The first of Anja Breiens Wives trilogy.

Hva vil skje dersom jenter begynte å oppføre seg som mannfolk? Hva om de gikk på rangel i stedet for å gå hjem? Denne filmen handler om tre kvinner som forlater arbeid, mann og barn for å ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wives torrent reviews

Adrien N (mx) wrote: Nice movie. Could be better

Brendan B (ag) wrote: Great, interesting documentary

Matt R (ag) wrote: Charming and quiet love story. Great acting from both leads as they internally explore themselves. Seriously, not much else happens, but that's the mark of a good director: engage and challenge by seemingly to do very little.

Shane D (jp) wrote: Originally when I saw the trailer I thought this might have been reasonable and in parts it isn't terrible, if only for the unique threat developed throughout. But interesting visuals can't hide an incredibly Z grade performance from all involved (Hirsch lets himself down) - it just gets very very bad in the end.

Lenard K (es) wrote: Mother separated from her husband meets a younger man. Mostly charming movie that avoids becoming completely formulaic.

Rob L (br) wrote: Plot is really dumb, someone just wanted to make a horror film and threw it together quickly. I like some of the cast, and they looked kind of silly in it.

Abdoulaye S (de) wrote: download stomp the yard

Jonathan G (ru) wrote: A neo-holiday classic. Perfect cast of witty, zany, snappy, and zestful characters. Great story build-up to the 3rd act's wild slapstick mad house. Rating 8 / 10

Andrew L (au) wrote: Very violent with lots of shooting and blood. As the film lacks story only the actors and emotions of human feelings kept the film interesting.

Alan W (br) wrote: Revisiting a film many years later can be risky: it can reaffirm your love for it but could also expose yourself to a reassessment that points to one's innocence having been replaced with cynicism. While it is still a joy to watch CE3K, I noticed more how the midsection of the film drags despite its simplistic narrative, Richard Dreyfuss' acting borders on maniacal and his characterisation of Roy Neary feels more grating this time round. His obsession that (comically?) drove his family away seems contrived in order to justify the film's ending and I can't help but think that this could have been better handled and written. Nevertheless, Douglas Trumbull's special effects stood the test of time extremely well (even in the scratchy print we saw) and John Williams' music is as enchanting and awe-inspiring as the first time you've heard it. Having just had his first major success with Jaws, Spielberg was still a young(ish) director but his confidence and flair is already on display here - and also his sentimentality, something that will get more overwhelming in the late 80s/90s. Scenes, now with hindsight, seem to foreshadow his later work: the train station scene is reminiscent of Schindler's List while the alien invasion at the Guiler's house could have been Poltergeist (and yes, I know he didn't direct it but his fingerprints was all over that film he produced); not to mention that this film is practically a rehearsal or a precursor to E.T.. While I can't say CE3K is Spielberg's best film (unfortunately, it wouldn't even make the top 5 for me) but in the age of Independence Day and War of the Worlds, its positive optimism and pioneering originality is undeniable almost 40 years later.

Private U (mx) wrote: Haha! Denna r sjukt rolig och vldigt konstig. Vrd att se.

Raine L (ag) wrote: This wasn't the best of movies but um... young, hot, John Travolta in skin tight spandex, thrusting. 'Nuff said. I liked a lot of bad 80's movies for my own special reasons.