Women in the Mirror

Women in the Mirror

Three women who share memories of the Hiroshima disaster try to uncover the hidden family ties that may or may not bind them together.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Japanese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   widow,   sea,  

Three Generations of Women meet and discuss the state of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blae S (jp) wrote: now another blast from the past were cyberntics, ninja and a roudy buckener and the girl from startrak the next generation make for a wicked old school entertanment.

Richard I (us) wrote: Often amusing postmodern film with a particularly good final chase sequence.

Daijobu D (fr) wrote: The only things in common between OVERHEARD 2 and OVERHEARD (2009) are having 3 of the same male leads, a plot relating to phone-tapping & blackmail of the evil criminal few who have the ability to control the stock market. Working with DP Anthony Pun to deliver a new tone & texture to the picture, some scenes integrate a gritty [saturated & grainy} look similar to recent heist films like Ben Affleck's THE TOWN, and the editing by Curran Pang delivers an overall tighter pace to bring OVERHEARD 2 a couple of notches up in having a narrative that moves along nicely - leading up to a finale that actually works without dishing out the fantasy [as in the first film] that calls for the audience to suspend their disbelief [just so Mak & Chong could pay homage to Korean VENGEANCE films]. The topic of inside trading hits timely with the audience, and the film attempts to remind yet again the facts about the ills to the stock market - numbers are fixed by the few in power, and that the subprime fallout owes much to the policies of the US government. What's interesting is that unlike other films about inside trading, Mak & Chong injects a sense of patriotism by highlighting the battles won by these now evil men in the early days of Hong Kong's stock market - the powers they earned by having fought off foreign investors in attacks to crash the HK stock market turned these patriots into monsters. This plot point connects much more strongly to the audience than all the convoluted trade jargon and scam tactics we see in similar films, and reinforces the trade-mark "Heroes gone bad" character development Mak & Chong have used repeatedly since INFERNAL AFFAIRS. With OVERHEARD 2, actor Daniel Wu delivers one of his most solid and mature performance to date. It is also refreshing to see veteran actors Kenneth Tseng and Kong Ngai returning to the big screen with scene-stealing performances. The casting of almost-forgotten actors is an on-going trend in HK films right now which began with Leung Siu Lung and Yuen Qiu in Stephen CHow's KUNG FU HUSTLE (2004), then later with Teddy Robin and Chan Kwoon-Tai in GALLANTS (2010), and more recently Jimmy Wong Yu in director Peter Chan's WUXIA (2011). As with just about all Mak & Chong scripts, unfortunately, the female leads are again given only roles of being speaking vases. MIchelle Ye's scenes with Louis Koo could have been so much more engaging, and Huang Yi's pillow talk with Lau Ching Wan could have been much more touching. It seems the two writer/directors still have problems connecting with the female mind beyond just displaying tears and sad faces. The dialogue given to these two actresses were so disconnected and removed from the right emotions that I was left to wonder how the male leads could have even responded to what was said to carry such cryptic conversations that make these on-screen couples come across as people who barely even know each other. All in all, OVERHEARD 2 is the best we have seen from the mainstream HK film industry in 2011 so far, and I can't help but to think that there's a good chance we will end up seeing this and the previous OVERHEARD becoming Hollywood remakes in the coming years.

Peter R (jp) wrote: Abosolute pap. Learned nothing about Mitt. It seemed staged. I am thankful that this guy is not the prez. He breaks up viable companies by drowning them in debt, profits from the debt , yet worries the US is going to drown in debt, but does not want to tax the very wealthy. He's is an idiot or a sociopath. No depth to this movie as there is no depth to the man. If you like your frosting laid on thickly, you'll love this.

Al M (br) wrote: Nightmare Detective fails because it tries to blend too many genres into an uninspired whole. While reasonably entertaining for a B-level film, Nightmare Detective tries to bring in elements from J-horror, police procedurals, and surrealistic cinema. Other directors, such as Kiyoshi Kurasawa have achieved admirable results from such hybrids, but this film becomes a muddled, boring, and silly mess long before its credits roll.

Sparky W (gb) wrote: Simpily new but strikes for cliches!

Jessica H (nl) wrote: Tucker is great, but the idea is just okay.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 96% I'm not even a KISS fan.

Brandon S (jp) wrote: Jonathan Kaplan's youth in revolt classic has aged surprisingly well, features the screen debut of Matt Dillon. The film is about a group of kids that all live in the same subdivision and how one prank sets the entire community into an uproar. Alot like Rebel Without a Cause, but the 70's setting and the rock soundtrack make the film fresh. A true classic of coming to age and angst.

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Peter N (us) wrote: My favorite of the Bogart/Bacall features. Excellent story, tense pacing, and a satisfying ending.

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Teresa B (fr) wrote: A little cheesy, but an amazing story nonetheless

Brian S (ca) wrote: There is a point within 2003s Once Upon A Time In Mexico that writer/director Robert Rodriguez seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. In the middle of a motorbike chase the editing is chaotic, the music is loud and our hero (who we have been following for two other films now) is almost lost in all the action. This may seem sufficient but with his third chapter of the "Mexico Trilogy", Rodriguez went in the direction to make the hero a side character and fill the remainder of the plot with shady agents (played pitch perfectly by Johnny Depp), presidents and drug cartels in a story that has all of Mexico at stake. Just as everything is about to fold over like a baddy in a gunfight, Rodriguez's juxtaposing vignettes interweave into a fun, sometimes campy (Willem Dafoe as a Mexican drug cartel is Charlton Heston/Touch of Evil fun), culmination of a story that has shown real growth within the filmmaker-ensuring that this Mariachi story is a nice one to end off on riding into the sunset.

Pam E (es) wrote: You can pass, you are not missing anything

Daniel V (ca) wrote: I love this movie. Me, my friends James, Pat and Sean can recite the entire movie. Kilmer was robbed of a Oscar nom and Russell, Paxton, and Elliot are excellent as the Earp brothers. A perfect movie.

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