Wu lin feng yun

Wu lin feng yun


It's a no-holds-barred battle to the death for possession of the invaluable Purple Sword. Assistant director Wang Po-yi also wrote this entertaining and exciting adventure which could have also been called "The Five Tigers" since there's no doubt that this quintet is the highlight of the action. Huang Tsung-shun is "Fierce Tiger," Hung Liu is "Drunk Tiger," Hsu Erh-niu is "Lame Tiger," award-winning actor Ku Feng is "One-eyed Tiger" and respected director/actor Wu Ma is "Sick Tiger" in a tangle of tussles and thrills . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Billy P (mx) wrote: I can honestly say this is the worse movie I've ever seen. Someone somewhere must have got a cheap camcorder for Christmas and they just run a muck with family and friends. Everyone in this deadly boring film most have gone to the Pee-wee Herman school of speech and drama because the Tomato Ketchup bottle were most of the blood came from had more acting ability. This movie is so bad it wouldn't even be shown on a late night unknown satalite channel. 0/5

Pete S (kr) wrote: terrific documentary

Charles B (us) wrote: I understand the criticism, most Jewish people would criticize this film. My personal opinion, it's far too clean for the everyday movie watcher and too moralistic for the secular crowd. I think it is a wonderful story and enjoyed it.

Anthony S (ag) wrote: A mess. Boring, weirdly paced, and lacks a cohesive story. You don't care for any characters. Bratt gives a good performance on bad script. *.5/****

Bharath K (ag) wrote: it all looks f***** up!ill take one!

Alec B (fr) wrote: I would have appreciated a measure of subtlety at some point, as there are moments of "symbolism" that reach laughable proportions with their obviousness. However, since this film still pretty successfully deals with the political and social power of theatre (which is a notion that is very dear to me) I still enjoy the film for the simple fact that it so strongly appeals to my own sensibilities and biases.

Meredith W (fr) wrote: "54" tells the story of the world famous New York night club Studio 54 at a time when disco was king. In a plotline similar to that of "Boogie Nights", the story is told through the eyes of Shane O'Shea (Ryan Phillippe), a young man from New Jersey who manages to get onto the guest list and into the very exclusive club and soon manages to secure himself a job at the club as bartender. A number of plot lines emerge, none of which are adequately explored, however, this is a movie about so much more than narrative. And, while Mike Meyers was lauded for his portrayal of club-owner Steve Rubell, it is the soundtrack that is the real star.

Sean S (ru) wrote: Good as it ever was. I want to eat Molly Ringwald like meringue.

Diana W (de) wrote: It shouldn't have been made! Unnecessary sequel.

Linda D (gb) wrote: This is the greatest good/bad movie of all time. Made in 1972, all one needs to do is see the cast list to appreciate how truly GOOD/BAD this movie is going to be. CAUTION: This film has been rated SEVERE SCHNERTZ MATERIAL. We are in no way liable for any beverages laughed through nostrils while viewing this gem.

Ana G (es) wrote: good film, yes, i recomend it!

Michael H (au) wrote: Both for herself and, more, for her daughter, Stella gains entree into a world she can't navigate. Eventually she sacrifices her place in the family for her daughter's benefit. Heartbreaking.

Kevin M W (br) wrote: Stilted offering that's opener is that we accept Gibson's lunatic fringe wackjob taxicab driver as a nice guy. Doesn't materialize. I found myself thinking instead that here was an example of the type of antics that got him railroaded out of the fast lane of Hollywood. I'm not a big Julia Roberts fan, but Gibson was so offensive that for once I sympathized with her, particularly when while he was in the middle of a loony rampage and she was called on to look at him with warmth. There are many scenes like that. Believability quotient: zero. I kept wondering when he was gonna get tasered. Patrick Stewart, the bad guy in these proceedings, plays against the overplayed lunacy and comes off doing a superior sinister indeed. Imagine a root canal ... that's what watching this is like.

Daniel T (us) wrote: This movie while fun is really stupid and full of plot holes

Craig C (ag) wrote: It is positively churlish to criticise a movie in which a fat ginger cat plummets through the roof of a van into a deep sea of prepackaged italian food whilst uttering glorious running monologue including one particularly gloriously drole line: "My life has once again been saved by the miracle of lasagna". It's a funny, charming film and has resonated with me upon multiple viewings. Haterz gon' hate :P