Without Warning

Without Warning

An alien creature stalks human prey.

A team of young friends decide to come to the lake for their relaxing trip. Because they do not focus on the warning of the local people, they go straight to their destination. Ultimately, everything becomes a terrible nightmare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Damien B (es) wrote: 'I AM SOLDIER' is a pretty pedestrian look at the S.A.S. for what it was worth. I'd hoped for so much more and was thrilled to hear that a movie had finally been made about the British fighting elite, the S.A.S. ...this film is like an Indie film struggling for better recognition but still failing somehow. The title itself is pretty damn bland to start with, the Psychological aspects of the film don't really yield much believability to the rather tawdry proceedings. Looks like it was filmed somewhere in Scotland and is devoid of any colour, leaving the viewing experience to be quite tiring. Fortunately the film is short at approx 1hr 20mins without the credits, all in. Weak plot, so-so acting, dull film treatment and scenery; it all felt a bit phoned in and put-on to me! No focus on Sandhurst, a brief mention of the infamous S.A.S. CLOCK tower yet I did not feel the ruggedness of the true S.A.S. ...these guys seemed like a bunch of panzies huffing about. Ultimately I have to say I am rather disappointed with the final results, this film should have and could have been SO MUCH MORE than the sum of it's parts. The best military related film I have seen recently was, 'LONE SURVIVOR' with Mark Wahlberg, and that was tremendous... the best film of it's kind since 'BLACK HAWK DOWN' and 'THE HURT LOCKER'; sadly 'I AM SOLDIER' comes no-where even close to either of those excellent films!

Graham W (ca) wrote: It's hard to believe that a movie with a concept this good, could fail to be entertaining on every conceivable level, but somehow this does.

Naira G (br) wrote: This is my first favorite movie

Arash B (us) wrote: A film about ambition & ambiguity made in an ambitious & ambiguous way,I guess

Aj V (us) wrote: This horror movie is predictable and not really scary at all. It may be slightly creepy at times, but that's it. I wouldn't recommend this movie, but it's not too bad, it's so-so.

Joel K (kr) wrote: Richard Harris is excellent, as is Alec Guiness. Good historical movie. Not for everyone, but history fiends will enjoy.

Gabriel M (ru) wrote: spectacular performances, good proposals from the Director, moving stories. quite simply good

John R (it) wrote: Great Movie, well cast, well acted, well directed!