Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Pepa resolves to kill herself with a batch of sleeping-pill-laced gazpacho after her lover leaves her. Fortunately, she is interrupted by a deliciously chaotic series of events.

A woman's lover leaves her, and she tries to contact him to find out why he's left. She confronts his wife and son, who are as clueless as she. Meanwhile her girlfriend is afraid the police... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown torrent reviews

Glen B (de) wrote: weak story line but good twist....

Jessica D (br) wrote: Terrible. I didn't think movies like this were allowed in America.

Ernest K (us) wrote: Although I'm interested in the subject matter, the execution of this docu comes across as rather bland. However, I'll have to agree that the kids rock with their performance of Zappa.

Lee M (us) wrote: What simply is astounding about this film is the transforming performance by the filmmaker himself Marty Sader. The physical change his body goes through is astonishing.

Jerry W (jp) wrote: It is what it is. In part, the movie is a bit of a snapshot of the attitudes and limitations of this generation; once the thrill is gone, dispose of properly and move on. There's no real emotion, and that suits the characters in 9 songs just fine."Sex is fun, don't confuse it with feelings".

Derk D (nl) wrote: One of cinema's most horrifying and memorable statements on drug use and the toll it takes on the lives of addicts and those around them.

Mattias E (br) wrote: Certainly has that post-Tarantino look, where estethics preserve over content, a common feature among filmmakers with a background as videodirectors or in commercials. But there's also something more to it, a kind of DIY-agenda that I find very sympathetic in filmmaking. Hence, a promising debut from Ishii, who of course would go on to greater things from here.

David L (es) wrote: ******Some Spoilers Here************ Bronson plays Crowe, a Los Angeles cop heading for retirement who has developed a consuming passion to nail a local pimp, Duke, whos speciality is teenage prostitution. Crowe begins at full throttle, torturing a businessman found engaging in sado-masochistic sex with a minor, it is implied by turning a large and forbidding dildo on him. Not surprisingly, Crowe worries when he gets home that he is becoming as bad as the scum he hunts, yet at home he seems more worried by the fact that his teenage daughter is now indulging in heavy-petting with boys her own age (Crowe's wife has a more liberal, tolerant attitude). In the meantime, the film is following the story of a Japanese businessman, Hiroshi, who is being schooled in Western ways (he must learn that some things are, in the West, "kinjite ? forbidden subjects") whilst at the same time getting unhealthily interested in teenage girls. Early in the film, Hiroshi sees a nymphet being touched up on the underground, and with this incident he becomes sexually obsessed. Hiroshi is then posted, with his wife and two young daughters, to Los Angeles. By coincidence, not only does he drunkenly molest Crowe's daughter on the bus one night, sending Crowe into a racist frenzy, but also when Hiroshi's own daughter is kidnapped, raped, addicted to drugs and pimped by Duke, Crowe is the investigating officer. What follows is a somewhat genre-typical hunt for the girl, ending in the massacre of Duke's crew and the arrest of Duke (and also the suicide of the girl) but it never comes out that Hiroshi was the man who molested Crowe's daughter. The plot is as lurid, nasty and discomforting as could be imagined. What is remarkable is the way the script refuses the audience its usual comforting vigilante thrills. Crowe tortures, harasses, murders and generally turns the tables on the scum of the night, but he is clearly shown to be not that different from them himself. He is a racist and a chauvinist, and he comes very close to admitting that his protectiveness towards his daughter is not fatherly but something far more jealous and possibly sexual and unhealthy. His propensity for anally violating his enemies should give any viewer pause for thought, and the end makes it clear that Crowe's form of "justice" has a sexual-sadistic governance ? he ensures that Duke is locked in a cell with a rapist and will be used as a sexual slave throughout his incarceration. This finale is the film's most shocking and eye-popping moment, especially given the way in which the American prison system in general uses prisoner rape as a method of punishment and control in US jails. This film seems to be nailing US justice as a mask of hypocrisy, which gets sadistic pleasure from meting out severe retribution in a country where formal hypocrisy covers the truth that the men who institute justice have, beneath their skins, the same desires as the pimps, paedophiles and perverts. Kinjite ? Forbidden Subjects tells the story of three remarkably similar men ? Crowe, Hiroshi and Duke ? all of whom enact their part as alpha male individuals, aggrandizing themselves and demeaning women and children as chattels, subordinates and secondary citizens. This is not a film to make any liberal viewers happy ? human life is seem as Darwinian and inherently corrupt ? but it also radically challenges masculine self-perception, making it something more than the reactionary shoot-'em-up we might expect from the genre and this star. It just goes to show that radical cinematic visions crop up in the least expected places, most often in the films "respectable" critics would dismiss as kinjite ? forbidden subjects?

Sandy R (mx) wrote: LOVE IT THE EWOKS ARE SO CUTE!

Hlne B (us) wrote: A real funny French comedy, with two fine actors.

Andrew D (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite musicals of all time

Dave S (ru) wrote: Well, at least I can say this movie is better than the one that came out in 2015. There were some good things about this movie, but they didn't come near the amount of bad things. I liked Mr. Fantastic's hair and overall look. The Thing was actually my favorite of the 4 in this movie even though Reed Richards is my favorite in the comics. This story even seemed to focus more on Ben Grimm than anyone else, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing. He had the strongest character in the film. The Invisible Woman was more like the one dimensional woman. She seemed more like a sex symbol than anything. The Human Torch was decent, but still pretty shallow. It's a relatively shallow character to begin with though. Dr. Doom was not intimidating at all. The story was really pretty generic. The special effects were pretty good for their time. Overall this film felt too hollywood. It was over modernized and sexualized. They should have catered more to the nerds with this film. If you're a big fan of the Thing, then this movie might be pretty decent for you.

Caleb A (gb) wrote: It's an alright movie. Not that scary.

HungYa L (nl) wrote: George Clooney won himself an Oscar because of Syriana and he bloody deserved it as well. The story is very well written and reflective on geopolitics.

Eliabeth M (de) wrote: Ned Weeks: I am trying to understand why nobody gives a shit THAT WE'RE DYING!The Normal Heart es una pelcula acerca de derechos civiles por excelencia. Crea consciencia porque logra exponer un conflicto con empata y con la suficiente agresividad para que le importe al espectador. Este drama cuenta la historia de la crisis del HIV y sida en los 80's. En este tiempo la comunidad gay podan ser finalmente libres de mostrar su sexualidad libremente. El uso del condn era escaso, lo cual expuso a miles de personas a este virus. The Normal Heart sigue la trayectoria de un grupo de hombres tratando de crear consciencia de este problema creciente dentro y fuera de la comunidad en un momento donde eran ellos contra el mundo. Un relato que habla mayormente del miedo que se viva, porque las personas moran una detrs de otra y a nadie le importaba slo por la orientacin sexual de este grupo, lo cual es mortificante. La doctora Emma Brookner interpretada por Julia Roberts es uno de los pocos que ayuda a la causa y trata de descifrar de que trata esta misteriosa enfermedad. Todas las actuaciones sone excelentes, especialmente la de Mark Ruffalo como Ned y Matt Bomer como Felix. Su relacin de muestra sincera y realmente te afecta ver como el estado de salud de Felix se deteriora tan rapidamente y no hay nada que hacer al respecto, pero a pesar de esto, logran mantener su relacin a flote. La pelcula es difcil de digerir, sobretodo por las imgenes de personas que fueron contagiadas y la rpida evolucin de la enfermedad. Logra su cometido de escandalizar y mostrar lo lejos que hemos llegado en cuanto a derechos civiles de refiere.