Words of My Perfect Teacher

Words of My Perfect Teacher

Three students seek the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhist master, soccer aficionado and filmmaker Khyentse Norbu in this captivating documentary, which takes viewers on a journey from the World Cup in Germany to the isolated Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. Bernardo Bertolucci and Steven Seagal make appearances in the film, and the world music soundtrack is provided by Sting, Tara Slone and Joydrop, Steve Tibbetts, U.Man.Tek, Kunga 19 and many others.

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Surya S (us) wrote: Suriya carries the movie all the way with great screenplay by Hari and good comedy by Santhanam. Super flick.Must watch.

Wanda E (nl) wrote: Very well done movie, especially with the limited budget. Americans, above all, need to see this movie and the political backstory. I'll be seeing it again.

Anna Q (jp) wrote: This seems ridiculous. Therefore I want to see.

Marcus W (fr) wrote: A simple tale of redemption in the slums of Johannesburg that is flawless in both writing and directing. Absolutely stunning.

Jacob P (br) wrote: Oh it's dreadful alright. This is a very scary and entertaining horror film.

Don S (it) wrote: A horror movie that is basically making fun of the genre. The creatures could be terrifying if the creators were not aping their own work. The whole thing plays like an inside joke to which you are not furnished the punchline, making it derivative and non-frightening. In my estimation, a failure.

Ashley J (nl) wrote: Absolutely tragic crap. I'm not sure what the idea behind this was, but it doesn't work. They should have filmed it as if they were actually doing the play, the actresses aren't good enough to pull off the talking directly to camera thing. Based on a true story apparently...

Namata P (kr) wrote: great psycholigical thriller and conclusion to the trilogy

David E (au) wrote: Worst movie by the Farrelly brothers, though I guess they didn't direct it. Maybe the story is personal for them or something. Anyway it isn't funny. I only laughed a couple of times, mostly involving Alec Baldwin. Lots of lame stoner comedy, and the characters suck.

Allan C (de) wrote: I bought this film back in the days of laser discs and I remember listening to the commentary track and was most fascinated with director William Lustig's encyclopedic knowledge of American and European exploitation films. It made sense that he ended up currating many of these films through his associations with various video distributers like Elite, Roan Group and now Blue Underground, where he's relasing grindhouse classics as if they were part of the Criterion Collection. But I digress. In "Vigilante" Lustig takes his love of exploitation, particularly Italian exploitation films like those by Fernando Di Lio, and made a vigilante film of his own. Robert Forster's family is brutally killed by street trash and when a corrupt lawyer, played by the great Joe Spinell, gets the killer of his son off scot free, Forster flies into a rage in court and is sent to prison. There are some typical exploitation flick prison fights and sexual assaults, though prisoner Woody Strode helps Forster out before he is assaulted in a shower. Once released, Forster hooks up with Fred Williamson who runs a group of citizens who comb the streets dealing out vigilante justice to street slime like, Frank Pesce. The vilence in the film is mean and nasty in a way that you don't get in mainstream films, which is what makes exploitations flicks so fun to watch. There films don't follow the usual "rules" of Hollywood pictures and aren't afraid to go somewhere that most films fear to treat. I've always felt that is why exploitation films are so enjoyable. Anything is possible in these films and you really don't know what to expect, which in the best exploitation films creates real suspense and doesn't always lead audiences to a predictable and inevitable conclusion. The underrated film composer Jay Chattaway provides the film with a solid score. While this revenge film isn't the most original, it has a great cast, the villains are sneeringly despicable (making their violent demise all the more enjoyable), the action is exciting (particularly some of the car chases) and the grimy, gritty pre-Giuliani New York before he was cleaned up is a whole lot of fun if you're a fan of these sorts of films.

Darren G (es) wrote: Hundreds of years ago when I was a kid, I saw this 1963 epic on TV as a midday movie and found it very exciting and exotic for two main reasons - (a) its premise of Mayans vs. Native Americans, and (b) the one and only Yul Brynner, a man who was born to be a movie star.Hundreds of years later, I've once again seen 'Kings Of The Sun' and it has dated in some regards. At its worst, the dialogue is clunky and stiff; some aspects of the story (especially the love triangle) are very clumsy; it's amusing and a little embarrassing seeing the lead roles played mostly by unconvincing-looking Anglos; and the action scenes are somewhat flat and surprisingly bloodless even for a 1963 epic (especially the big battle at the end).Despite those flaws of age, however, I still very much enjoyed 'Kings Of The Sun'. Visually, it's still very impressive as those old epics are - and even more so nowadays that when you see hundreds of strikingly-costumed people swarming over massive ancient structures, they actually were hundreds of strikingly-costumed people swarming over massive sets rather than CGI. As well, despite its faults and predictability, the story is still engaging and interesting (unlike more recent efforts like the great-looking but unexciting 'Apocalypto').One factor that hasn't aged, though - and in fact has improved with age - is the late great Yul. In 'Kings Of The Sun', he radiates star-power - and despite not being the main role, and also spending about half of his screen-time as a prisoner, he dominates the film. Movies and movie-stars were different back then, and Yul was a good example.'Kings Of The Sun' is not quite in the same league as all-time classics like 'Ben-Hur', but nonetheless it's still good fun.

mike h (au) wrote: Im not a big rosie fan, but shes not bad in this, come on ee and rich, is that a pair of or what. I miss richard he did alot of great films back in the day, there still great now, is a classic and so are his movies, this is one, and its pretty good for a sequel.