Without Warning!

Without Warning!

Police track a serial killer.

Quiet, unobtrusive LA citizen Carl Martin picks up look-alikes for his estranged blonde wife and murders them with garden shears. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Without Warning! torrent reviews

Arindam B (it) wrote: Witty. Cast pulled the movie.

Donna L (ag) wrote: The first one was way far better than this.

Siri B (ca) wrote: Nazi zombies galore. It tries so hard but not really all that scary.

Mrjoejoes M (au) wrote: Great movie. The atmosphere is the biggest + of this movie for me. The music and sounds are good and the story is great too. What may be a - for most people is that the movie is not that long and has not that much action going on except in the end, but for me it doesnt need that much action. Because I really like to see how those people live in that underground city, all starts to decay and loose function, the food gets less and they try to keep all alive. The main actors are young, but do a really good job in this movie. So overall, if you want a quite short movie with an interesting story,good actors and great atmosphere go ahead and give city of ember a try! :)

Donibscottctcisnet D (ag) wrote: This was a strange movie. I liked the excitement and such that was in it, but wow was it strange. I guess it just did not have the real deal horror or such I was looking for. NOT a totally bad movie, just not a great one.

Charlie L (es) wrote: A fun, yet predictably silly Christmas flick.

Matthew P (it) wrote: Amazing sequel one of my favorites

matti j (br) wrote: this movie was so fucking weird and confusing

Ankit P (it) wrote: kool Horror movie...by Ramu

Jason S (us) wrote: While I believe it's message is important the film is more interested in trying to shock and disturb then really dig into its premise.

Alejandro E (ru) wrote: Splendid Wilkinson and Spacek in whortwhile drama about seeking for justice and the hard art of carry on the loss of a son

Sterlin R (ag) wrote: An underrated teen film with likeable characters and a good sci-fi/time-travel concept. I recommend it if you like the time-traveling concept and if you like Nickelodeon movies.

Gregory W (ca) wrote: good casting but thats about it

Nathan C (mx) wrote: The Original Batman films haven't had any good ideas for plot, But in this case jim Carrey Playing the Riddler does suit him becoming a hilarious villian.I really liked the Fact That Tim Burton Produced this movie before he made a bunch of trash but the Script and Dialog were all over the place.Overall I was a little disappointed!Score: 4/10

Scott C (fr) wrote: One of Polanski's best films. Great performance from Sigourney Weaver.

Michael L (de) wrote: Nothing something I'm in a hurry to see again, but certainly intriguing and provoking.

aslkfj a (ca) wrote: "Don't worry; with this suit I could swim through the center of the Sun!"James Bond meets jewel theft meets '60s psychedelia schlock. Absurdly funny. Should be required viewing for any fan of B-movie camp.

Scott S (jp) wrote: Break of Hearts (1935) -- [3.0] -- Katharine Hepburn plays an aspiring composer who falls in love with a successful conductor. He cheats on her, they split up, they miss each other, they get back together. Snore. Supporting player John Beal is five times more appealing than phoney baloney leading man Charles Boyer. There's no chemistry between Hepburn and Boyer, and no believable reason they should ever want to stay together.

Michael W (mx) wrote: A film that certainly lives up to its title. Renegade cop relentlessly pursues corrupt auto tycoon, causing million of dollars in property damage to the fine city of Detroit in the process. I bought into everything except the part about Action being a Harvard law graduate.

Bec E (fr) wrote: different. surprisingly quite good though but i can understand if some dont like it.