Six actors take part in a week-long workshop, at the end of which, one of them will be asked to join a famous acting coach's class and take a shot at stardom... but their week unfolds in ...

Six actors take part in a week-long workshop, at the end of which, one of them will be asked to join a famous acting coach's class and take a shot at stardom... but their week unfolds in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew D (jp) wrote: who made this shit???

Raphael S (es) wrote: Uma histria moderna de vampiras como poucas. Vale a pena assistir, especialmente pela vampira depressiva que representa muito bem um dos problemas da imortalidade.

Me M (mx) wrote: Enlighten Up! is one female documentarian's attempt to seduce a hipster New Yorker thru her camera. She fails. Kate Churchill, who has been doing yoga about as long as I have, drags her boyfriend(?) to half the yoga studios in New York, intent on finding the right instructor with whom her sole subject, Nick, will click. Apparently, she wants to be there, camera at the ready, when Nick receives something akin to enlightenment. (I guess she missed the part about enlightenment generally taking a lifetime to achieve?) My biggest problem with the film is her subject, Nick, who apparently would rather be knocking back PBRs in a dark bar in Williamsburg. He starts out as simply the Voice of Skepticism but turns into Mr. Super Whiny somewhere over the Pacific. In fact, Nick's grating passive-aggressiveness doesn't kick in until AFTER Churchill's hauled him all the way to India to meet some of the stars of the yoga world. Not into yoga? Gee, Nick why didn't you just say 'no' in the first place? Maybe because you knew this docu gig would include all-expenses excursions to Hawaii, Los Angeles and all over India. And it comes with two-hours of Nick's tiresome self-deprecation in front of a hand-held. He was right about one thing: this film would have been far more 'enlightening' had it just been Churchill chronicling her own immersion in a world and spiritualism we Westerners still know so little about.

Kyle F (de) wrote: One of the best action movies ever made

Mary K (de) wrote: horrible movie. That's all I have to say.

Paul W (gb) wrote: It's so long. Jack Nicholson brilliantly plays Eugene O'Neill. Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton provide the humanizing love affair to complement the epic political drama. I found both story lines intriguing and convincing - saying nothing for their respective historical accuracies. I trust they were heavily manipulated. Still, one can tell Beatty directed. It's so terribly long and easily could have been cut back here or there. I'm not sure what the "documentary"/interview elements add since the contributors aren't identified. Still, it holds up extremely well. This gets a high rating from me that would have been higher if it had been a bit tighter.

Robert I (jp) wrote: With a title like that? Hell yeah.

Laura P (it) wrote: It's really hard for me not to compaire Tudor dramas now with showtimes 'The Tudors' but I think these guys did a great Anne and Henry. I liked that Anne was more cold and distance than all sedutive. Although I actually felt abit sorry for Cardinal Wolsey which is a first. I think this film stands the test of time well.

John M (ca) wrote: It's just a bad movie. So this takes place in an alternate universe where Elvis' twin brother didn't die at birth, but was given to another family. He grows up and looks strikingly similar to Elvis, and when it is discovered that he can sing, people want him to perform in concerts where he does an impression... except Elvis doesn't actually exist in this universe, and the majority of the songs featured are originals. I watched this for one reason: this was sold to me as being the next The Room. Being that Tommy Wiseau's unintentional masterpiece is something that I watch every few months with friends (I get vast amounts of enjoyment from it every time), I happily gave this a shot. Unfortunately, this doesn't breech "so bad it's good" territory, it's just messy filmmaking. Unless you run in the same circles that I do, you've likely never heard of this. What is boggling is they actually got big name actors to star in this: Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green and Joe Pantoliano are all featured here in the hammiest of roles. I wouldn't be surprised if they were just trying to get that Christian money, and that's something that you may not realize about The Identical: it has an agenda. Religious movies have been blowing up recently: between on-the-cheap indies (God's Not Dead, Heaven Is for Real) to big budget Hollywood (Exodus: Gods and Kings, Noah), everybody wants their piece of the pie, so it's not really surprising to see movies like The Identical coming out of the woodwork. Touching on glimmer of a positive here, the guy they got to play the "Elvis" double, Blake Rayne, actually does a great Elvis impression. He's got the look down, and when you close your eyes, it sounds like Elvis. He's got that down pat, but as an actor... let's just say there's a lot to be desired. Both experienced and inexperienced actors alike are all overacting trying to sell this, and they are playing over the top caricatures in exaggerated fashion. Also, the aging make-up on this is really wonky; the only change Rayne has from the ages of 16 to 33 is a new shirt, while Liotta goes from spry to decrepit in a scene change. There are bits in here that do work as an unintentional comedy, but this way was duller and less fun than what this got sold to me as. It's just so bizarrely embarrassing, but at least it's never boring.

Michael R (ag) wrote: Sure, the acting wasn't award winning but still much better than expected, and the characters are kind of quirky, especially the medium and the guy who gets clobbered in begining. All around kind of creepy....not bad.

Liy N (ag) wrote: It was a beautiful movie, and I'm looking for more like this one.