Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

On the mystical island of Themyscira, a proud and fierce warrior race of Amazons have raised a daughter of untold beauty, grace and strength: Princess Diana. When an Army fighter pilot, Steve Trevor, crash-lands on the island, the rebellious and headstrong Diana defies Amazonian law by accompanying Trevor back to civilization.

It is an attractive movie with many mysterious details. A modern man's trespass of the island of the Amazons enables an imprisoned war god to escape and Princess Diana wins the responsibility to recapture him. What will happen? Please follow the movie to know! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wonder Woman torrent reviews

Janet M (gb) wrote: Incredible film. 10 out of 10

Brian H (gb) wrote: An entertaining and informative look at the history of cannabis and of its prohibition, Grass makes accessible a large and important historic tale that allows the viewer a better understanding of the war on drugs, and the war on marijuana. Whether one is for or against the "devil's weed," this is an insightful and important documentary. Narration m Woody Harrelson is like an added bonus.

Sanford R (gb) wrote: Very entertaining! A great John Cusack movie :)

Wes S (ru) wrote: Slow, but interesting enough to stick around. Gory effects and mind-numbing scenes, you can never be sure on what's real and what isn't. Decent enough characters, though not a lot of development. Dust Devil manages to live up to it's name and be an overall decent horror flick.

Jamie B (ca) wrote: I dont know who copied who but this is so much like Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure-just the low budget version. Great fun. I had so much trouble finding a copy of this in video stores.

Patrick B (it) wrote: This one is especially infected by "the demon of melodrama" that Bazin sees as plaguing even neo-realism... But when it calms down and really captures broken Berlin, it's gold.

Michael K (ag) wrote: Quite possibly the best Bond since Live and Let Die.