Three car factory workers from Silesia, who have just lost their jobs, go to Warsaw to have a fun weekend. On their way there, however, they are mistaken for foreign businessmen.

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Wkreceni torrent reviews

W Wesley M (jp) wrote: Outstanding movie that depicts how oppressive and petty government has become. The Morrisons are brilliantly portrayed. The whole story is very believable. By the end of film, you are cheering for Mr. Morrison and want to strangle the petty Building Inspector who gets his kicks by enforcing nonsensical rules that only aggravate rather than help people.

Edward F (au) wrote: edwardfrazierokkkkkkkkkkk

S S (us) wrote: What happened to the cops at the end :SAnyway, it was alright.

YK G (it) wrote: Indiana Jones wannabe minus the charisma, direction and adventure.

Julio S (gb) wrote: This one was the most boring in the series....it was too serious!!!!???

Delen K (gb) wrote: Continuing proof that foreign films know something we don't, and are better able to capture audiences for it! Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, with flawless performances by never-before actors. A breath of fresh air.

Andy K (au) wrote: This was so bad that it's actually a comedy.

Calvin M (au) wrote: I saw this movie a long time ago. This is Brian DePalma's darkest & most disturbing movie you'll ever see besides Stephen King's Carrie (1976). Sean Penn was appropriately cast as the evil and menacing Tony Meserve. Michael J Fox was surprisingly good in the role of Daniel Lang, which is a huge departure for him at time since he was typically cast in lighter comedies & other family friendly films. David Rabe did an excellent screenplay. Brian DePalma did an excellent job of directing this dark Vietnam War drama.

Thomas B (ru) wrote: Cheesy sci-fi. However, it was spoofed in mystery science theater 3000 and made in to a so-called comedy.

F B (de) wrote: Overly complicated and confusing and as a result somewhat boring. Not one I would ever want to watch again.

Vanya M (ag) wrote: No Comment...too stupid

Fernando C (nl) wrote: love this movie!! and Im sure a good bunch of people does love it too