Woody Allen: A Documentary

Woody Allen: A Documentary

Iconic writer, director, actor, comedian and musician Woody Allen allowed his life and creative process to be documented on-camera for the first time. With this unprecedented access, ...

Iconic writer, director, actor, comedian, and musician Woody Allen allowed his life and creative process to be documented on-camera for the first time. With this unprecedented access, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie G (it) wrote: Funny in places. Not serious film

Donn B (us) wrote: I will love to Ser it gay pride :)

t w (au) wrote: A pretentious movie that hammers in its many rushed themes including it's poorly handled take on racism. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't constantly remind you that this world is fake and dosent exist and will eventually result in Don Knotts reseting the world in the end there are never any stakes or tension in the movie. The last hour exists only to beat you over the head with its tired themes.

Ben L (kr) wrote: Decades ago when this movie came out I thought it was very good, and I rated it highly. Well, time and experience have made me a wiser man, because now I see some rather large flaws. I still think it's a relatively fun sci-fi adventure that tries to blend the feeling of Star Wars and Star Trek. I particularly enjoy the time travel aspects, and I think that is what made me like it so much back in the late 90s. One of the big problems with Lost in Space is that the CGI does not hold up at all. It is very shoddy, particularly when it comes to the living creatures. I do like the cast, and I think Gary Oldman is always a great villain. Even Matt LeBlanc didn't bother me because he was placed in the role of a cocky, womanizing soldier.However, I think the movie struggled a bit because it was trying to fit into the mold of the original TV series too much. As a result they had to include a specific list of characters and both daughters were utterly useless in the plot. They are given moments to do things, but this film was so heavily focused on Will Robinson's relationship with his father that having these other kids in the way just needlessly cluttered the film with subplots. So we get the pointless romance to keep Heather Graham doing something, and we get annoying diary entries and a terrible CGI alien so we have a reason to look at Lacey Chabert from time to time.The story is not a unique one, but it is interesting because of how they utilize time travel to explore what might happen. I'm a sucker for a good story of the kid who feels neglected by his father and therefore has to choose whether to follow in his footsteps or go along a darker path. Again, this is where Gary Oldman gets his moments to shine and he takes full advantage as the perfectly villainous Dr. Smith. There are some definite missteps and I don't know if the final resolution is satisfying, but it's not a completely terrible movie as I think it often gets labeled. Still, now that I've seen it again, I can't recommend it either.

Jiana W (mx) wrote: Awesome, imaginative, and fun family movie. One of my favorites growing up. It never gets old. And I rank Anty's death right up there with Old Yeller.

Steve G (es) wrote: Great romantic comedy with classic shots of early eighties Chicago, including the old Sun Times building. A hokey love story that will win you over.

Brett S (ru) wrote: I think this is great. Lou gets scammed into buying a fake studio, & Bud & Lou end up going to California to track down the con artist. There are some real funny moments where they try to sneak into the con artists home dressed as a cop & a crook at the same time the house really is being robbed & at the same time a real cop is there. Probably my favourite part of the movie. I also loved how it deals with the movies & the scenes that take place on a studio lot. Very funny movie.

Walter M (br) wrote: When Julian(Alphonso McAuley) and Anthony(Scott Mechlowicz) open a private detective business in Montenegro of all places, their first case turns out to be trying to find Catalina(Paz Vega) who also just happened to steal Julian's cell phone and Anthony's car and is now having a lot of trouble trying to get out of the country. She is also the last survivor of a massacre wherein she absconded with a hard drive that Carver(Karel Roden) desperately wants back. So, he sends Helen Bingham(Janet McTeer) to get it back for him. "Cat Run" is a fairly entertaining comic thriller with a very high body count and delusions of a sociopolitical statement. As such, there is nothing here that we have not seen many times before, especially in its convoluted plot. Well, there is the terrific Janet McTeer taking the movie and running with it in a change of pace role as far as it will go. That's got to be worth something, right?

Paul A (gb) wrote: from what I saw this was a pretty good movie/documentary about Katy Perry, if your not a big fan of Katy Perry you probably won't enjoy it as much... I'm not a big Katy Perry fan but I like some of her songs...