Within the Rock

Within the Rock

Space miners sent to stop a moon's collision course with the earth discover a hibernating creature that soon revives and starts slaughtering the mining crew.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   explosion,   moon,  

A time of space miners sent to stop a moon's collision course with the earth discover a hibernating creature that soon revives and starts slaughtering them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle R (es) wrote: Very enjoyable. It feels like someone just found a old movie from 1976 or something. Seems very naturally classic and not a pale imitation. Flawed in some areas and could have been longer, but overall a winner. Hot girls, violence.. what else do you need?

Siddharth S (au) wrote: Underlined by an apposite score, 'Notes on a Scandal' is one of the most brilliant psychological melodramas I've watched. Reading between the lines, it is a character study of a clingy, vindictive and malevolent woman who can go to any length to sustain a 'friendship'. Dame Judi Dench's performance is deliciously insidious and Cate Blanchett is marvelous.

Jon T (jp) wrote: The cast is uniformly excellent. I'm sure I missed a lot, though because it is a very busy film with a lot of intersecting stories. I could watch it again, though.

BALLZ DEEP is back (br) wrote: This movie truly captures the greed and deception of this period...truly brother vs. brother.

Clay B (mx) wrote: SKELETON COAST (1989)

Joe H (au) wrote: A solid film with good performances all around. I must confess I have never read the book or seen the broadway musical.

Dillinger P (gb) wrote: It would be easily to overlook one of David Cronenberg's earliest films as just another another tacky horror film from the 70's, and it certainly has some real big issues that only a young film maker could get away with, but to disregard Rabid as trash would be a crying shame for just how impressively thought provoking this horror can be. When Rose and her Boyfriend are involved in a horrific motorbike accident, a new wave plastic surgery is all that rests between her and fatality. After receiving an experimental treatment, Rose finally comes to, with a violent sexual urge, a frightening addition and the carrier of a new deadly strain of rabies. Cronenberg takes his sexual paranoia from Shivers one step further, involving a whole host of surrounding themes, the vain and radical treatment of plastic surgery, that was and still is being criminally exploited, the addictive nature of modifying your body, the dangers that come with the surgery, most notably infection. The spread of infection via sexual intercourse, just how unready for a global pandemic of the government really is. Its very rare that so much meat can be crammed into a film of this stature and for it to hold up, but it does, for the most part. Rabid's shortcomings are found mainly with performance and scripting problems, Cronenberg's cast is a mixed bag, Marilyn Chambers does a decent job as our protagonist, obviously her history in adult entertainment adds a layer of the erotic over the piece, but she handles the material well, showing off more capabilities that what one would expect. Joe Silver and Howard Ryshpan also give solid and indeed weighty performances, that do indeed hold the film firmly together. But for every decent performance, the film has an equal amount of hilariously bad ones, most notably Frank Moore as Rose's boyfriend, its a performance that is so terrible the entire duration of the film is sadly wounded by it. Then there are the obvious hiccups in scripting, forced dialogue and a wealth of exposition, show a lack in confidence from a young director who is clearly still getting to grips with his content. It's problems aside, Rabid features some frighteningly chilling tension, brilliant ideas and some brutally iconic imagery, very few films from this time can boast quite the wealth of ideas going on here. Rabid is not for everyone, for fans of Cronenberg and indeed the genre.