Words and Pictures

Words and Pictures

An art instructor and an English teacher form a rivalry that ends up with a competition at their school in which students decide whether words or pictures are more important.

A flamboyant English teacher and a new, stoic art instructor form a rivalry that ends up with a competition at their school in which students decide whether words or pictures are more important. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron R (au) wrote: I & I Luv Da movie Good action awesome soundtrack good to know abit o patois...but mi ah de ongle one dat did stay till it dun...

Perfection Q (ca) wrote: to be honest i think i watched a lot of old shows or shows thats started getting made in the late 80s or early 90s lol XD

Dave J (kr) wrote: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 (2009) Crush DRAMA/ HORROR Top student and overall great athlete of martial arts tournaments, Julian played by Christopher Egan does a favor for an acquaintance to look after someone's luxurious house full of security cameras. But before the family goes away for a vacation, the father then notifies him that he's expecting his niece to stop by for a swim without even telling him her name. One day, Julian sees this teenage girl Anna (Emma Lung) sunbathing by the pool and assumes that she is probably guy's niece and he becomes infatuated with her even though he already has a girlfriend. His life then goes into a downward spiral as a result of being infatuated with her. The movie starts off okay since it's like a reminiscent of a 1993 movie starring Alicia Silverstone also called "Crush" until it processes further which some viewers might be able to figure out the irony even before it happens. Upon watching this film it reminded me about a bad dream with inconsistencies and hard to ignore them such as if Anna wasn't related to the family since she also carries the family keys, what the hell is she doing in all of those pictures- the movie never addresses this. Also, how come he never uses his martial arts on her since she was coming after him with a knife. What's the deal about this particular Australian household also needing keys from the inside and not just the out. Why wasn't Anna also pursuing the family or family members and just random strangers or was she someone he could create from the figment of his imagination! Had Julian ever viewed the security cameras at all to see if Anna ever come up, and how come he doesn't invite his other friends to show them what this Anna look like? This movie raises more questions then it gives us any answers. 2 out of 4 stars

John M (nl) wrote: Cute film but not much really to it.

Rameshwar I (br) wrote: You don't see Eric Bana playing the protagonist, instead you see a maniacal mad man with a twisted sense of humor and a sadistic approach towards life in this biopic of Australia's notorious Mark Reed. Bana made the character his own only occasionally mimicking the half giggle half laughter that generates so much fear and hostility. While most people who knew Reed and author himself has already claimed that truth was never allowed to come in the way of a good yarn, the writers cleverly placed Reed's habitual lying trait into the story that evokes even more unpredictability confusing the audience as to what to believe as a fact and what is not. It would have made Indian film makers proud or even inspired by the attitude of the protagonist in an initial ambush scene. Chopper is loosely based on the autobiography 'From the Inside' written by Mark Reed when serving time which is again loosely based on events in his life. This is not a Shawshank's redemption kind of story about survival in the harsh prison conditions for a crime you have never committed, but about one of Australia's notorious criminal who embraces the prison life often being the troublemaker. He claims more crimes than he is accused for, made more enemies than friends (an understatement) and still in the end came out the winner. Eric Bana must have worked a lot to get his mannerisms right since it does not come naturally to him based on most of the other characters he has played where he comes off as a mild mannered, less talky serious person. Here, he wouldn't shut up. Always up to something, doing bad for someone and habitually lying on every event that takes place. Though the gore and graphic violence is pretty frightening and plays as an advert to stay off prison, the screenplay is very mixed - a lighthearted exchange is followed by an intense cruel episode. A sequence when Reed and some of his acquaintances get high was innovative unlike similar scenarios dealt in other movies. All supporting actors do an excellent job. The cinematography is quite inventive as the visuals are dark and bright at the same time. An Eric Bana show playing Australia's most notorious showman.

Cooper C (kr) wrote: it had no story it was so lame I was expecting some big event to happen it never did... :(

Tyler W (kr) wrote: This is like the black version of Meet the Parents with a lesbian sister.

Andrea M (kr) wrote: Supposed to be a very good film...