Women in Fury

Women in Fury

The young, pretty and shy Angela Duvall is jailed for murder in a Brazilian prison. Whilst there she is brutally "initiated" by the other inmates. The nice, honest and handsome prison ...

The young, pretty and shy Angela Duvall is jailed for murder in some Latin American country. In the prison she gets brutally "initiated" by the other inmates. The nice, honest and handsome ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JayKumar B (au) wrote: Sridevi is undeniably the most amazing actress to pull off such a simple character with such grace and persistence without making the movie preachy, peachy or melodramatic.. it felt more like a personal victory of an ordinary lady.. plus my mum really liked it.. :D

Rachel M (es) wrote: this movie is based on a true shameful Korean history. i watched this movie @ either Landmark Century Centre Cinema or Regal Webster Place in chicago. i took my Korean friend's family out. we all enjoyed. but i was a bit embarrassed to watch a sex scene w/ my friend's parents. =] the movie's main actors performed the action scenes in a very convincing way. but it was so cruel though. no English subtitle for non-Korean speakers. i felt so bad for them. when i saw their disappointment, i wanted to translate the story for them w/ my poor English skills. lol

Bruno L (ru) wrote: One of the best Mexican movies ever. I wonder why Mexicans love to make movies with cruel endings? Interesting plot and acting was good by most part. Some scenes were kind of funny.

Layne O (au) wrote: For an 80's horror movie this one actually was not too bad in my opinion. The acting wasn't that great but it was actually a little creepy

Ian C (br) wrote: This is priceless and has to be seen to believed. It rips of Terminator, has arm wrestling competitions, shit special effects, the legend that is John Saxon and a manhunt. The drag through the desert really cracked me up. The balls.

Soheil W (it) wrote: Yes, it has some nice fights but I think Chan made much better movies than this one. Moreover I did not like the humor in this movie, it is a bit bizarre anddifferent from the other Jackie films.

Bradley F (it) wrote: I have heard a lot about Ed Wood's reputation as probably the Worst Director of all time, but also heard a lot of his movies have a So-Bad-So Good quality to them. So I was expecting something at least funny in Glen Or Glenda. It's a strange film but I really couldn't find any love for the film in even an Ironic sense. However, I do think Glen or Glenda is an interesting bad film. To start with, this is actually a very bold film for the time it came out. Believe it or not, Glen or Glenda had potential in the sense it was bringing up a subject nobody talked about back in the Early 50's. However, Glen or Glenda is most definitely an incompetent film made by people who have no idea what they're talking about. Supposedly, Ed Wood himself was a cross dresser but it almost seems like he doesn't know what he's talking about here. I'll get into that a little more a bit later. Let's just talk about the stories. in this film. The main story revolves around named Glen (Ed wood but credited as Daniel Davis) who seems to have a normal life with his fiance Barbara (Dolores Fuller). But Glen has a secret, he dresses like a woman and calls this character "Glenda". Strange thing about this film is thati t's pretty much an hour long Documentary about men who Cross Dress and the film tries to delve deep into the psychology of these men. Like I said before though, Ed wood has no idea what he's talking about. For instance, there's this narration by this psychiatrist who says some men want to dress like women because women's lives seem to be easier.... yeah does that seem sexist to you? Is this there any unintentional hilarity in this movie? Well yeah strangely enough most of it is in a dream sequence and how crazy the scene is. I can't really describe it, but it's almost as if Glen is high or something. Women tying up other women, a man making out with another woman fiercely and a guy in hilarious devil like make-up. Also the acting in general is pretty funny. I would say Dolores Fuller is the worst Actress in this film Anything she said I couldn't help but laugh because she delivers her lines with no validity or believability. Also, there's another story involving Allen/Ann but that story seems rushed and maybe this story could've been more interesting if it did get more time and of course given to someone competent enough to know what he's talking about. To put it simply. Glen or Glenda is one of the worst movies ever made. But I was expecting a big laugh from it because everybody else gained some humor from the film. As is, it's just a really bad flick. The writing is awful, the acting is hilariously bad, the direction is really terrible here and of course the message of tolerance gets lost when given to someone as incompetent as Ed Wood. I can only recommend Glen or Glenda if you're a fan of Bad Movies or if you're just curious about Ed Wood's legacy as an awful director. I'll finish up this review with a question: How does Jack & Jill Rip-off this movie?

Lax A (gb) wrote: Dog Days isn't as Good as it's Predecessor: Rodrick Rules But it adds Enough Witty Jokes, Funny Acting and Plot Lines to Make it a Very Funny Movie.

Richard R (gb) wrote: The Holiday is surprisingly a good film and this is coming from someone who doesnt generally go for the romantic comedy. The main problem for most of the actors in this film is their ability to overact and be too much but at no point does that happen. its a little sickly sweet in some places but there's something heartwarming none the less. Worth a watch.

Jessica H (de) wrote: The dance moves were far more interesting although the plot was slacking.