Without a Father

Without a Father

Two young boys from different lives are forever altered after the dead of one father.

Two young boys from different lives are forever altered after the dead of one father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kathy L (es) wrote: As a non-racing rider this movie was disappointing...very redundant; scenes mostly biased toward racing and the California scene ...did not get deep into the reasons people ride adventure, dual sport, enduro, general touring, regional or international perspectives. This movie, if done differently could have inspired legions of new riders to motorcycling but unfortunately it was very narrowly focused on why racers (or retired racers) ride. Camera work was good but he music soundtrack was like a 60's documentary.

Kevin L (br) wrote: Most of you don't know who Jenny Slate is, but if you ever watched TV's "Kroll Show" she was quite often the comedic equal to the show's namesake Nick Kroll. Her feature turn is without a doubt the best abortion comedy I have ever seen, and Jenny Slate shines as the scattered protagonist, both with her comedy and the touching dramatic moments lightly peppered in between. I would like to see more vehicles with her in a starring role.....

Sarah H (ag) wrote: A beautiful film that leaves you craving chocolate and shy kisses. A++

Ken D (gb) wrote: I've have always avoided 'The Postman'. But I love post-apocalyptic movies and I have seen this title in many lists over the best movies of the genre. So I got curious, but man, 'The Postman' really is as bad as they say. Costner has often a patriotic feel to his movies that make me feel sick to my stomach and this one is no different. Avoid at all cost!

Jen M (it) wrote: I was able to go see this movie...last weekend. I thought it was a powerful testament to the mess that is the war in Iraq. It shows C-span clips of house and senate debates leading up to the initial Iraq war vote...and vote by vote who voted for and who voted against. In some respects it is hard to describe how it makes one feel, but it is powerful. So a very well done anti war movie. My other interests lie in how it portrays disability. And for that I give it low marks. Some of that has to do with the fact that Thomas Young is still trying to figure out what it means to have acquired disability. So it??s very much a medical model and deficit outlook on disability. This is what??s wrong with you and here??s how we??re going to fix it. Thomas even says he gets jealous of people who can walk?.so it shows he is still trying to figure out himself in relation to his new body. The movie does show some of the issues PWD face on a daily basis...but I think it shows a much stronger testament to how recklessly we went to war.

Whitney P (it) wrote: An amazing and funniest comedy

Aaron G (it) wrote: Surprisingly fresh and purposefully spontaneous tale of a gay hooker with morals. The narrative is annoying at times but the stories that unfold are often too close to home to overpass.

Simon D (es) wrote: Not always so easy to follow but give it your full concentration and it's a very good film. The Departed, it's US remake, was a deeper and longer film, but the original always deserves more credit. I think I'll be watching part 2 and 3 now too.

Ronnie D (us) wrote: Over the top. Fun exciting? Funny momentarily. Desperado by far the best of the trilogy

Bunny R (jp) wrote: Pretty alright movie. Don Cheadle made it humorous at moments lol.

Robert S (au) wrote: An instant classic with treasure hunting, double crossing and pre-spaghetti western elements that Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster give life to oh-so-brilliant.

Gregory W (ru) wrote: another carnie love triangle yarn