With Beauty and Sorrow

With Beauty and Sorrow

When the man who seduced the famous painter Otoko as a teenager--and then wrote a bestselling novel about it--reappears in her life, her pupil--and lesbian lover--hatches a plot to destroy the man and his family.

Long before the events of the movie Ôki, who was approaching middle age, had a relation to 16-year-old Otoko. She got pregnant, but the child was stillborn. Their relation stopped at the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart P (nl) wrote: Tonally off, and hideously dated, it meanders to its conclusion. Still, it had its interesting and funny moments. Watch the TV show instead.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Joey H (au) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Alexander D (gb) wrote: For better or for worse, MY FELLOW AMERICANS gains its humor mostly by establishing itself within the first five minutes as a highly fictionalized, unrealistic account of two U.S. Presidents that would have never even gotten close to election. Each one of them behaves like a modern day Fourth Stooge,? and on top of that, neither one seems to care one bit about American issues such as racism and illegal immigration. (If anything, they both seem to accept it as an every day concept.) If any of the United States Presidents were to ever be anything like this, the world would be a much different place.

Sam S (mx) wrote: great awesome western from the duke's later years

Ant D (ru) wrote: I am not into this comic series, but I just saw this movie and NBC's TV pilot last night. Both were OK. I prefer the TV series more than this movie.

Russell S (de) wrote: Really fantastic movie, I just wish it was longer.

Derek S (kr) wrote: It's funny sometimes, but boring overall.