Woman Trouble

Woman Trouble

Comedy directed by Mario Camerini.

Comedy directed by Mario Camerini. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teerapap C (br) wrote: It's ok and classic romantic but It's not touched that much.

Priyanka D (us) wrote: i think govinda comdey is this movie is damm okay otherwise the movie is damm sad to watch...!!

Kendyl C (it) wrote: From Justin to Kelly, an overwhelmingly awful piece of filmmaking even American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson herself said she didn't want to do if she weren't contractually obliged. And does anyone even remember what's-his-face anymore?

Maryam T (gb) wrote: It's alright.I guess that's all I can really say about it.Anil, Fardeen and Abhisekh.Wow.

Carlos P (ag) wrote: 3 Revenants. El ms autntico renacer, no a lo romntico, sino con miedo y sangre.

Nyk P (it) wrote: this looks like trash! On a similar level to troll, therefore it could be so bad its fun!

Kristyna B (gb) wrote: The kind of movie that is so bad, it is funny.

David H (it) wrote: I first saw this movie when I was 11 years old, and was totally blown away. It is based in the 1940's around the time of WWII. Spacek plays the part of the town's telephone operator who works out of her home. She is single (her husband was supposedly killed in the war) and has to put up with a lot of crap from townspeople and strangers alike. One night, two strangers come calling, and all hell breaks loose.

nathan g (de) wrote: camera you fuken suck. you don't even desire to be capitalized.

Robert H (jp) wrote: This sequel to The Robe brings more of what made these period pieces so great back in the day. Along with the likes of Cleopatra, Demetrius and the Gladiators sports fantastic set pieces, wonderful costumes and stories of Rome of old.While I think the portrayal of Emperor Caligula is much more subdued than any other I've ever seen, he is still clearly not a very nice emperor The gladiator games are where this film really gets interesting. While nothing like the tv show Spartacus, being more like the modern film Gladiator, it shows some truly entertaining arena combat. Not as flashy as modern films with action more akin to the stage, it is still a spectacle to behold.Demetrius and the Gladiators is a wonderful film and should delight any fans of older films and those who enjoy seeing the likes of Italy before it was called Italy.

Martin T (de) wrote: Hard to say exactly what this is. Part early film noir, part horror flick, a little bit Fritz Lang's Fury and M, and a little bit "Of Mice and Men". It would feel more noir if the killer was a Lawrence Tierney-style psycho and not a disturbed manchild. Noir or not (and some scenes certainly are, like the nightclub and the mob hysteria) it's an unusual little movie. A tad rough around the edges... Albert Dekker isn't that hot in his dual lead role, and the script is rather workmanlike. But Susan Hayward has a terrific supporting part and there are some moments of very fine cinematography.

Wayne R (de) wrote: Blood is one of those movies I have grown to appreciate over time. I still remember being upset at the ridiculously short run time on my first viewing. The scene composition is top notch. The character development could have been better (but seeing as this was supposed to be the first of three movies I can forgive that). All in all I love this movie and only wish they had made more.Pros: Heavy palpable atmosphere, excellent scene compositionCon: Too short!

Wilfredo Antonio A (mx) wrote: Un desastre de pelcula, literalmente hablando.