An ambiguous battle between good and evil wages in a post-apocalyptic earth populated by netherworld creatures who have re-emerged after the nuclear winter. Two wizard twin brothers - the evil Blackwolf and the good Avatar - battle for supremacy. The war turns in Blackwolf's favor when he discovers the methods of warfare used by the ill-fated humans of the past.

On a post-apocalyptic Earth, a wizard and his faire folk comrades fight an evil wizard who's using technology in his bid for conquest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark James A (fr) wrote: For a mood-evoking horror film, this is way too slow, boring and hardly scary.

Julian S (fr) wrote: I just finished the main portion of the film. There(TM)s an additional documentary that follows entitled American Dream? which was recorded 7 years earlier, but the story is a lot weaker and if anything the only additional insight I gained was that Dallas (one of the two bigfoot researchers) looked a hell of a lot healthier in 2001.The title really says it all with this film. It(TM)s not your typical bigfoot movie. It(TM)s not really a film about Bigfoot at all. While Bigfoot plays his role in the film, the documentary mostly follows the lives of the researchers and the impact that Bigfoot has made on their well being. Your two main characters are Dallas who despite his delusional tendencies appears to be the brains behind the operation and Wayne who plays more of a supportive role and helps confirm a lot of the stories and experiences which would otherwise be written off as folklore.I have to admit, as a guy who relies heavily on intuition and has spent over half his life growing up in Kentucky, this movie was a little hard for me to swallow. Dallas is obviously an obsessive character who seems to sacrifice anything, including his own sanity, in order to find some kind of personal identity as a Bigfoot Researcher. It(TM)s as if his desire for fame and his strong sense of self-awareness had a rapid chemical reaction and the reality of the moment triggered a fantasy world in which he became one with the Bigfoot tribe. [Dallas thinks that he has animal bones in his skull which make him unique and approachable to the Bigfoot]While often times this could be played off as humorous, the honest and often depressed sidekick, Wayne, continues to wear his heart on his sleeve and admits that he is a lost soul and continuously refers to himself as a loser, dead beat, idiot, or poor example. His last thread of hope is to believe that Bigfoot exists and that his encounters so far are very sincere, explainable, and will hopefully bring home a small fortune to justify his failures in life and the fact that he has any life at all.The intensity of this film strikes on occasion as you begin to build new relationships, concerns, and feelings for Dallas and Wayne, but most of the time I just want a good moment of confrontation that challenges Dallas(TM) pride and vulnerability (and it comes in time). My other half could only be satisfied by extending a heartfelt hug to the lovable Wayne who offers nothing but kindness towards his friends and disappointment towards his own abilities. He was just such a bummed out guy and I felt that a part of me wanted them to catch anything on film if it meant giving Wayne a better position in life.I will admit that in the beginning I had expected more from this movie yet I will still leave satisfied. STATUS REPORT - [I made it bold now]Broad Audience - I don(TM)t know why I still do this category. If I(TM)m watching it, it(TM)s probably not a very broad movie at all. If it(TM)s a broad movie and you(TM)re reading reviews from a random kid in Oregon than you(TM)re probably not the type to search for a broad target movie to begin with or at least you(TM)re educated enough to know what you do and don(TM)t like. But could a broad audience follow this movie I think they would rather take a nap.Watchability - It was ok. You have to be in the right mood and realize that this movie is mostly about emotions and less about Bigfoot. If you want a typical? Bigfoot movie than don(TM)t watch a documentary that clearly states it is not that. So watchability, I(TM)d give it a medium or a half.Status - Watch this movie if you are out of anything else to watch, you have sympathies towards southerners, you loved the show Lie to Me? and you want to practice reading micro-expressions, you(TM)ve seen all the other fantastic documentaries that Netflix offers, or if you are a scary movie junky and you feel like a little light reading. All in all, this movie gets 3 stars.

Opashona G (es) wrote: Commerce meets true Indie(pendent) spirit. Well researched, but the execution lacked what comprises a truly inspiring film that this script could have delivered.

Roxana S (mx) wrote: Perfecta, es un vivo retrato de lo que dia dia viven jovenes que se meten droga,, o trabajan en exeso

Janet (ag) wrote: They mean just that in an all out war to be the best cheerleading team.The battle begins so watch and see which squad is the best.

Alec N (it) wrote: Kevin Bacon = Badass.

Matthew W (de) wrote: Decent POW escape movie based on the true-life escape of Franz Von Werra; the only Nazi to escape back to Germany during WW2. Great story, well told, until the abrupt, arbitrary ending.

Paul A (ca) wrote: funny movie, enjoyed it

Brandon S (us) wrote: I've never felt the Hollywood charm and nostalgia that's typically granted to this simply enjoyable movie, but I must say that, for the material they were given to work with, this is a much better film than it needs to be.For this romantic, coming-of-age musical premise to succeed all they had to do was choreograph a little dancing, move the camera occasionally, and throw a winning pair of young leads on screen. It's nice to be able to say that the filmmakers went above and beyond to create something far better than the written source material. They made a good movie that, though it could've been a great movie, did undeniably satisfy me.Overall, "Grease" is a fun little gem with a lot to offer it's demographic.

Gary W (de) wrote: An overlooked classic small-scale (but not small ambition) Brit horror that shows a film doesn't need blood and gore to mess with your head.

Richard G (fr) wrote: Made in 1959,After being injected with a Mystery Serum off a Scientist,Larry turns into a Two headed Monster on the rampage,It certainly has a B Movie charm to it and it pays a good homage to a few William Castle films,good fun.

Christopher K (mx) wrote: This shut had me in tears, fdr vs nazi werewolves

Josh C (mx) wrote: This was way better than I thought it would be. check it out if you haven't!