Written on the Wind

Written on the Wind

A young woman marries into a corrupt oil family then falls for her husband's best friend.

Alcoholic playboy Kyle Hadley marries the woman secretly loved by his poor but hard-working best friend, who in turn is pursued by Kyle's nymphomaniac sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emiliano R (br) wrote: Otro maravilloso trabajo de Walter Salles, esta vez vuelve a Brasil, para mostrarnos una bella historia de una familia que vive en los suburbios de Sao Paulo, compuesta por una madre embarazada y sus cuatro hijos varones, en donde cada integrante intenta aferrarse a sus sueos y creencias para aliviar el malestar y estancamiento cotidiano. Con msica de Santaolalla y unas imgenes bellsimas de la hermosa ciudad brasilera.

Bront Y (it) wrote: The first half of this movie was engaging and well-plotted. Then the second half made it feel a bit like wasted energy. This movie was incredibly sad and heartwrenching, shaking me to the core, and the performances were so real and bone-chillingly good, but it was too emotionally draining for me.

Nimish G (au) wrote: all the stars for Irfan Khan's mindblowing performance.....he elevates the screenplay to extreme levels.....

Salman H (br) wrote: A touching depiction of the radicalization of Pakistan in the 80's. A film every on interested in Pakistan should watch. Initially I thought it was going to be another "beware of Pakistan" propaganda, but it turned out to be a well balanced flick. Highly recommended!

Johnson C (au) wrote: Similar to American pie, some teenage cheap jokes with dicks swinging.

Ivan S (nl) wrote: Depressing and boring

jay n (ca) wrote: hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney S (nl) wrote: MUST SEE for all left-wingers. Excellent cast, very smart. According to many reviews, people love it just for the direction and performances. So, you have that plus a fantastic little window into the struggle for federal theater.

Jason P (gb) wrote: Lots of potential. Cliched. Entertaining. Suspenseful.

Peter H (br) wrote: Perhaps one of the greatest movies ever made about sports, if not one of the best movies made about people.

Ann D (kr) wrote: i simply do not think that transsexualism is normally expressed as a whimsical, impulsive move to get attention -- which makes the film's depictions and assumptions problematic. nor did i find the film's presentation of elvira's sexuality as essentially straight convincing. as with all of fassbinder's films that ive seen, he depicts sexual relationships as exclusively based on emotional sadomasochism. to fassbinder, sexuality isn't fun. or hot. it's a means to gain something. in elvira's case, it's love. but fassbinder frustratingly tantalizes you with the prospect of a film that will seriously explore sexuality and gender identity when in reality, elvira's sex change is a metaphor for the depths people foolishly sink to obtain love. like a bad tattoo of your crush's name. plus elvira spends the rest of the film trying to get his dick back and working in a meat factory. if anything, the sexual politics of the film are regressively phallo-centric.narratively, the film is like a series of filmed monologues. static, theatrical, and hopelessly boring. the characters have absolutely no recognizable personalities. maybe i just have a minimal tolerance for self-absorbed crazies who constantly complain about their problems, but the characters did not interest me. they are not reflective (despite all of fassbinder's mirrors); they flinch in the face of information or enlightenment or real connection, and then complain about how they lack all of the above. the film is tightly controlled and carefully framed, which makes the randomness of so many scenes all the more baffling (the jerry lewis dance sequence, for instance, would only work in the most hallucinogenic, abstractly funny context). the performances are all austere and on-point but the characters are not compelling. elvira is not a generous or likable person. he gives nothing to the world and remains in a self-absorbed funk. the film is at its best when it makes fun of him. if only elvira could take a joke, maybe his life would have been happier. the film is the opposite of tragic and is merely ridiculous.

Subhro R (fr) wrote: John Travolta doesn't actually have any neurological disorders. It's actually a part of a Scientology initiation ritual.

Josh K (us) wrote: I know this isn't classic horror, like Psycho, Halloween or even The Conjuring, but I enjoyed this film just because it's stupid fun.A remake of the 1970s film, this film takes on a more modern approach, while changing the plot around a little bit, but still keeping the premise the same: a group of beautiful college girls are stalked around Christmas in their college, while everyone else is gone for the holidays.The film is directed by Glen Morgan, while co-written by both Morgan and James Wan. Both have worked on Final Destination, a fun horror film.While this film is graphic at times, it's still fun, while the actors give a nice job as well. While the film at times has you sympathize with the killer, you still wish to see the killer die. This film is simply a fun little horror film to watch around either Halloween or even Christmas. Also, that joyful tune during the credits is a nice touch as well.

Alan E (br) wrote: The film felt real and authentic and the story was engaging. Although the film revolves around the incident (suicide) the main focus of the film is friendship, and each individuals place in society after college. Although they're very different from each other their past connects them and is what keeps them together.

Paul D (br) wrote: Dull action thriller with little effort either side of the camera.