Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Powerful magic cast by Alex spells trouble for the Russo's. The kids must go on an adventure to save their family and their existence.

Teenage wizard Alex casts puts her family in jeopardy by conjuring a spell that accidentally changes history so her parents never fell in love. She and her brothers face a race against time to put things right before they are erased from existence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (au) wrote: Solemly and thoughtfully written and narrated film filling in the missing years of ordinary people of Cambodia under the Khmer rouge. Beautifully created carving immortalising the suffering and deaths.

Ian C (ca) wrote: Meaney defines he balls, good support from Colin Morgan, a nice little independent flick

Kimfa M (ca) wrote: I think that this is an extention of Two can play that game and a female version of Hitch

deb e (gb) wrote: aaahhhh Lewis black, you ole jewish devil you! LOL!

Kyle L (br) wrote: Should be required viewing for students.

Mic M (ag) wrote: The fist promise of one of the most original filmakker of all time. It's the best soundtrack of all Wes anderson movie yet.

Zachary M (jp) wrote: When a movie is based on a television show, a major concern, usually by it's hardcore fandom, as to how faithful the adaptation will be. It also doesn't help that MST3K (as it's referred to by the fandom) as one of the most loyal and passionate fan base in tv history. Lucky, for them and me, it's just like the show.I've always loved MST3k, and to be able to see it on the big screen doing what they do best, making fun of bad movies, is a joy to behold in a real theater venue. The only thing of note to say is, while it does follow the same format as every other episode of the series, the movie itself is actually far shorter than any episode on tv, running just 75 minutes as apposed to the normal 93 or so minutes. Many scenes where edited out and the ending was changed around to. Not only that, but there was much more of the movie, This Island Earth, that was not used. However, that can pretty much be accredited to the studio not really knowing what to make of this little Midwest puppet show they where investing into brining to the big screen. With all that said, with all the years passed since their original debut in 1988, the crew of the Satellite of Love, remind us of must fun t can be just to sit down with a few good friends and do what many of us have always done, talk back at cheesy movies.

Pete S (ca) wrote: Overall the story is pretty meh.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Some snappy dialogue and lots of deja vu.

Adrian B (mx) wrote: There is one particular scene in this film where Eddie Bracken's character has nightmares on being stationed in the war front. A soldier who is outside his door comforts him for his nightmare, but also critisizes him for not experiencing the war front. This soldier emphasizes how many personnelle from war come home psychologically mortified and are unable to cope with the horrors they had seen on the battleground. I found this scene a spectacular surprise within quite a raging comedy. Preston Surges' "Hail the Conquering Hero" is one of the most underrated, finest comedies of the 1940's. It balances funniness, romance, and tenderness into one go. The film passes by very quickly, as a small town mistakes Eddie Bracken as a returning soldier, thanks to a prank from six real soldiers from a bar into another town. He had actually been discharged a year earlier for chronic hay fever, of all things. Events get way out of control as result. It is scathing, dramatic, smart, and joyous movie. It is also one of two notable great films from 1944 that uses a pretty B-cast (the other one being "Laura"), of which the main actors are not A-stars (such as Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, etc.). The script is terrific. Nice Preston Sturges film!

Dylan P (ca) wrote: Cary Grant never ceases to impress me, and continues to remind me that he is one of my favorite actors of all time. Hilarious,bright,brilliant! This is a must see!

Marcus W (us) wrote: The first five minutes are brilliant...then it's best to switch it off and imagine what happens next.

Anderson D (au) wrote: American Pie Time Machine

Trenton R (ag) wrote: Dwayne McDuffie faithfully adapts a well known Justice League story with good results. Again, as with most of the DC Animated films, it can't help but feel rushed at parts, but a smart script, interesting themes, great action, and excellent voice work this is defiantly one I can recommend. 3.5/5 Good

Nathan C (gb) wrote: Very Decent film.It's a crazy epic adventure worth watching and can sit through all of the movieScore: 7.5/10

Aragorn K (gb) wrote: Both interesting and entertaining, Miss Meadows (both character and the movie) frequently doesn't "feel" right. As to how Miss Meadows got away with her vigilantism for so long? That's either a series of incredible miracles or a serious plot hole.

Michael K (ag) wrote: Recall the film being fun, but nothing particularly remarkable.

Kurt C (jp) wrote: Deliciously stupid haha.