Directed by Samuel Faure and Gilles Jacob

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Robert H (nl) wrote: Well-written characters with nuanced, naturalistic performances, but...I feel like I've seen it all before.

James O (jp) wrote: At its worst this is a tedious attempt to stretch a tendentious link between astronomy and the disappeared of Chile. At it's best it is a great reminder of the vastness of the universe and how we are all products of the universe's component parts. Has a powerful ability to remind you of dust to dust. It also acts as a great testament to the memory of the disappeared and the sheer terror and wickedness of the Pinochet regime. My rating is a bit harsh maybe but it felt drawn out and boring for too much of the film. Could have wiped half an hour from this documentary without losing too much.

Emma M (nl) wrote: This was filmed in Stewart, BC where I used to live. The movie isn't that good though.

bill s (nl) wrote: One of the funnier Bronson later films but too bad it's not intended to be a comedy.

Matt V (mx) wrote: Hilarious, this movie is great.

Patrick J (br) wrote: I keep repeating Jerry Lewis's mimicking of Mr Murdoch's advice at the publisher's. And what about the naughty boy in the office with the voice of a man? And Murdoch's daughter (in the restaurant) eating her food with such fetishistic passion and ritual? An old favourite. Love it!

Brody M (es) wrote: Waaaay better then White Lightning

Fiddle M (jp) wrote: This movie is hilarious because of Mushu the little red dragon. I like that Mulan fights for her family.

Adam H (mx) wrote: Moving. Incredible. Poignant. Don't miss this drama of aging and love as well as the accurate reflection of the absurdity of government regulation. All wrapped up in a tight package.

Jose L (it) wrote: DAMN !! this movie was nuckin futs !!