our nightmares take us - a level of which only true sadists could imagine. No one alive can honestly portray the horrors of slavery, though when I think of it I look at Roots as a realistic view (save for all the melodramatic acting), and this film, and I can't stress it enough, is no where near what slavery has ever been recorded to be like (and the premise of Italians going back in time to make a documentary about it doesn't necessarily lead one to believe what they are watching is going to be realistic). The version of the film I saw was poorly dubbed, but oddly enough that made the whole experience much more of an uneasy one. The camerawork is constantly zooming in and out and it all gets pretty nauseating after a while, but I suspect that was the point. However one thing which was brilliant about this film was the music - it totally juxtaposes every disturbing aspect as it is beautiful sounding and peaceful (the song "Oh My Love" comes from this film and is used in the more recent film "Drive"). The composer, Riz Ortolani, who also did the score for Cannibal Holocaust, seems to be a master at this. Really, I saw this film because according to many people it is very disturbing, and some even say it's the most disturbing film ever made. I'm a person who enjoys testing myself to see if such things are true. I can' t say it's the most disturbing film ever made, but the relentlessness in this film's violence and imagery is absolutely disgusting and that mixed with a peaceful score easily makes this one of the most disturbing films ever made. But not only is this film disturbing, it's also well made, and something about it's style and exploitative qualities makes it nightmarishly surreal, and that is what makes it, if anything, worth seeing; simply for the experience.

Dave J (de) wrote: Monday, February 28, 2011 (1940) Waterloo Bridge DRAMA Well made but very soap operish type of storyline whereas a soldier (Robert Taylor) falls for an one time ballerina (Vivien Leigh) sweeping off her feet! While the Robert Taylor character is fighting on the line, money becomes scarce when the Vivien Leigh character assumes the wosrt with dire consequences! Famous for it's use of it's musical score, this film is unsatisfying since it tends to delve into unrelatable situtations in terms of one to one intimacy! I have no idea how it used to be back then, but this film is the total opposite of "Pretty Woman"! 2 out of 4

Justin M (us) wrote: Fantastic overall storyline line with very very very minimal sub plots in which seem forced as does the Amazo fight scene but everything leading up to the incredible ending cannot phase what world #UnderTheRedHood has brought you into.

Judge L (es) wrote: An alright follow up to Dirty Harry.

Roger W (mx) wrote: This wonderful period tale is an absolute gem to watch. Classic old style film making which is sorely missing from the majority of releases today.

Declan R (us) wrote: A very emotional well done piece. The acting is terrific, and while slow, it builds tension causing the audience to sit on the edge of its seat. This film delves into why terrorism and extremism exists today, not just because of lack of education, mental illness or even religion as many in the west attempt to portray it as, but rather because it is incentivized in a way that is preventable through the legal murder of innocent civilians as so eloquently depicted in this movie as well as other ways such as legal torture and legal arrest/killings without trial done by governments like the US and Europe. I don't mean to sound so political but it is hard not to be after watching this tremendous, and deeply moving film exploring the often unexplored world of drone strikes.