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ow can Mandom fight against Fantasy in the model competition?. At the same time, Mandom also faces a challenger Fantasy (Sammy). However they have hostile feeling to each other. Mandom calls for police and Madam Cheung (Karena Lam) is sent to bodyguard him 24 hours a day. One day, he is threatened by someone, asking him not to attend a model competition. Super model Mandom (Ronald Cheng) is very famous in the field

Wo yao zuo model torrents

Wo yao zuo model full movie

Wo yao zuo model2004 torrent

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Alfredo G (us)

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. . . . makes it obvious that Will and Elizabeth were the heart of the first 3. . . . so much talent wasted and chewing scenery

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This was a good movie, I think the critics were hard on it

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Bill Holden is my favorite actor, but this film is so unnecessary

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