Set amid the atrocities of war in the Balkans, Witnesses is retold, Rashomon-style, from various characters' viewpoints, adding new information about the complexity of war and humanity. Beginning inside a rustic house with a woman in black (Mirjana Karanovic) standing beside her husband's coffin, Witnesses interweaves the stories of a small town confronting ethnic hatred and deep moral ambiguities.

When 3 soldiers discover a man inside a home they are bombing, they easily kill him. But, when a 2nd witness is discovered, she proves a bigger challenge, setting in motion a riveting game ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden H (it) wrote: a classic example of if Hollywood would make Westerns like this... everyone would start watching then again. The action steals the show and fans of the series will love the story and characterization but anyone outside not so much. i liked it as it should take diehard fans into a smooth transaction for conclusion.final grade = B-

Ricky P (kr) wrote: Slow paced but definitely intriguing and thought-provoking. HollywoodLand perfectly explores the death of one of Hollywood's beloved Television stars with a stand out performance from Ben Affleck

fruit (ru) wrote: So good photography doesn't necessarily suggest a good movie. This is boring like hell. (oh can you forgive the monotonous music?)

WakeWRC89 (ru) wrote: Some funny bits ha. But not as good as the first.

Hawk (us) wrote: Empire Records is the 90's version of the Breakfast Club: it's a movie largely devoted to the lives of young people over the course of a single day in a single location. Like The Breakfast Club, the story is loose and a main narrative thread is mostly sacrificed for showcasing the hopes and fears of the young employees. I first saw this movie when I was twenty and, although I've never worked in a record shop, the movie feels strangely truthful. By the end of the film the record store comes to embody not just a place where the characters work but somewhat of a character in its own right: sheltering the characters from adulthood for just a bit longer. It's a fun movie and I highly recommend it.

Pim C (de) wrote: Lightweight mob comedy about a mobster's wife that tries to get away from her past after her mob husband dies, luckily it has a number of funny scenes in to break up an otherwise quite pedestrian and boring story, in fact the funny scenes are what stop the film from being poor. The only thing that prevented it from being really great was the film was simply too daft for the serious scenes to be taken seriously, if it had been done with more seriouness with the comedy it would have been a classic.

Scott H (gb) wrote: Cliche plot, not very fun, predictable, poor acting...meh.

Sherry L (mx) wrote: A not so funny comedy with strong cast; Elizabeth Taylor, Greer Garson, Wilter Pidgeon and Peter Lawford. Greer Garson plays a "oh soooo crazy" and "oh sooo funny" dancehall actress and mother named Julia, who's daughter Susan (Elizabeth Taylor) is about to get married. Julia hasn't met her daughter or husband for some reason or other, for many years and gets all "gidderish" when she is going to meet them after all these years. Though I have to admit that Greer Garson is a very good actress, despite mostly choosing very very dull roles, and this gets a little bit dull as well since it's supposed to be a comedy but Greer Garson alone isn't funny enough. More interesting for the incredibly chic clothes the female characters are wearing, then the plot itself.

Jason H (br) wrote: For what it was, the movie was not bad. I could tell it was a little cheaper budget, and not as professionally done as some big budgets; however, I enjoyed it well enough to be happy I watched it! Worth checking out :)

Tone B (us) wrote: ABYSMAL: AN EPIC FAIL & A COMPLTETE WASTE OF TIMEYou will regret any effort expended in watching this film. It is the film equivalent of stepping in freshly deposited canine excrement...Highly Regrettable, especially more so because the first venture was highly commendable.You have been warned!

Gordon B (jp) wrote: Like Peter Jackson(TM)s film Heavenly Creatures this forgotten fantasy film successfully walks the line between child-like imagination and paranoid delusion

Kevin K (ca) wrote: Horrible...... Just awful

Scott R (es) wrote: a pretty sharp if modest affair that holds up surprisingly well despite technological advances