Wrongfully Accused

Wrongfully Accused

Ryan Harrison, a violin god, superstar and sex symbol does not want to cheat on sexy Lauren Goodhue's husband with her. Mr. Goodhue is found murdered and Ryan suddenly finds himself being the main suspect. After being sentenced to death he manages to flee while being transferred to his execution site. Now, all the world is after him as he stumbles from one unfortunate incident to the next in order to prove himself innocent - by finding a mysterious one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged man...

Art patron Hibbing Goodhue (Michael York) is murdered, and an accident-prone concert violinist, Ryan Harrison (Leslie Nielsen), is arrested as the main suspect. Now Ryan must prove himself innocent by finding a mysterious one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged man after escaping from a bus accident on the way to jail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Connor G (nl) wrote: The poor shooting and horribly biased uses of small furry animals and kids hindered the message it tried to sell, which honestly seemed to only affect a few.

rick r (ru) wrote: "The Apparition" tales the story of a young couple playing house only to find out the terrors hidden in the home as well as their relationship. The film is directed by Todd Lincoln and stars Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton. The film actually focuses on the exploration of urban legend and the paranormal as well accenting the freshness of a life anew with relationship and promise. Kelly and Ben are a young couple starting life together just as horrors set upon them. Ben is a collegiate who explores the realms of paranormal experimentation only to have to deal with the nightmare ramifications that ensue. Soon Ben and Kelly battle ghastly forces from beyond the realm of the dead as an entity invades their lives and halts the beginnings of their happy home.For me the film has some serious potential for scares but unfortunately it is as if the director pulled back on most of the scary moments instead of going for broke. Moments when the scenes begin to build to thrilling climaxes the actual luster fades and we are almost pre-warned or backed down from a true terrifying moment. With that said there are some scary moments that make you jump but there could have been so many more. The surreal and ominous atmosphere that is created in this more subdued supernatural horror film is intense and foreboding which give to the story's dark nature. The casual and serious approach to the story casts an almost monotone of mournfulness even when the scene doesn't call for such emotion which sometimes creates a somewhat sleeper moment to the film. The story around the paranormal entity however is intense, dark and sinister which hold most of this movie tightly together and give us our actual active scary moments. "The Apparition" didn't completely leave me disappointed but it did slightly frustrate me because I found myself forcing complete interest in the movie as it went along and never felt quite convinced it was a horror movie. It is a film that one could take or leave and never be the lesser for doing so.

Anmol Kumar S (jp) wrote: this movie is not as interesting as the first two editions but still it is good fun and critics bashing it are too mean. Don't compare it with any of earlier jackie chan movies and watch it with good mood and you will surely enjoy it. I liked the opening scene. There were many loopholes which director thought who won't notice but even then it was cool

Lemon E (ag) wrote: one of the best hk action films i've watched.. nuff sed.

Ryan G (gb) wrote: I like Chris Rock a lot, but I didn't see anything special about this movie.

Jenn K (gb) wrote: It basically tried too hard to be this hilarious ensemble cast movie with outrageous characters. We stuck with watching this movie, but did not enjoy it. We felt it just tried TOO hard to be the fun, wacky comedy it could have been.

Sean H (br) wrote: This movie I give it 5,stars because for me I love horror movies. I can't tell you what's it's about cause then all ruin it for you guys but all tell you this , grab your DR pepper and popcorn and sit and get comfortable because this movie will keep you the edge of your seat .

Sgt C (kr) wrote: Better than most big bug horror movies with a few faces you might recognise in the cast. Not very scary or very gory but it's entertaining enough to be worthy of a look.

Jeff M (br) wrote: This is like any other No retreat, no surrender movie. Full of over acting (and I bet the whole time the director is sitting there saying give me more emotion) Which is what makes it so great.

IM THE TRUTH (fr) wrote: Sad that a comedic genius had to experience some of the things he experienced: I wished he would have actually recovered from his traumatic experiences, but his behavior, and continued incidents proved that he hadn't.

Patrick B (br) wrote: This is the third Godard film from the eighties I've watched. Eh. His films of the late sixties and seventies are far more interesting and thematically rich. And in the 80s Godard seems to have gotten creepy old man syndrome. So many naked ladies in this, Passion, and First Name: Carmen.

Erik G (au) wrote: A lost city, a sandstorm, John Wayne judo flips Sophia Loren, a grubby desert outpost, madness, redemption, buried treasure, sand, Jack Cardiff cinematography...good times.

Hillary M (mx) wrote: Not my favourite Bette Davis movie but solid watch none the less. A good story.

Robert B (es) wrote: les battersby is actually good in this!!

John W (nl) wrote: A hard-bitten, stylized action romp with a great cast and more than enough to offer to make it easy to overlook its flaws. It is pure fun, fast-paced storytelling.

Shantel D (kr) wrote: I'm not sure why this is rated so high. It's a cult killer-dinner-party. If you didn't figure it out in the first ten minutes, then I feel like you might have never seen a movie before. The only saving grace in this very tedious, predictable mess, is the main actor who plays Will. He is handsome, and does a decent job with the very little he was given to work with.