It's not unusual for alcoholic cop Lou to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, but lately things have taken a turn for the strange...and hairy. WolfCop is the story of one cop's quest to become a better man. One transformation at a time.

When a batch of strange cases happened was when Lou Garou - a police who was addicted to alcohol - realized that he brought in his body the bloodline of wolf. Thanks to the help of his friends and his special powers, he began investigating different cases. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David P (br) wrote: Loved this true story of Boy George's rise and fall from fame

Leo L (ru) wrote: It's SOOO bad, that is a MUST watch LOL!

Dave M (us) wrote: The title of the 2013 film "Out of the Furnace" (R, 1:56) has a dual meaning. Christian Bale (Russell Baze) doesn't have a problem working in the local steel mill, just like his father before him, but Casey Affleck (Russell's younger brother, Rodney) is an Iraq War Veteran who wants more out of life. Rodney wants to stay "out of the furnace". This movie's title also reminded me of the old phrase "out of the frying pan and into the fire". If the fire is worse than the frying pan, how much worse can things get when you start IN the furnace, then find yourself OUT of the furnace? The answer is much worse... much, MUCH worse.Most of "Out of the Furnace" takes place in a small town southeast of Pittsburgh - an area in which poverty and despair seem to be an accepted way of life and the survival of the local residents depends on jobs that are few, and less than stable. Rodney's unresolved issues from his four deployments to Iraq seem to manifest themselves in the many backroom brawls in which he takes part - for money. He gets the local loan shark (Willem Dafoe) to set him up with a fight in which he'll take a dive. The fight is deep in the mountains of northeastern New Jersey and the area is basically ruled by the amoral Harlan DeGroat (Woody Harrelson). When Rodney goes missing and the hometown police chief (Forest Whitaker) seems unable to find out what happened, Russell and his uncle (Sam Shephard) risk everything to find Rodney and dispense justice to those responsible for his disappearance. "Out of the Furnace" is dark, intense and a bit depressing - in good ways, cinematically speaking. The movie draws you in from the first scene and never lets you go. The smart script, taut directing and skillful editing all contribute to that effect, but the biggest reason that this film works is the extremely powerful acting. As the kids say, O-M-G! This is some of the best ensemble work I've ever seen in a movie theater! Any one of the actors previously mentioned in this review could have been recognized in the 2013 awards season - if only more people had seen this film. If you haven't seen it, get out of the house and get "Out of the Furnace" on video. As the kids say, it's hot! "A"

Rob M (br) wrote: Excellent film, genuine traditional karate by highly ranked exponents. Well directed and produced with excellent cinematography

Kjetil H (us) wrote: Gore og blod i bttevis, de luxe B- film,denne stinker,men den stinker godt! Loved it!

neel p (de) wrote: Easily my favourite B-Grade Horror film because it's such an enjoyable film that might be slightly on the corny side but still manages to make it work. Likeable characters and a clever storyline are the best qualities for the film and despite having an unknown cast they are all s...( read more)urprisingly good, especially the lead Tory Kittles. The title could have done with some work but it's definitley a title people remember. Overall a great monster movie that I really enjoyed and would highly reccomend :)

wedstarfish 8 (de) wrote: Jackass: The Movie is a great movie to watch with your friends, as the outrageous and dangerous stunts will make you burst into laughter. The movie is of course stupid, but funny, and a great movie to watch over and over again.

Kendrick S (au) wrote: Three years later, I am still scarred from this abysmal excuse for a film. Maybe it would have been better if I had not been forced to do a film analysis of it but the horror of Grade 9 English class will always remain.

Vasco M (ru) wrote: I did not expect this sequel to boom past its predecessor in such a grand fashion. It took two movies, but the story and the characters matured into their own in an unpredictable and often hilarious way.

Terry R (it) wrote: i liked it. they coulda chopped out half an hour

Vince F (it) wrote: Funny heavy handed demon fest with god awful badness abound. In this movies case, that's good. This is another one of those anti-depressant flicks that will cure any signs of depression. Its just so bad...but in that lovable B-grade way.

Jussi M (br) wrote: Ajoittain ihan viihdyttv. Tmn jlkeen alkoikin McTiernanin loistava triplaputki (Predator, Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October).

Michael T (mx) wrote: Absolutely fascinating!

Edward C (mx) wrote: I've been searching for this movie for at least two decades. I saw it 38 years ago when I was six years old, and it FREAKED ME OUT. The spooky crying baby, the mason jar pulsing with life inside it, the "pentangles," and especially the weird eyes in the window showing up on a film. Seriously, this movie haunted my entire childhood. Last night I was looking at the credits of Sandy Dennis on IMDb and on the off chance this was the movie I remembered I clicked through. Then I found it on YouTube in its entirety. Now, the movie gets a giant meh, But it's very interesting, to me, to compare/contrast the movie's reality against my distant memory of it.

Randy T (de) wrote: Sexy, charming and downright silly. Jean-Claude Brialy might be the only man on the planet who can repeatedly say "no" to Anna Karina and keep a straight face.

Jason S (us) wrote: This was my favorite movie when I was a teenager.

Greg W (br) wrote: gr8 cast good mix of humour and action try to steer clear of the plot holes.

Devils A (us) wrote: I assume the story was written whilst waiting for flight. nonsense, sentimental, flat, pointless!

Brett C (ru) wrote: Sergio Leone's sophomore film in his Spaghetti Western trilogy and is a major step up from A Fistful of Dollars. This was a film that didn't appeal to me, the first time I have watched it but as I watch it more and more along with others within the trilogy, I start to see the great things about this film. For A Few Dollars More is much more bigger and a much more better written film than it's predecessor.For A Few Dollars More was written by both Leone and Luciano Vincenzoni. Both have written a story that is engaging and this is due to a plot with much bigger stakes, and rewards, and also much better written characters. This film fleshes out the characters much more than it's predecessors, taking it's time to show each person's agenda and their personalities, yet Leone and Vincenzoni still has kept the unpredictability that was found in the first film. Oddly enough, even though Eastwood's character is the main star, the film's emotional significance was much more apparent on Mortimer and El Indio. Their back story is the reason that I care about these characters, it tells us why they are who they are. For A Few Dollars More's script has it's humor pumped up in comparison to the first film and I felt that this work. It actually gives the film much more character and helps not make the tone of the film too negative.Sergio Leone has created a film that is much more cinematic and traditional in comparison to the first film but at the same time not trading off the uniqueness of the first film, which was the slow building tension and the close ups of people's faces focusing on their reactions and the emotional facial acting by the actors. This film does increase the beat of the film, with editing that moves the film along at a pace that keeps us on our toes. Leone has definitely have gained much more confidence going towards this film as the film doesn't feel as indulgent as the first and seemed to show much more enjoyment with the story than the first film. This film's budget was much higher than the first film which allowed him to create settings that feel real and lively.Massimo Dallamano is back as the cinematographer of this film. The film looks much better than the first film and this may be due to the increase in budget and shot at better locations or it could be due to Dallamano and Leone has a much better understanding of what they want for this film. The film still retains that style from the first film with close ups that take it's time to move things along but it's much more improved here as they have used different angles and techniques in constructing these shots, allowing them to feel fresh. Dallamano has the camera move in this film much more than the first. The first film has it's shots set up in a way that doesn't require the camera to move or zoom into anything. This movement makes the film move faster and exciting.Ennio Morricone comes back to do the score for this film and it's just as great as the first one. The score here sounds much more fuller and dramatic, this may be due to a much larger story and much more characters focused on. Morricone's score here may not be as memorable as the first or third film but it definitely fits with what is shown on screen and it doesn't feel recycled. The film's score feels fast and upbeat, which sound great in moments of the film that have characters riding their horses on the beautiful backdrops. Morricone also has a much lighter and smaller track that plays during the build up of climax, the music that comes from the lockets. It sounds beautiful and it connects with the emotional weight during these situations.The film's cast is much bigger in this film and the film is now shared with three characters rather than a main focus on Eastwood. Clint Eastwood is great here as expected but not as memorable as A Fistful of Dollars. Lee Van Cleef brings something different to the film which gives the film much more personality. Leone loves to have actors banter in his films and it's definitely apparent here with the focus on the friendship on both Eastwood and Cleef's characters. Both actors work well together and it's a shame that this isn't the case for the next film. Gian Maria Volonte is back for this film as the antagonist, this time his character is much better written and his acting is much more effective but it may not appeal to everyone as he has increased the dramatics in this film in comparison to the first film.For A Few Dollars More is a much better constructed film than A Fistful of Dollars with a bigger and better story and improvements on the acting and photography. The film is great to watch on its own and does not require to watch the first or third film to understand but if you have seen the other films you get to pick up on the small things that Leone has put in this film.

Anna L (es) wrote: Can't go wrong with Bogart and Bacall.