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John M (kr) wrote: This lifestyle isn't for everyone. So this is about a teenage girl with no family (Sasha Lane). She crosses paths with a misfit band of magazine salespeople, and they take her in as one of their own. They have no ties and travel from city to city, jumping from motel to motel, living fast and loose with no long term plans for the future. I ended up watching this pretty cold; I read the one sentence synopsis on IMDb, but I watched no trailers, and the only reason why it caught my attention is because it is making appearances on many 'best of' lists. With it being available on Netflix DVD, I figured why not. While it is certainly well made, I can't say I made any tangible connection with it. Now this is from the acclaimed director of Fish Tank, a movie that I still haven't found the time to watch. I've got no frame of reference for her work, and because of that, it feels a bit odd to critique her art. This is very much an indie movie, and you feel like you just happened to stumble in on this girl at a turning point in her life. American Honey is well shot in a hypnotizing kind of way; this had my attention the entire time, and even though I viewed this at home, I never felt tempted to check my phone or give into potential distractions. I did, however, choose to split the viewing of this into two parts. It's a reckless party drama, and one that ultimately succeeds in what it sets out to do, but it is well over two and a half hours long, and there really isn't all that much of a narrative to it. To expand, I watched half of this one night and the other half the proceeding morning. My wife only caught the second half. I honestly feel like I was able to fully catch her up after about three to four brief sentences, and I don't feel like she missed all that much. American Honey isn't without its redeeming qualities. For one, I did like the performances. This is the acting debut for newcomer Sasha Lane, and she turns in terrific work, nailing every emotional moment in this. Shia LaBeouf is also good in this as well; as he continues on his descent in rejecting his celebrity status, we can continue to expect more and more roles like this from him. The cinematography is very well done, and it is always alluring to the point of being interesting. It is very much a slice of life story, and it kind of just cuts off at the end, which is pretty normal in this brand of tale. I like that I felt that I was along for the ride, but I really don't think this needed to be 163 minutes long. It get repetitive, and even though you never get to a sense of safety for this vagabond, it still hits the same notes at a number of different points throughout. It is an interesting study for this breed of human that has no place to call home, I just wish it executed in a more concise fashion.

Cooper H (de) wrote: Need for Speed has some okay racing but nothing memorable. Imogen Poots is very likable, yet the rest of the cast doesn't bring anything new.

Tomas S (nl) wrote: Very good movie with an ensemble (kind of white) cast. The pace is quite slow.

Ariful I (es) wrote: another interesting one......

Samantha S (au) wrote: He wasn't the saint he's portrayed as, as who should know better than his kid (I guess his wife, actually, as he had a thing for sleeping with little girls.)

Marnie Z (gb) wrote: Pretty sad. Some good performances - Meryl Streep of course and William Hurt always does a good job of playing an ass.

Bryan J (ag) wrote: Not bad by any means, but it really doesn't leave you much to figure out. Still, it's entertaining and makes for a good rental. Watch "The Rock" or "Face/Off" if you wanna see the best of Cage's action days...

Gareth R (au) wrote: They say time flies when you're having fun. I couldn't help but think of that as I watched Casper: A Spirited Beginning. In the magical world of this straight-to-video prequel, 90 minutes stretches out into infinity. As such, I no longer understand the concept of time. All I know for sure is, I was watching this wretched film, but now I'm not, thank goodness. As a prequel, it stinks. As a movie, it sucks. And as something labelled "90 minutes long", it should be brought up on charges of false advertising. Set before the original (and flawed, but hey, quite enjoyable) Casper movie, this story finds Casper (Jeremy Foley) on a train to a Ghost Academy. He's only just died, apparently, and is thrown off the train to a place called Deedstown. Three ghosts inhabit a spooky house there, Applegate Mansion, and a local architect (Steven Guttenberg) wants to knock it down. Luckily the community has something to say about that, particularly a spunky schoolteacher (Lori Loughlin) who, groan, has the hots for him. Anyway, the architect's son Chris (Brendan Ryan Barrett) befriends Casper, who is receiving ghost lessons first from the Ghostly Trio, and later from Chris. Meanwhile the head of the Ghost Training Academy, Kibosh (James Earl Jones), is furious that Casper's been skipping class, and sends Snivel (Pauly Shore) to keep an eye on him. Got all that? This disparate pile of plots leaves me wondering if they originally had a film with about a troubled schoolkid whose architect Dad spent all his time at work, and just added the Casper stuff to make it sell. Everything we learn about Casper is painfully at odds with what we learned in the first movie, where we found out how he died about a hundred years ago, and lived in Whipstaff Manor, not this Applegate place. Also, being a kids' movie of the particularly lazy variety, A Spirited Beginning skips the whole issue that Casper has just died and can't go back, even though he's desperate to do so in the first movie and tortured by his ghostly existence. Here, there is no philosophising on the whole notion of life and death, and while you might argue that kids' movies don't do such things, give them a little credit. Sometimes they do. (The Lion King, anyone?) Here, being a ghost is just super-cool. Chris seems to actually envy Casper, because being dead means you can change shape and go invisible. Yeah, great message. (Chris also has some kind of ancient handbook explaining things about ghosts, and it's never explained where he got it or who previously owned it. But since most of the plot doesn't make sense, we'll just ignore that.) The special effects were a major part of the first film's success, so you'd probably expect them to at least be on a par in the second film. Not so. Shockingly inept is a better description. These poorly-rendered ghosts look like they escaped from an unfinished video game. (Indeed, sections of the movie that almost entirely feature animated images cropped up in a PC game version of A Spirited Beginning, which leads me to wonder if the game developers did the elbow work.) The film simply can't maintain the illusion that they're part of the world we're looking at, as they've been strangely superimposed over the footage, rather than integrated into it. (Sometimes they move with the camera, which is - forgive the pun - a dead giveaway.) There's a lot of dire ghostly slapstick, most of which involves farts, snot and belches, and it's just obnoxiously unfunny. It's better, however, than the dialogue. The script is (literally) groaning with bad ghost puns, mostly delivered by the shameless Pauly Shore. James Earl Jones has almost nothing to do or say, which judging from the script is probably a blessing. He cuts through the film pointlessly, nothing more than a limp subplot. As for the non-ghost stuff, it's predictable and boring, which probably explains where the seemingly infinite runtime came from. The weird-looking Brendan Ryan Barrett is an odd choice for the main character; considering this is a prequel, shouldn't it be, you know, Casper? Barrett overacts, along with everybody else, including the extras. The only person dialling it down is Rodney Dangerfield, who simmers at a level of bad joke delivery that's pretty quiet for him. Michael McKean is briefly amusing as a crazed demolitions expert, but then he's given a desperately bad Mission: Impossible gag, at which I simply stared in disbelief. His character stops making sense by the end. Ultimately what really gets me is the way this doesn't tie in with the first movie. No effort goes into making these events appear older, although there is a line - "Did you see The Wrath Of Kahn?" - which might date it, if it weren't for all the X-Files references. Such embarrassingly lax attention to detail simply makes you uneasy. Why bother sitting through this, if they didn't put in the time and effort to do what they set out to do? If you should sit through A Spirited Beginning - the title of which is an example of the kind of "humour" involved - you'll be bored rigid by the story, horrified by the special effects, amused and weirded out by the acting and irritated by the continuity. Nothing about it works. I can't even think of a graceful or measured final thought to have about it, as it's left me feeling cranky. It just sucks.

Anirban M (ag) wrote: My rating is a little warped as I have rated some mediocre films at 3, but this is a little better this is a delightful romantic comedy, not great, but interesting, would not be a total waste of your time if you see it while having dinner

Juan S (ca) wrote: its still one of my favorite Wes Craven movies R.I.P. Wes Craven

Alex S (ca) wrote: It's definitely got a lot of cliches, but Major League overcomes them by being consistently hilarious and ringing out good performances and developed characters. A sports comedy done right.

Charlie M (au) wrote: Mel Brooks hilarious spoof on the Star wars movies.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Rosie N (de) wrote: A good rainy day flick...not too thoughtful, but genuine.

Robert F (kr) wrote: A charming (and often bizarre) Italian comedy.

Millo T (br) wrote: It is curious the character chose to center this story, as we feel dramatically his disorientation, not only because we understand the perfectly well chosen circumstances, but also because of the good acting from Jannings. The story is not bad, although a little light, and I am sorry not to be able to appreciate the camera resources that were invented in this movie, as I do not know the previous background (however, I imagine the distorsions were quite new in that time). It is because that reason (and by Jannings) why I add half an additional star.

Fernando C (es) wrote: funny and stupid at the same time, but more stupid than funny

Robert C (it) wrote: Some interesting ideas, but on the whole, a real chore to get through. Exhausting.

Juan C (jp) wrote: A time capsule of how campaigns were run before the instant information age. It is interesting seeing a lot of people who would subsequently solidify their careers in the political realm. It is hard to know what the focus of the film will be, and it does move away from a pure focus on Clinton. He oozes charisma even through the inevitable sex scandal. What great scenes the revelation and the news conference were.The film settles on the political advisor and the most interesting point is that his wife is leading the campaign of the opposition. Amazing!