World Cupp 2011

World Cupp 2011

This movie looks into a world of extortion, the underworld, gambling, bookies and match-fixing. It's based on the sport of cricket where players are forced to lose a match so that the underworld can benefit from it.

This movie looks into a world of extortion, the underworld, gambling, bookies and match-fixing. It's based on the sport of cricket where players are forced to lose a match so that the underworld can benefit from it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Safiyyah F (mx) wrote: I guess Suicide Room could have been worse. The directing wasn't too bad, neither was the acting. Suicide Room is about Dominik, a teenager who's about to graduate from school and start college. His parents are wealthy, but are work-a-holics and never seem to pay attention to him. It is shown early on in the film that Dominik is demanding and has an anger management problem, but otherwise he is a perfectly normal kid. This changes when he kisses his male friend during a drunken game and receives backlash from his friends on a social networking site that's similar to Facebook. Suddenly, a random girl around his age (named Sylwia) instant messages him (how she found out that he was in distress or his user name, we would never know) and introduces to an online RPG game where she created her own mini-world called the Suicide Room. She then convinces Dominik to forsake the real world and to become entangled into a virtual one, leading him down a destructive path. In joining the virtual Suicide Room, Dominik finds friendship and acceptance and doesn't plan on rejoining the real world anytime soon soon. The main reason why I was disappointed with the film was the terrible screenwriting, which is a shame. Suicides that are linked with social networking sites is a serious problem and this film almost makes a mockery of it. I don't know what Komasa was thinking when he wrote this film. Did he do any research in teen/young adult suicide? Or on the internet itself? Suicide is such a real and relatable subject, so it only makes sense that a film about suicide would at least attempt to be realistic. So many important things are left unexplained. How did Sylwia contact Dominik in the beginning? Dominik is shown to be intelligent in school, how can he succumb to a girl he never met so easily? And lastly, if Dominik is gay, how does he fall in love with Sylwia? But once you look past the faulty "mechanics" of the writing, you start to realize how terrible the dialogue is. I understand that it's a foreign film, and because I watched the subtitled version, I didn't get the full effect of the dialogue. But c'mon, even if you spoke Polish, you would be shaking your head at some scenes. For example, Sylwia said something among the lines of "I want to commit suicide because I want to die." and Dominik answered with "I want to live because I don't want to die." After reading this line, I buried my face in my hands and hoped it was just a series of typos. Besides all of this, the film was beautifully shot. Maybe next time Komasa would leave the writing to an expert, and just direct. I wasn't really a fan of the blue filter, (can that effect just go away already?) but the lighting was perfect. The only downside was sometimes, I felt as if the camera was being held by a 4 year-old. Specifically during the scene when Sylwia leaves her room and runs out into sunlight. The camera moved around that shot excessively and shakily, as if it were taken on an iPhone. Other than that, most of the camera work was pretty good. Overall, Suicide Room wasn't absolutely terrible, but I wouldn't say that it's worth watching either. Part of me wants that 2 hours and twenty minutes back.

Abel D (jp) wrote: More of a niche comedy than broad yuckfest, 'Casa de mi Padre' relishes in the melodrama and cheese of over-the-top Hispanic soaps. Yes, its story is thin, its dialogue woeful and its presentation overblown, but that's how a lot of these shows actually are, and for that, it's a fitting and joyous romp.

KierLa J (jp) wrote: beatrix potter in hell

Jouni K (nl) wrote: Very funny and interesting movie. Working in a Japanese company seems to be very complicated.

Kevin F (it) wrote: I think even the actors were bored making this movie. The score is horrible, and even the alleged climactic ending made me yawn.

Aaron B (es) wrote: A powerful movie! This is a must see.

Suan Sui G (ca) wrote: This ain't no highball.

E F (us) wrote: Like, totally, 80's. Not that great, despite pretty good performances by John Cusack and Tim Robbins, and a cameo by Fishbone.

Matthew S (au) wrote: Alan Parker's adaptation of the iconic Pink Floyd album never really seems to find it's footing. While it does have some interesting moments -- it is mostly well-lit cinematography in search of some form of plot.

Edith N (it) wrote: With Great Whacks of Daddy Issues My absolute favourite Ryan O'Neal story is one that I'm quite sure Tatum wishes people would stop telling. However, I think it says everything that needs to be said about their relationship--and Ryan O'Neal as a person. You see, this isn't just the story about how he told her, probably right around the time this movie was made, that she shouldn't ask him to choose between her and Farrah Fawcett, because he wasn't sleeping with Tatum. No, this was at Farrah Fawcett's funeral, where he needed a ride (Ryan O'Neal doesn't have his own car?), so Tatum gave him one--and he didn't recognize her, so he started hitting on her. He laughs about this story; I can only assume that Tatum has told it to her therapist several times. I also know that he was pretty mad when she won the Oscar and he wasn't even nominated for this. Though he is one of the people who lost to George C. Scott, the year George C. Scott refused the award, so there's that. Tatum is Addie Loggins and Ryan is Moses Pray. Her mother has just died, and she believes that Moze is her father, which he denies. He did, however, know her mother, and he agrees that he will take Addie to her aunt's house. On his way out of town, he extorts two hundred dollars from the brother of the man whose drunk driving was responsible for Addie's mother's death. Addie overhears this and refuses to separate from Moze until he gives her the money, most of which he's already spent. It turns out that Moze is a low-level conman, and Addie quickly demonstrates a flair for it--better than Moze, in fact. They're making her money back faster than he'd expected--until one night, at a carnival, he meets up with Miss Trixie Delight (Madeline Kahn). Moze rapidly spends money on her, and of course, they aren't up to their usual tricks and so aren't getting any more in. Addie decides she needs to get rid of Trixie, and pairs up with Trixie's maid, Imogene (P. J. Johnson), to do it. To be perfectly honest, the only reason I can see Addie's wanting to stay with Moze is for the same reason that I assume she really loved her father at the time. Sometimes, we are blind when it comes to our parents and forgive things that shouldn't be forgiven. Addie is desperately in need of someone to love her, someone to belong to, and she latches onto Moze for it. Possibly, her aunt (Rose-Mary Rumbley) would be better; we can never really be sure. However, her aunt was distant, never visiting her sister and niece. Addie can convince herself that Moze loved her mother, and that he must be her father. Don't they have the same jaw? Maybe he is; maybe he isn't. But Addie needs him to be, so she's willing to overlook every flaw--and drive off Trixie. She's a better judge of human nature than he is, but she still can't see him well enough to see what's wrong with him. She doesn't want to, because she wants him to be the father she needs. Oh, part of this may be that I just don't like Ryan O'Neal. Of the four people who get any considerable amount of screen time in this film, he's the least talented. It was Tatum's first movie, and she acted rings around him. However, remember that he's perfectly content to scam people the same regardless of whether they're rich or poor. She gives the poor woman the inscribed Bible and is smart enough to charge the rich one considerably more than anyone else they encounter--and the rich woman pays it without a second thought. It isn't just that Moze is a crook. It's that he's short-sighted. He's petty. He doesn't only think of himself, but that's because he doesn't seem to think at all. He's trying to impress Trixie, but why? (Leaving aside that she's Madeline Kahn and therefore automatically too good for him.) when he meets her, she's a stripper at a carnival. He seems to have the impression that she's high class, because she has a high school diploma, but how long will she stay when he's broke? For some reason, this approximate era was full of rose-coloured portrayal of the Great Depression. (For all this was actually filmed in B&W.) Yes, all right, these two are supposed to fit in the category of "cheeky rogues" who have been popular in fiction going back quite a long time. Centuries at least. However, we don't ever get a clear image of poverty from this movie. Several characters throughout the story must be in very bad shape financially, but we ignore that. It takes a very small amount of money to convince Imogene to betray Trixie, and fair enough. She doesn't like Trixie anyway and isn't getting paid. But the money Moze cheats out of people will sometimes mean that they won't have enough to eat that month, and the movie never lets us see that anyone is ever really suffering. Except for the one family wherein Addie, out of the goodness of her heart, refuses to con them. That isn't enough for me, and I'm surprised it is for the movie's many fans.

Heather M (de) wrote: No more of these movies for me.

Brenden K (kr) wrote: The music and the visuals are spectacular, putting you in the feeling of an Indiana Jones movie. However, the movie has scenes happen for no reason, and litterly go nowhere. The pacing in the beginning and the middle are horrible, extending unnecessary scenes and shortening important scenes. The end is where the film really gets exciting and starts to feel natural, despite a few goofy moments. The film plays out more like an unintentional comedy, having cartoonish or bizarre scenes that are so goofy, that you can't help but to laugh. The fight scenes are well put together for the time, with great practical effects with blood and the giant snake.Despite numerous problems, Conan is a decent action-fantasy with a few laughs here and there.

Weaam M (mx) wrote: this is kind of movies you go out afterwards , singing and dancing in the street :)