Wu Tang Temple

Wu Tang Temple

When a Manchu prince named Kao is killed by his nemesis after 14 years of hiding, his young orphan friend and prodigy becomes allies with two strange sorcerers who teach him their craft in order to obtain revenge.

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Eleni K (mx) wrote: Enjoyed the submarine sequence.

anthony s (us) wrote: epic as fuck deadpool cameo funny

Alex V (ca) wrote: 3.0/10Once you get past the jellyfish metaphor and the whole alienated youth thing, there's really nothing left. Sure the acting is nice, even is every character feels the need to wait at least 3 seconds between delivering lines. However the plot is completely desolate. There's simply nothing there. We just watch our somber conflicted characters wander around the screen for near 2 hours wondering when anything, anything at all, might happen. And then it ends. And then we all breath a sigh of relief and try not to realize that we've just wasted a good chunk of our life on this thing.

Zack M (ag) wrote: As a humanist story it worked, as an emotional insight it worked, but as a biopic it fell short. Perhaps it's because I have such an extensive knowledge of C.s. Lewis that I was able to pick out falsities, but there wasn't enough here to walk away with a deeper understanding of this man. This wasn't a breaking issue, but it was enough for me to keep it back from being "great". It was still a captivating story about one of the greatest minds of the last century. It's also a great starting point for people just discovering the man.

Chris D (it) wrote: Sure-handed director John Irvin skillfully balances the mile-a-minute action with the deep-rooted dialogue amongst its complex characters, who by the way are wonderfully rendered by their actors...almost on par with 'Apocalypse Now.'

Aj V (gb) wrote: An interesting movie about a young magician, and it has a good cast, but it gets real confusing at times. Good, but it could be better.

Kelly F (jp) wrote: This is such a great movie. Reviewers criticising the subject matter (3 NYC models attempting to snare rich husbands) miss the point of this movie completely. It is a film about love conquering all as in the end, two end up with ordinary joes and the third thinks she does but he turns out to be rich after she's married him believing him to be poor. The acting is fabulous, the comedy well timed. Marilyn is superb, as is Bacall. It's a film of its time (50s) when a women's future was secured or ruined by whom she married. To place modern opinions on it is ignorant.

Veniea T (fr) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Ethan P (au) wrote: Delightfully vibrant, intriguing and amusing, this tale of a young woman's brave, steadfast hunt to find honor for her family features thrilling action, amusing interplay, lively musical numbers and an engaging lead character that everyone wants to root for.

Chester C (mx) wrote: Thanks #AMCTheaters for showing #PurpleRain at your theaters this past week. I went twice, and both times, the theater was filled with fans of #Prince, and even was singing in their seats. #Epic