Wizards of the Demon Sword

Wizards of the Demon Sword

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The story centers on the battle for the mythical Sword of Aktar and its kidnapped keeper Ulric. But for a few stop-motion prehistoric creatures, the heroic Thane must save a beautiful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul W (ag) wrote: Before I watched Buck my entire concept of "colt starting" was based on Buckaroo. Now I've met Buck and he's set me straight with his quiet philosophy: "a horse is a mirror to your soul, and sometimes you might not like what you see".

Walter M (de) wrote: By night, Luz(Corina Calderon) works for a fast food restaurant before going off to simultaneously hang out with and ward off the advances of her irresponsible boyfriend Ray(Jeremy Ray Valdez) who himself has to deal with a different kind of unwanted attention from an army recruiter. Luz has some previous expererience with this as her and her family use Skype to communicate with her brother JM(Jaime Medeles) who is serving overseas. By day, she is an honors high school student in her senior year in the small, isolated town of Benavides, Tx. Her high grades sadly do not guarantee her a path to the University of Texas at Austin, as her mother(Leticia Magana) refuses to co-sign any loans for her. So, Luz's path to college might come down to a chance to win a weightlifting scholarship whose first step is a regional tournament. "All She Can" is an endearing character study. Like the movie with its rough edges, Luz is a work in progress, making her fair share of mistakes which the movie thankfully does not judge her for. Plus, the movie neatly sidesteps the usual sports movie cliches in favor of a darker and more political and complex path. I think Luz's mother has a point when she brings up the perils of Luz being burdened by debt after college which is currently a very serious issue for many others. But for Luz, this may be her only opportunity to escape a life that while warm and comforting, does not really give her a chance to breathe.

Steve C (gb) wrote: My man card is in tiny pieces

Ali M (br) wrote: If you want to waste your time, this is the one for you. Very bad acting. poor dialog delivery and stupid action scenes! The plot was non-existent as if they set a couple of grade-schoolers loose with some crayons, took the end result, and used it to start shooting. Seriously, the big, Russian, wolf-guy who wrote this should be beaten to death with a playwriting guide.

Jorge Daniel M (ru) wrote: El minimalismo y humor de Kaurismki guardan algo especial.

Gustavo E (mx) wrote: The animation in this film is simply amazing! Accompanied by a great story displayed with a lot of surreal elements about of Ryan Larkin an artist who has become disenchanted with what he was once most passionate about.

Keenan S (ag) wrote: I should hate this film, I really should. It's a remake of an Asian film, it stars Nicolas Cage with long hair and giving a really bad performance, crappy acting, cheesy action scenes, utterly ridiculous scenes of drama and bonding, and an endless tsunami of hitman film cliches that would normally make me trash the shit out this kind of film.But as crappy and ineptly made as Bangkok Dangerous is...I had a whole lot of fun watching this slice of crappy entertainment in ways that I shouldn't have. What the fuck is wrong with me as of late giving so many terrible films positive reviews? Oh well, let's get on with it, then.The film is about a hitman named Joe, who is in the best of the business as cliches would require him to be. He is also tired of his job and decides to do one last assignment in Bangkok in which he must assassinate four men.Things start off as usual with his assignments: he finds a secret location, hires a guy named Kong whose main purpose is to be an errand boy who can be disposed of after the job is done, he avoids contacts and attachments with locals, and he begins to carry out his assignment.However, things are different this time around when he grows attached to Kong because he reminds him of himself (So, was Joe a stupid errand boy at one point?) and begins to train him like a teacher...for some reason (Imagine a white, younger, boring version of Mr. Miyagi with an ugly 80's lesbian haircut and more violent tendencies). He also happens to start falling in love with a deaf girl who works at a pharmacy, breaking more of his own rules in the process. He also begins to think about his own actions emotionally, rather than doing them in a cold and clinical way, causing further disorder in his life as he changes.This doesn't make his employers happy and the seek to destroy him and everything he loves. Now Joe must do what is right and protect those he cares about, while putting his own life in danger as he becomes a different person.The story is indeed chock full of cliches that one would come to expect from hitman or cop films, with the only difference being a rather surprising ending. Still, everything is rather familiar as far as the plot goes, which is rather underwhelming. The plot is only made interesting by the inept direction and unintentionally funny moments that are sprinkled throughout the film.The acting is also quite bad, with Nicolas Cage delivering one of his worst performances, bar none. Every person in this film is either over the top or detached and emotionless with their performances, making for a rather strange but fascinating viewing experience as one watches such inept performances take place. It's really quite interesting to watch in ways that it shouldn't be.I also had fun with the ridiculous action scenes, particularly the boat chase scene which results in the target having his arm chopped off by a boat propeller and then shot several times. The action scenes are over the top, bloody, and downright cheesy, making for a really fun, crap-tastic viewing experience as a B-movie fanatic.With a hokey story, plenty of bad acting, hilariously awful drama, and plenty of violence, Bangkok Dangerous is pure, crappy entertainment that only the most hardened of B-movie fanatics can possibly enjoy because there is not a single bit of legitimate goodness to be found. However, it sure makes for a breezy 90-some-odd minutes of stupid fun and I praise it because of that.

Austin S (it) wrote: Bad reviewers tend to have no sense of humor, or are overly sensitive.

Joshua D (jp) wrote: Well better than some Tim Burton films but still no masterpiece by far.

Rhonda Z (ag) wrote: Christmas and Pooh...the best!!

Lohita P (au) wrote: This is one movie that will remind me of my childhood, of the time when I saw it, of the simplicity of life back then.

Andrew L (us) wrote: It's a visually beautiful film, yet very repetitive. Just the same fight sequences over and over but in different colours.

Khaled G (ru) wrote: Magnifiquement pntrant sentimentalement boulversant parfaitement realis.

Roshan P (es) wrote: Mark Duplass - loved him in Safety Not Guaranteed and loved him in this. Elizabeth Moss seems to effortlessly exude old Hollywood charm. Cannot believe this is the same girl that played Polly in Girl, Interrupted - a small, but memorable role.