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Zahid C (es) wrote: Day: ThursdayDate: 21 Aug 2014Time: 9.30 pmWith: Maa, AzeemOn: HDTV

Scott R (nl) wrote: A poor alien host flick.

Robert I (au) wrote: Idiotic young adults stumbling through life and relationships. Hate their lives, their lifestyles, their journeys. People like this make me lose faith in humanity. No idea why the film was shot in 2.35:1 because there's no scope to it. The cinematography is as shallow as the script. Brandon Routh isn't a terrible actor, nor are the rest of the cast.

Don S (fr) wrote: "It is a sad fact of life, Don, but the truth is we all have to eat a little shit from time to time."And this film shows you why! A hard, bleak look at the hamburger side of the fast food industry! Lots of different points of view - from the executive, migrant workers, farmers, and the teens behind the counter. Lots of grisly scenes in the meat plant, especially on the killing floor. Very good ending too! Poignant!

lovely l (es) wrote: I wish if today's young actresses were like he young Rene Zellweger in the case of acting, she doesn't have to fake to give a good acting and Why haven't Meryl Streep won an Oscar for this role!!Very sad movie that tells the truth of every American girl relationship with the American mother

Kandis A (us) wrote: One of my favorite childhood movies!!!! I love the whole fantasy aspect of the film!!!!!

MohammadAli P (au) wrote: i was not even 6 when i saw it...liked it ever since...im 24 now :P......i just love this movie!!!

Ken S (jp) wrote: Have not seen this in years but I loved this movie. It was better than Cats!

Li K (it) wrote: Better than I remembered, or maybe the extended edition is a better cut, or maybe both. I think I had this one pretty well combined with Conquest in my memory. This one didn't have as much going on as I'd like either, but it was far less grim. I don't know that a crying statue is a satisfying end to the series, I'm pretty sure I agree with the original writers on that one. I don't hate it with as much passion as they did, but I also didn't write the thing and have my ending changed. Either way I feel like the movies started so strong that they deserved a stronger more profound ending. They were going for a circular story, and I feel like there's still a missing chunk between this and the first, though I dunno what I would want to be in it. I think I subscribe to the notion that if all of your movie's budget is eaten up by make-up and costuming and there's nothing left to tell the story you'd like to with it's probably past time to call it quits. But it's not painful to watch. Just doesn't add so much.

Riplee (ru) wrote: It is entertaining. Goes beyond the Bible to make for good entertainment, but we must remember most if this stuff isn't Biblical, even if it is entertaining ;)

David W (nl) wrote: Twist after twist, worth the effort.

Miss T (br) wrote: Very cute and very funny! The whole cast was great. I would have given it more stars if the "dinner" part had happened sooner in the movie, as opposed to at the end.

Buck J (nl) wrote: I love Andy Garcia in anything but this predictable, ridiculous movie could not be saved. Two seemingly dedicated parents just ditch their kids during a college orientation and spend the day flirting with each other. Why would they act so ridiculous and embarrass and disappoint their kids. The woman, I forget her name was really annoying, as was her daughter. I still love Andy Garcia who looked charming in his navy blue sport jacket bow tie and khakis.