Wool 100%

Wool 100%

A drama of two aging women who live a solitary life collecting discarded items from a nearby town. One day they return home to find a young girl knitting a red sweater in their house. Each time the girl finishes her dress, she promptly unravels it and the mystery unfolds. Directed by Mai Tominaga.

A drama of two aging women who live a solitary life collecting discarded items from a nearby town. One day they return home to find a young girl knitting a red sweater in their house... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tor M (ag) wrote: Huge film with Mel Gibson in charge. This could tilt both ways, but I think it worked out OK.The story of the gentle, careful, believing man is cool. He is joining the army, but he won't touch a gun. His road to the battlefield to serve as a medic is filled with hate and bullying but you already know he will get his "revenge" and stand as the true hero in the end.Plenty of war-action but also a solid background story - the balance is just fine. Some silly war scenes and I never like the bible stuff. The praying scene is pretty dumb, some other scenes are also a bit sketchy. When he is towed down and it oozes of CGI and some angel infused message I felt it was a bit too much. The mix of ethics of war and religion never favor the film, really. I never really like the area where the battles takes place either. Climbing the net, knowing there will be loads of Japanese there - it's like a neverending computer game. I doubt it was like that in reality, but I believe the producers choice of making something special of it was a cool idea that almost worked out.It takes well care of the viewer. It's never flat or boring, never dragged out and rearly too silly. Not the deepest of films, but it works out as a entertaining piece. Well acted, even Vince Vaughn impresses me. It's lovely shot, without trying to be too fancy. Ugly enough action combined with typical Oscar material works out. Not seen many of the Oscar participants yet, but I believe it won't win more than one award.6.5 out of 10 morphine shots.

Tyler P (au) wrote: Buddy movie franais avec ses qualits (le duo Sy/Laffite) et ses dfauts (tout le reste).

Jonathan G (kr) wrote: Proves that a movie can have a simple premise but still be remarkable.

tania g (es) wrote: I'm not that keen on kay panabaker but they film grew on me

Julia S (jp) wrote: This movie tells a very important story in US history, but on the actual movie it just was lacking in certain areas to make it great.

Annmarie F (ag) wrote: Not good... but I love David B.

Liberty K (es) wrote: Very inspiring,It really opened my eyes to see the world in the best light.

William R (au) wrote: Good God, was funny when I first saw it but 10 years later it's bloody awful.

charles s (es) wrote: this is a piss poor sequel to an animated classic. the plot feels forced, the characters are boring, the main antagonists aren't at all threatening (especially considering how much of a great main antagonist the sharptooth was in the first one) these antagonists are boring and not threatening and due to them bring non threatening, they were terrible main villains. The singing was the worst part of the movie, they wont stop singing about pointless crap, why sing at all? this is the land before time, not disney, all the songs are horribly written, forced, and are just there to pad out the movie. Dont waste your time on this crap, watch the original.

Hairyman B (us) wrote: Showed me that music is everywhere, even in noise and fills all the most important parts of our lives. We are Bubby, Bubby is us.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Jungle Fever struggles to find a balance of pacing when it chronicles themes of interracial relationships against the urban backdrop of the streets of 1990's New York City and with other social issues occurring in the area, leaving the subplots being more interesting and effective than the key plotline. However, it's well written and finely acted which keeps it compelling for the majority of the film.Jungle Fever kicks its titular theme into gear in a quick and unprecedented fashion which makes the entire theme of Jungle Fever (interracial attraction) questionable and essentially just a sense of rebellious sexual impulsivity which isn't understood best in the film, but Spike Lee tries to get it across in the script and does fairly well, as well as providing fine dialogue to the talented cast. His direction on Jungle Fever is skilled and he crafts it into a well structured story told well with a great atmosphere, a catchy theme song and a good performance of his own to add to the cast.Although at times it feels like Jungle Fever is deviating away from the direct matter of its main plotline, it does chronicle it's subplots very well.But the cast of Jungle Fever is what keeps it being such an utterly compelling film.Wesley Snipes uses some of his finest acting skills to ensure his lead character projects the level of confusion that the audience has in understanding his mind, since he really understands it I better than we do. 1991 is a time before his career became all about action films. And in that year he gave one of his finest performances as a conflicted father, husband and human being who succumbs to jungle fever. But Samuel L. Jackson steals the screen in his moments as "Gator" Purify, a performance named his breakout because of how he captures his unhinged side to the character, one he went through in real life with his drug addiction which he turns into a shockingly strong performance, one with shattered movement in his character physicality and a lack of focus in Gator's mind, but utter focus towards perfecting the character for Jungle Fever is one of the finest of his career, and it displays a large amount of his promise early on,And the third standout is Ossie Davis, as he portrays a well meaning but conflicted character who perpetuates an excellent conflict with Samuel L. Jackson which creates a strong drama within the subplot of the film and provides valid entertainment, and more-or-less fills in for some of the emptiness within Jungle Fever.So although it isn't Spike Lee's finest work, Jungle Fever does provide good social commentary with a talented cast, even if its vague in its points and slow at times.

Borhan K (ca) wrote: A Perfect Day is a drama based on the War in the Balkans. The story revolves around an AID group that fix wells in the war torn country.The story is simple they have a well with a corpse in it and they need rope to get the body out and this is where the adventure starts.The amount of road blocks and challenges they have is amazing just to get back to the well and get the body out so they can make the well clean again and usable.I was surprised when watching this movie it was not half that bad,Although a drama it had some comic relief as well with Tim Robins character always had something funny to say always looking at the bright side of the war.He reminded me of my uncle in Canada, they same kinda sense of humor and even the white beard.The subject matter is adult so I would say no kids allowed the kids would find it boring anyway.A good small cast and a story well told.