Wonderful Adventures of Nils

Wonderful Adventures of Nils

Nils lives with his parents in the south of Sweden. He is a naughty boy and teases like the animals on the farm. They should not have him and be happy if he is bewitched one day with his hamster Crumb for punishment by a gnome.

Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Swedish: Nils Holgerssons underbara resa) is a 1962 Swedish live-action film directed by Kenne Fant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon D (ca) wrote: There was some absolute crap in this movie (like a rodent on whom theydigitally added googly eyes ..) but this movie was just spilling overwith joke after joke after joke, most of them lame, but honestly someof them had me laughing out LOOUUDD. No comedy has made me laugh thathard since I was a kid, 20+ years ago. This was a good comedy. And itwas a very bad movie. And a good movie. And I thought it was awful. Irecommend it.

Al K (fr) wrote: Way different than the first 2 movies and still very good! The ending is hilarious!!!!!!!

Jesse O (au) wrote: I certainly liked this movie and its focus on a sociopathic character and how his personality affects everyone around him in negative ways. But I'm not exactly sure whether to give this film 3 or 3.5 stars. At the very least I think it's a good film, but at the same time I think I'm underrating it. But I don't really feel comfortable giving it a 3.5 rating because I didn't think it was that good. This is an occasion where quarter-ratings would be really helpful, because 3.25 stars would be right about where I feel this movie is. Why am I discussing this here? I do not know, maybe I don't have much to say. Regardless I did like the film. The pacing could definitely have been a bit better, it can be a little off-putting, particularly if you're tired, as I was, and at times it was a struggle to stay awake. Not that the film is boring, it's just that the pacing doesn't really do itself any favors. But the character development is more than good, Simon is a compulsive liar, he's a manipulator and a freeloader. He lives off of the kindness of women, theoretically, as you only get to see how he manipulates one woman throughout the majority of his stay in Paris, but it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't exactly the same when he was with his ex, and even his parents. He's someone who doesn't really care about anybody's needs but his own and he definitely acts accordingly. That aspect of the film I certainly enjoyed, Simon's selfishness and his desire to maintain a certain lifestyle without having to work for it. The thing is that Simon at first comes across as someone who's just depressed about his break-up, you believe him when he says that his ex fucked up. Of course this is just a facade as you start to peel back layers of his personality as the movie progresses. You start to see his lies and how manipulative he truly is and you get to the point of wondering how could any woman spend five years of her life with a man like this. You know what, as I'm going through the movie, I'm starting to realize how good this film really is. I think the 3.5 is deserved. It's deserved because the character development really is top-notch, and Brady Corbet's performance is absolutely enthralling. He's incredibly convincing as this manipulative sociopath. The soundtrack is also pretty damn cool. I think the camerawork also reflects Simon's character. The camera is a little bit tighter on Simon at the beginning and end of the film, where he's at his worst emotionally and physically. When his life is exactly as he wants it, the shots a little bit more open. The darker themes of the film may not be enjoyed by some, but I think it works in this film's favor. Not every story needs to be uplifting, nor does every 'villain' need to meet his comeuppance. As long as the story is satisfying, then that is all that matters, to me at least. And this film certainly has a very compelling character at its core, not a very likable one, but a compelling one nonetheless. Very good character study here, it's gonna require a little patience, but it was a rewarding experience to say the least. Maybe not in a positive way, but still rewarding.

Benjimen C (ag) wrote: I believe a lot of people have overlooked the brilliance of this movie. There are amazing skits littered all throughout this movie, they are very well calculated and there is a whole lot to this movie that you will miss if you only watch it once. Casa de mi padre actually becomes more amusing the more times you watch it. The use of props are amazing. If you are not very observant this movie will most probably come across rather dull so I guess you can rule out the American audience.

Federico M (es) wrote: La storia pare non sia vera, come annunciato al tempo del lancio del film. Prendete Anna Frank e fatela scappare per i boschi del Belgio alla ricerca dei suoi genitori, nel frattempo rinchiusi in un lager polacco.Lei e' bravissima e carina, i lupi sono belli ma avranno vita breve e simpatico il personaggio dello zio Jean, l'unico essere davvero "umano" (insieme a dei profughi ucraini) che si incontrer nel film...Un film che cerca la poesia, non la trova ma una visione se la merita di sicuro.

Edward K (de) wrote: More interesting for its scenes of Soweto and Johannesburg than anything else. I can't say much for the acting other than it was passable. The story is adapted from a well known South African playwright but it has difficultly in being convincing.

Brad W (ca) wrote: Pretty cheesy, but awesome Aussie flick about the greatest band of all time. Decent Aussie cast, heaps of people who were in Underbelly and some other well known Aussies.

Joshua L (us) wrote: dis movie is ok, da way da actors brring the script to life is what makes iy fun to watch. RDJ is da shit doh, always has been.

Rain J (es) wrote: If you've always dreamed of seeing Tatum O'Neal make out with Richard Burton, then this is the movie for you!...Watched it because I am reading Tatum O'Neal's first memoir, and she mentions this movie, and I couldn't really believe it actually existed.

Kenny N (au) wrote: Just because I give this film no stars does not mean I'm giving it a negative review. I just simply think that this movie cannot be measured by the star system on here. Just as Eraserhead's girlfriend isn't sure what she had was a baby, I'm not sure if what David Lynch bore is a horror film. It looks like one from a distance-it's got one of the most terrifying looking monsters in cinema history. This movie is a thing more than a movie. Approach it cautiously, because it could lash out at you at any given moment of it's surprisingly short run time. Watch and be forever traumatized.

Kurt B (ag) wrote: As a child, this film completely enthralled me...

Liam M (ru) wrote: It's dumb, brainless fun for sure. But Basket Case holds up I promise, a bloody, stop motion nightmare that delivers frights, laughs and...Easter eggs.

Dan A (br) wrote: Loved this movie as a kid. Wasn't Halle Barry in there somewhere too?

Sam S (gb) wrote: Superman 2's exhilarating action sequences, love story, and excellent performance by Christopher Reeve make for what super hero movies should be. Fun.

Private U (nl) wrote: Epic shots of a cattle drive coupled with a melting-down, crazed John Wayne pitted against his adopted son make this amongst the best of all Westerns - until the tacked on "happy" ending ruins the film.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First viewing - Late 2005 in theaters)