Women with Cows

Women with Cows

A documentary by Tell Aulin and Peter Gerdehag.

A documentary by Tell Aulin and Peter Gerdehag. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Women with Cows torrent reviews

Berenice A (it) wrote: the best movie i hav ever see

David R (kr) wrote: very poor script and poor acting

Cindy W (au) wrote: freaky but there are just so many holes in the plot =/

Byron B (nl) wrote: I saw this at the Cleveland International Film Festival. It is perhaps the worst thing I have seen in the many years I've attended this festival and by far the worst thing I've seen screened at the Cleveland Cinematheque. This is Cleveland native Dennis Hauck first feature. He attempts to use the gimmick of five 20-minute uncut scenes to tell his story. He makes multiple references to cheap thrillers like Carnival of Souls from 1962. I was repeatedly reminded by the gratuitous nudity, drugs and violence, fundamentally gratuitous-Tarantino, that this feels like an over-inflated film-student film. The writing and way the actresses were forced to appear topless or obviously braless also reminded me of the trashy The Room by Tommy Wiseau and Fateful Findings by Neil Breen. The film does have John Hawkes as the private investigator in its favor (and probably one of the few reasons it got picked up by festivals). The non-linear plot used to cause disorientation, the at times sloppy camera work, and the mediocre to vapid supporting cast are not saved by some 35mm film purist bull.

Jay B (au) wrote: A nice trashy B-movie. Marian Carr is brilliant.

AD O (it) wrote: background noise but enjoyable as such.

Callum H (fr) wrote: There's a reason you don't see any poster or any press for this film: it's quite possibly the worst film released in 2014. Horribly shot, atrociously acted, poorly scripted and lacking in decent action scenes, the only redeeming factor in regards to this film is it's potential for a drinking game.

David J (it) wrote: The cast is really good. Kinnear, Connelly, Lerman, and Bell are particularly strong. The narrative is a bit cliched and typical, but Stuck In Love is a perfectly fine romantic drama, and the soundtrack is well implemented. Though its somewhat overwrought, and it can be accused of being pretentious, the film is inspiring for those who like stories of young love, and writing.

bill s (ru) wrote: The Blair Bigfoot Project is more like it but there is nothing fresh nor interesting about this story or it's characters.