Without a Map

Without a Map


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1996
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Without a Map torrent reviews

Jeff L (ag) wrote: Beautiful, but SUPER boring. Acutely slow and precise, Anatolia is an interesting piece that drinks deeply from the cup of malaise, taking a systematic view of the characters' dispositions. Every shot is meticulously framed and richly composed. While it should certainly be revered for its artistic deftness, "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia" surely won't be confused for Law and Order--not the minutest detail is skipped. Therefore, it is often desperately slow, but it does provide patient viewers with consistently thought provoking ideas. Overall, I would not consider it a necessarily important film, but not a waste of time either; perhaps just a work to be admired.

Luciano P (jp) wrote: Trs e meio pela Andria Horta!

Jason H (gb) wrote: Pretty good movie about a cop who hires an informant to go deep undercover to bring down a big crime boss. There were also some side stories about the cop and his wife and also the relationship between the informant and the boss's girl. The ending is a bit of a downer...but that's to be expected from these types of movies.

Daniel B (ru) wrote: This is actually my least favorite movie of all time. No other movie I have ever seen has angered me to the point of yelling at the screen as much as I did when I saw this atrocious, unforgivable drivel. Also, let's talk about the 5$ extra I had to pay to recieve a "4D" aroma-scope card, which the whole point of this movie was centered around. Who thought that would be a good idea?!?

Mike A (au) wrote: Excellent movie, really well made all around. This is what a political thriller should be.

jay n (mx) wrote: Dated hogwash but viewed in the right frame of mind enjoyable with gorgeous views of Rome and the Italian countryside.

David B (au) wrote: The second film in John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy and it's rather grand. Some solid acting by all, good comic relief and most importantly of all plenty of Injun fighting

Aj V (kr) wrote: This is a strange and somewhat ridiculous sci-fi action comedy movie. But I enjoyed it. It was more comedy than anything else, but had good elements of sci-fi and action. Could totally be a cult movies, folks...

Andrew B (ca) wrote: From a critical standpoint, it's bad, but first let's take a look at the good. The soundtrack fits in pretty well, the atmosphere is near perfect, well casted actors that portray their book counterpart really well, great atmosphere, and death that is the way in which William Golding intended it to be(in the novel). However these are the only positives I can see in this movie. I would consider myself a critic, I judge the novels I read and the movies I watch. And I'm pretty merciful in this regard. The novel The Lord of the Flies has a darker tone, distopian society, colorful symbolism, and a well deployed plot with the theme "A man's heart is truly evil". (and now for the wolf to blow the straw house down) Now in contrast of the movie, it gets the theme right. Just one major difference, the book develops the characters into the bad guys, this movie has "the bad guys" without any development. And my gosh, the character development in this movie in short... Has none. All the characters, plot, setting just feel so rushed.. The book took place over at least a couple of months, but in this movie, a few days. Do you honestly want me to believe that the characters turn into murderers in roughly one week? Sorry to bash the characters but seriously some are pointless. Some of the major characters in the book are completely forgotten in this movie, in regards of their names, and the way the reader was supposed too see them. characters that we should at least feel entitled to remember there names for people who haven't read the book. There is also a completely pointless character in the movie who is sick and we know nothing about. The main characters feel unbelievably dull. And really that's about all there is, the movie falls very short in the characters department, and as well as the plot. It moves way to fast. Just go read the book. It's a masterpiece in contrast with this dull movie.

Scott C (fr) wrote: This is memorable and interesting. It might have been a tad dry, hence the lower rating. Wouldn't mind seeing it again one day though.