In the summer between high school and college, a group of kids try to gain control of their relationships, emotions and lives for the first time.

In the summer between high school and college, a group of kids try to gain control of their relationships, emotions and lives for the first time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David K (nl) wrote: This is the best Air biddies movie yet! Casper, the friendly ghost, is a puppy now lol!

David M (ru) wrote: A film that should be watched solely on DDL's phenomenal performance. The film gives us an unforgettable character and on top of that, a performance that is impossible to pass up.

beby v (ag) wrote: it was good because it had a lot of reality in it about the real world of drugs.

Liam C (kr) wrote: I wonder if M. Night decided to make this film because of the unfairly negative reception that 'The Village' received and decided to do something quite different from what he was known for. However, if he did want to reinvent himself, as it were, I doubt he would have had his name in the advertisements because, funnily enough, his name was nowhere to be seen on the advertisements for 'After Earth'.M. Night's films have stories that are about people but this is something quite different. His films were known for their horror elements and while this film has some, the overall story is something very different and the film doesn't even have a twist in it, big or small but it speaks to the power of the man because it seems that half of his films, at the time of this review, don't even have twists and yet that is what he is known for. This seems to set the bar for his next few films to come, with the lack of a twist. All of M. Night's films have a different feel to them and no two films feel the same but this is a very whimsical and enchanting film and this is helped along by James Newton Howard's beautiful score, who is working with Shyamalan once more. It could be argued that not a lot happens in this film as all that really happens is someone comes to a place to tell someone something and then has to leave again but it just has such a unique quality to it and it's so different. You'd expect Heep to question how silly this all sounded but pretty much as soon as he is introduced to Story, he is already being attacked by beings not of this world, so it makes sense. However, I kept waiting for the moment where the Choi family would tell Heep to just shut up about the bedtime story and I don't understand why Story didn't look for the help she need quicker, before somebody found her. I always did think the cast for this film was a bit random but they all do a good job and make everything work; and I don't know why Cindy Cheung asked for such a high salary. Paul Giamatti especially and anything he is in is worth a watch, he's usually the memorable supporting character actor but he managed to bring that to a lead role and really made it work. But Heep held his breath for way too long underwater, even when he did what he did to get air. M. Night is working with Bryce Dallas Howard again and it's just funny to see because M. Night seems to work with actors twice and then doesn't use them anymore, Mary Beth Hurt is in this which is funny considering William Hurt was in Shyamalan's last film, 'The Village'. Although, as of this review, it looks like Bruce Willis' name is attached to 'Labor of Love' so, I guess Shyamalan working in twos stops when that film comes out, if everything goes according to plan. Bob Balaban does a good job but the way his character exits is just bizarre, the film does have its funny moments like Heep laying down on the couch and waving his leg around, but that part took being self-aware to a new level. M. Night putting himself in a bigger role than usual was something a bit different but the moment that a writer was integral to the plot; I knew it'd be him, even if it was weird how he was introduced because you'd expect Heep to go to him at the time when he was looking for all the writers. Even then, when it was revealed that his writing would inspire the world it didn't click to me as self-indulgent or egotistical at all; that thought didn't even come into my mind until I read it after the film was finished. Perhaps it is because M. Night seems like a nice guy in real life and I doubt that was on his mind or because it was executed in a very matter-of-fact way that it didn't click, but his character wasn't even on screen that much anyway. The film looks nice as is the soundtrack as I mentioned earlier on but there are a few weird edits like when Shyamalan's character jokes with his sister in the washroom or right before we see lots of people during the day around the pool. The CGI was great but Shyamalan's films usually do have really great CGI, for when it is needed, even though when he was doing the crop circles in 'Signs' he said he doesn't like using CGI and he keeps his film posters as colourful as ever. The sprinklers always seemed purposely loud to act as some sort of jump scare and surely Heep would have heard that person say that he was a player, even if she whispered it. I also thought it was kind of odd that Heep put his weapon down around the pool at night; surely he'd keep it with him at all times. The only thing that really stuck out to me as a big issue with the film is that near the end when they have to assemble all these people together for a reason I won't spoil, it turns out that the people chosen were wrong and that just felt like filler. While this could be said about most films, if you don't accept this film for what it is in its early minutes, you really are going to hate this film. Even though I liked it, I'll admit that it does ask a lot of its audience, but it is all about the execution; we watch superheroes and giant robots and we can accept that because of the universe they have set up. I don't usually feel this way but I can understand why the negative reception is the way it is as well as the mediocre box office performance. One review, even if it was a snide remark, said that Shyamalan should do a Nickelodeon movie, and guess what? In a few years, he did.This film just stayed in mind a long while after it had finished, it is just such a unique creation and something really special. There is a scene in the film at night where some of the residents walk to the far side of the pool, with weapons, protecting story and from the way the scene was set with the camera angles, the actors, the music, everything set a really positive with a nice good feel to it. The end was also unique, Heep says his final line and we see what happens to Story, which is from a camera angle in the pool, probably done so they can mask some of the CGI, and it just ends. No scene with characters talking about what happened the day after, no time to reflect and, like I said, it was unique; the film doesn't need to have characters reflect on it as that is what we are supposed to do. This film is so unique and different and it is always great to see unique stories being told, I have meant to see this film for a while now and at the time of this review people are still talking about this film and that has to say something. 'Lady in the Water', even if I thought it was ''The' Lady in the Water', is well acted, original and feels really genuine.

Simone D (mx) wrote: Hmm.... hope I'm still active and putting myself out there when I'm 60+ ....

Grayson W (ca) wrote: I really liked this. A surprisingly fun and strange film about an ancient race of killer "Elves" that are after a girl. Her and friends hide out in a mall overnight, giving it a kind of Chopping Mall or Dawn of the Living Dead vibe (they make reference to it as well). The hero, a homeless, ex-detective is also hiding out in the mall after playing the mall Santa. It's a bad movie but not so bad that it isn't enjoyable. The acting and directing isn't horrible, it's just a very silly idea overall, but it's certainly a cohesive film. The creature FX are actually pretty impressive.

Max B (au) wrote: My absolute favourite film ever! beautifully witty and hillariously funny! A masterpiece of black comedy.

Thomas B (au) wrote: Grade - CIt feels like the kind of movie you need to re-watch in order to fully appreciate it, but after my initial viewing I'm not sure how I feel about 'Fight Club'. The film is technically accomplished and has some good performances but it just didn't engage me throughout the majority of its run time.

charles b (jp) wrote: Rich in detail and strongly acted, 'Road's' strengths are found, not in plot, but the the inspired relationships Moma's character, Wolf, shares with the various characters that come in and out of the story. This seemingly simple motorcycle road movie is emotionally dense.

Claire T (kr) wrote: Loved it, loved the bit at the end when that old moaning woman went to use a phone box and the phone box fell into the sea, it starred David Kelly and James Nesbitt, I do not want this film on DVD