Womb Raider

Womb Raider

When wealthy treasure hunter Cara Loft is delivered an invitation to meet renowned art collector Dr. Scrotus, the sexy adventurer is thrust head-on into the greatest and most dangerous erotic adventure of her life... the search for the three sacred wombs. With danger at every turn, and beautiful but lethal spy Natasha hot on her heels, Cara must travel to the scorching deserts of Arabia, the untamed jungles of Africa, and the mysterious mountains of Tibet in order to reunite the legendary womb idols of creation.

When wealthy treasure hunter Cara Loft is delivered an invitation to meet renowned art collector Dr. Scrotus, the sexy adventurer is thrust head-on into the greatest and most dangerous ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Womb Raider torrent reviews

Marilee A (es) wrote: Dennis Quaid was very convincing as Bill Clinton, this was a surprisingly good Film.

Andrew B (kr) wrote: Accidentally got this when trying to get the Crispin Glover flick. It was pretty ok.

Fawn R (nl) wrote: Poor Steve Guttenberg...he's so funny....and he's reduced to this. What happened to his career? The Police Academy sequels!

Matt M (au) wrote: A filthy rich man's relatives constantly fight fiercely with each other to see who should inherit their uncle's fortunes. But when a young 'nurse' comes into play, they come up with a plan to impress him; bring back his favourite nephew, who seems to be the only good hearted man in the family. Dull comedy that is only lightly entertaining a times, and that is at best. It's also cold and a slow starter.

Matthew J (kr) wrote: Deep, profound and witty, 'Under the Volcano' is a great looking, well acted film which has some poetic beauty.

John A (gb) wrote: My favorite of Kieslowski's early fiction work, CB presents a portrait of a filmmaker passionate pursuit of his art--from merely learning about the camera to his growing obsession with his art, from fighting for the purity of his work to understanding the fundamentally personal nature of each film he produces. Kieslowski beautifully shows Filip's artistic awakening as a counterpoint to his struggling marriage, refusing to offer easy solutions or empty platitudes to the film's central paradox.

J K (de) wrote: Where's Jane Goodall when you don't need her?

Matt G (de) wrote: This fluffy and light family musical is a slapdash of barely coherent but nonetheless entertainingly lively scenes. Its complete lack of complexity or a sustainable story is overcome by winning setpieces and individual ideas. As compared to its clear predecessor "Mary Poppins", it's pretty unnecessary. As pure escape-ism, it's not bad at all.

Andy F (nl) wrote: Brooding melodrama with suitably rich performances from Taylor and Hepburn. Great sets and evocative imagery created through the power of speech. They literally don't make them like this anymore.

Richard R (kr) wrote: The eighth James Bond film and the first of seven for Roger Moore, replacing Sean Connery after his second retirement from the 007 role, and also Director Guy Hamilton's last of three (Goldfinger/Diamond's are Forever).007 is sent to New York City after the disappearance of several agents investigating Kananga, the Prime Minister of the small Caribbean country of San Monique and his connection with American gangster Mr. Big (both played by Yaphet Kotto), both believed being involved in international drug smuggling. This film also marks the introduction of the beautiful Jane Seymore as Kananga's psychic fortune teller Solotaire. Paul McCartney and Wings provide the stellar theme.

Jesse O (kr) wrote: Thumbs up to the cast for making this movie work even when it wasn't supposed to. As an aside, it's strange seeing Billy Bob Thorton playing a neurotic hypochondriac, it's definitely against type but he does a good job with the role and is definitely entertaining here. The cast is pretty much the only thing that I liked about the movie, and the way the film climaxed was actually pretty fun. I don't know, but the movie, the story and its characters never really clicked for me. It's nice to see a "heist" film, even if the heists themselves aren't the endgame, they're just there to progress the story, that focuses on the characters. The problem is, the characters aren't exactly interesting. The dynamic between Billy, Bruce and Cate is fine, even if it's cliched, but you're not really given much of a reason to root for either guy. For bank robbers, these guys aren't really interesting. The leads do a great job at sort of fooling you, but the truth of the matter is that the characters aren't great. Hell, it'd have been more interesting if Joe and Terry, the bank robbers, were actually a construct of Kate's mind and the life she really wanted as opposed to being a bored housewife whose husband neglects her. Joe and Terry represent the danger and risk-taking that her life so desperately needs. That would've been more interesting, to me at least, as it goes into the mind of someone whose life didn't turn out the way she planned and the psychological effects that had on her. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but I think it would've been better than what we ended up getting. I don't mean to say the movie is bad, I just found it largely uninteresting. Especially considering how long the movie was, I think this movie could've been told 100 minutes and it would've been much better. The problem is they spend too much time developing these characters and their "personalities" before the movie's story really starts. Because of this, the movie tends to drag heavily in parts. I really do think that a shorter running length would've done wonders for this movie. I thought the climax was actually pretty cool and funny, and it was, outside of the leads themselves, the best part of the movie. Some parts of this film are fun and other parts are a chore to get through. So this is really just an average film, at best.