Wolf Girl

Wolf Girl

Tara Talbot is afflicted with the rare genetic condition hypertrichosis: she is covered head to toe in hair. She lives her life in Harley Dune's Travelling Freak Show, on display as the 'Terrifying Wolf Girl', but underneath she is just a teenage girl who longs to be normal.

Tara Talbot is afflicted with the rare genetic condition hypertrichosis-- she is covered head to toe in hair. She lives her life in Harley Dune's Travelling Freak Show, on display as the '... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KARLA E (nl) wrote: I haven't seen all of these movies. So maybe the whole thing is that it's SUPPOSED to resemble a music video more than an actual movie. If that's the case, this one did a very good job.

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