Wonderful Town

Wonderful Town

Takua Pa is a small town in the South of Thailand. Ever since the tsunami, people have lost their jobs and remember better times in the past. One day a stranger comes to town. His name is Ton, he is an architect. He rents a room in a small hotel owned by Na. They begin to have a secret love affair. The town finds out about it, people are bored and angry. And now they have found an enemy, a person they can blame. Wit is Na's younger brother, the town gang leader. He loves his sister but cannot bear to see another person's happiness. He is the one that will lead the town to destroy this stranger.

After the tsunami struck the coast town of Takua Pa, young architect Ton moves in town to develop a construction project and settles in a small hotel run by Na, a young sensitive local girl... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sonyia M (it) wrote: Pretty good. Based on a true story.

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