Woton's Wake

Woton's Wake

Woton Wretchichevsky has a disfigured face, dresses in cloak and mask and stalks couples to burn them with a blowtorch. He is also a sculptor of steel and garbage installations. One day one of his creations comes alive in the form of a young woman. She flees him when he tries to express his love by pointing the blowtorch at her. She hides in a house where some kind of orgy or happening is going on. Also war breaks out. —flixster

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Mike H (it) wrote: Very convincing mocumentary images. My only niggle is that we would surely never put people on Europa because of the risk of contaminating any ecosystem there. I dread to think what damage this crew would've caused has this been real.

Jim F (us) wrote: Nice comforting comedy for old gits

Private U (au) wrote: Creepy! Bette Davis is fantastic!

Shawn S (kr) wrote: This has intense moments, an excellent story, skilled direction, and a great cast.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: His only dedication is to his work.An officer is sent to France to help resolve a recent mob incident; unfortunately, he has to work with a crooked cop that frames him for the crime. He quickly goes into hiding where he bumps into a prostitute that happens to be associated with the crooked cop also. They will need to work together if they hope to improve their situations."How long you plan on staying?""Not very long."Chris Nahon, director of Empire of the Wolves, Blood the Last Vampire, and the upcoming Lady Bloodfight, delivers Kiss of the Dragon. The storyline for this picture is entertaining and well done. It is a bit darker than similar films in this genre from this era. The martial arts are pretty good but not outstanding. The acting is above average and the cast includes Jet LI, Bridgette Fonda, Tcheky Karyo, and Cyril Raffaelli."My boss is dying to meet you."I came across this film on HBOGO and decided to watch it again for the first time in a long time. This was always an average action film that was a little darker and grittier than the Chan films being released from this era. I enjoy this film; it is far from a classic, but worth a viewing to fans of the genre."Thanks for the help, Johnny."Grade: C+

WS W (fr) wrote: Like [What's Eating Gilbert Grape] but a lot lighter, a cute, bitter-sweet story about how a coming of age boy taking off his life, in addition to its Irish background. The fabulous Catherine O'Hara with the very young Jared Leto, Emily Mortimer, Christina Ricci.

Frederick G (it) wrote: Cheesy but still a classic

Harrison W (nl) wrote: Clearly an inspiration for Luther and True Detective. To be honest, I think I might prefer the works it inspired rather than this. Super bleak throughout. Ends on an obviously dark note. Sets up some interesting dualities, but at the end of the movie, I'm having a difficult time finding meaning here.

Jorge A (ca) wrote: Still amazing now (2017), grandiose, epic.

Henrysmovieguide C (gb) wrote: Pretty funny and cool, even if it kind of rips off Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Wayne and Garth are both memorable characters. Good movie.

Bastene A (ca) wrote: Pros:-Great wedding-Jim's Dad-Finch making love again to Stiffler's mom-Stifler dance battle with a gay man-Stifler versus Finch whoever get's the girl-Milf GuysCons:-No Oz,No Vicky,No Heather,No Jessica,No Nadia and No Sherminator-Kevin looks like(or really) a minor character