Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Gipsy boy Heathcliffe is adopted by a god-fearing landowner in northern England and grows up as the soul-mate of the daughter, Cathy Earnshaw. When father dies, stern son Hindley returns and bans Heathcliffe to the stables; when they spy upon their upper class neighbors, Edgar Linton sends the dogs upon them and chases Heath but starts an affair -love comes only from him- with her. When Hindley's socialite wife Frances dies in childbirth, he is completely embittered, becomes a drunk unable to care for his son Hareton and has to sell Wuthering Hights- to Heathcliffe. After a misunderstanding Cathy marries Linton, Heath retorts by a loveless match with his sister. Even Cathy's death doesn't stop the cycle of spite, grief and harm so it poisons the next generation's lives as well while she keeps haunting Heathcliffe

Mistreated foundling Heathcliff and his step sister Catherine fall in love, but when she marries a wealthy man, he becomes obsessed with getting revenge, even well into the next generation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dio S (de) wrote: This flick has a dark feel from start to finish- I happen to like dark movies - I'm just throwing that out there. Michael Shannon is brilliant. The portrayal of his character's mental illness and his efforts to seek treatment despite various barriers and stigma really resonated with me, since I am both a psychologist and a patient. SPOILER ALERT - I feel like the movie totally went against itself in the final few minutes. They took a well done plot about mental illness, genetics, stress, navigating the insurance and mental health system, stigma, family conflict, etc. and flushed it down the toilet by showing (which I assumed to be reality) his dreams/hallucinations coming true. *Homer Simpson mocking voice* "Ooooh, he doesn't have mental illness, he is clairvoyant! A gift from Jeebus!" OK, I admit it's doubtful that "clairvoyant" is in Homer's vocabulary. I was disappointed in the ending because I feel it was a slap in the face to those experiencing mental illness, but I enjoyed the majority of it.

Jacob K (kr) wrote: I recently read the book and then I finally was able to watch the movie. I felt like the actors portrayed the characters very well, especially Robert Sheehan as Simon. The story was pretty on the ball with the book and, they also surprised fans with some twists. People who haven't read the books may interpret this as another terrible young adult film. The only way you can go into this movie is by knowing all that you need to know. You need to know that this is a very unique take on fantasy with demons, demon hunters, warlocks, vampires, and other things of the downworld. You can not take this as a rip-off of all different fantasy movies like "Harry Potter" or "Twilight".

Dan S (ag) wrote: Pretty good small direct-to-DVD movie. An interesting premise, although only time will tell if it's possible. All the actors do a good job here especially Sean Faris, he's very convincing.

Jordon J (ca) wrote: ...wanders hopelessly, trying to find a tone or a purpose or a point of view. It's a shame because Paul Giamatti in my opinion is good in every film he's in & this one as well but the film its'self is so bad not even his good performance can save it so SKIP IT!!!

Curt L (br) wrote: Saw this with Julie. This movie is pretty fucked. The time spent with the first 4 girlfriends was too short, the last one far too long, he should have dumped her ass after the cereal incident for sure. It uses these little fantasy episodes much like the daydreams in Scrubs, but with dolls and other weird stuff, but they're not at all funny and make it hard to keep track of what's going on.There were a few funny spots, but few and far in between. I usually like british humor but this one sucked. Do not recommend.

Jake D (it) wrote: Probably one of Dennis Quaids best movies. He gives a great performance, and the story is very interesting. You actually care for the charachters.

Garrett T (jp) wrote: Split is a very well made film that is both entertaining and fun to watch!

Thomas M (es) wrote: Judd Apatow's ghost of humors past, taunting him with the sort of seemingly wholesome yet constantly rude humor that he has always chased.

Van R (ru) wrote: The Cliff Robertson & Michael Caine World War II epic "Too Late the Hero" qualifies as another searing indictment of warfare. Producer & director Robert Aldritch recaptures some of the flavor of "The Dirty Dozen." Each film takes place against the backdrop of World War II. "The Dirty Dozen" occurred in Nazi-occupied France, while "Too Late the Hero" happens in the Japanese controlled South Pacific in spring 1942. Each group of warriors perform a special mission. The American military convicts in "The Dirty Dozen" received pardon offer to participate in combat. The British soldiers in "Too Late the Hero" aren't exactly convicts, but they aren't elite troops. Although it never coined the millions that "The Dirty Dozen" grossed at the box office, "Too Late the Hero" has ten times the depth and irony in its storyline than "The Dirty Dozen." Conversely, "The Dirty Dozen" is far more entertaining on a visceral level, while "Too Late the Hero" turns rather depressing until the final run across open ground with mortar teams lobbing shells and snipers blasting away nonstop as the brave Allied souls try to cross it. The ending is this movie's chief surprise. While "The Dirty Dozen" killed a chteau filled with high-ranking German officers, the men in "Too Late the Hero" only blow up a radio transmitter. Nevertheless, the performances are flawless, and the characters truly interesting. You'll recognize several familiar British faces, such as lantern-jawed Harry Andrews, Percy Herbert, Denholm Elliot, Ian Bannen, and Ronald Fraser, from other World War II movies. Oscar-winning actor Cliff Robertson of "Charly" plays U.S. Navy Lieutenant (J.G.) Sam Lawson who has an easy job eavesdropping on Japanese radio chatter and interpreting it. Lawson is nowhere near combat, until his Commanding Officer, Captain John G. Nolan (Henry Fonda0, assigns him to join a British commando team to blow up a radar station in the New Hebrides east of Australia. After an interesting opening sequence that features British, American, and Japanese flags slowly disintegrating as they flap in the breeze, the action shifts to a quiet U.S. Naval base in the South Pacific in spring 1942 as the Shore Patrol searches for the elusive Lawson. They find him and take him to Nolan. Lawson has been planning a four week leave and news that he is about to embark on a combat mission doesn't set well with him. "This is something the British are organizing for us that involves a certain amount of physical hardship," Nolan brusquely informs him. Initially, Robertson believes that if he resigns his commission then he can get out of being sent on the mission because the British need an officer. Nolan is prepared to send him on the mission as an ordinary seaman if Lawson resigns. "I can't win, can I?" Lawson reluctantly accepts the mission. Clearly, "Too Late the Hero" couldn't have been made during World War II when war movies were hopelessly patriotic. The British plan cross the island to the north and destroy the Japanese radio so the enemy cannot wire a nearby island and request air support to bomb a U.S. Navy convoy which will pass near the radio camp on the coastline. Just before our heroes are to raid the Japanese camp and knock out the transmitter, the British soldier carrying their radio drops it by accident and permanently damages it so it no longer works. Predictably, Hornsby reacts with rage, but improvises another plan. They will overpower the Japanese radio operator and transmit their false message on the Japanese radio and then destroy it. Lawson refuses to follow Hornsby into the radio hut because he believes Hornsby is violating Colonel Thompson's specifice orders. Earlier, Hornsby had exemplified the incompetent commander he was when he laid an ambush with his men on both sides of a column of advancing Japanese and five of his men died in the cross-fire from their own men. Once they reach the Japanese camp, he improvises rather well, but dies when Lawson refuses to participate in Hornsby's new scheme to relay the false message by the Japanese transmitter rather than their own transmitter. A battle breaks out and our heroes mow down their share of Japanese troops before they pull back. Accidentally, the next day, our heroes stumble onto a Japanese airfield that has been so well camouflaged that U.S. aerial reconnaissance hasn't spotted it. Our heroes flee but this time they are pursued by a Japanese officer who deploys speakers to try to lure them back to him so word will not reach enemy lines about the presence of their hidden airfield. Our heroes must now survive long enough to get back to base and inform Colonel Thompson about the enemy airfield. Producer & director Robert Aldritch co-wrote the story with Robert Sherman and the script with Lukas Heller. Although "Too Late the Hero" takes place in World War II, the film undoubtedly reflects the contemporary dislike for the Vietnam War. Ninety percent of the action occurs in the jungle and Aldritch gives the jungle a claustrophobic nature. Between the opening and ending no-man's land scenes, "Too Late the Hero" encloses the audience within high green walls. Once Lawson arrives at the British camp, he meets the camp commandant, Colonel Thompson (Harry Andrews of "633 Squadron"), and Captain Hornsby (Denholm Elliot), who will lead the mission, but none of Hornsby's men respect him. Hornsby is as worthless an officer as you can imagine, but he commands troops almost as worthless as he is. Indeed, Hornsby is taken aback by Lawson's negative attitude when he first meets him. "What an extraordinary fellow," Hornsby observes of Lawson. Colonel Thompson retorts, "Well, he's an American." Thompson then inquires about Hornsby's health and if he is up to commanding the mission. "It seems to me to be a marvelous opportunity to really hurt them," Hornsby replies to Thompson. Again, "Too Late the Hero" is as cynical a war movie as you will find.

James M (us) wrote: Expecting a Hitchcockian thriller/film noir I was ever so disappointed in this, which was nothing of the sort.It does feature a smoking Monroe performance and ample proof that she's one of the great Hollywood sexpots as a manipulative wife who drives her husband towards the brink of insanity while they're holidaying beside Niagara Falls.All the performances are fantastic, I just expected something different.

Isadore H (mx) wrote: The first half is a terrifying look into basic army training, the second half is an equally terrifying look into the Vietnam War. Incredibly well acted, most notably by the boot camp instructor and Private Pyle. I really enjoyed the first half, it was revealing and very shocking, the second half isn't quite as good, but that doesn't mean it was bad, I enjoyed the second half almost as much, though it does feel a little bit too long, Full Metal Jacket is a masterpiece about a group of soldiers in the Vietnam war.

Jamie C (de) wrote: An ok animated film that is quite funny in places, We could tell it was from the Adam Sandler crew as the jokes were split even between kids and adults, I like the fact that they had literally every monster we knew in the film, The story was ok but nothing new, It did feel very rushed and thin at times, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version, Overall an ok animation that suffers from a predictable plot and might scare the younger children watching, It's not a bad movie but there is better animations out there.

Senor C (it) wrote: I figured since I watched Killer Workout I might as well watch another health spa horror flix (these are the only two that I know of). This one didn't have as much bad charm as Killer Workout even though it does contain it's fair share of aerobic classes & bad 80s music but it's incredibly dull. Instead of a standard killer this one has a possession so it has a disturbing scene as the killer is flashing back & forth between her & her twin brother you see him in a dress. Possessed transvestites are frightening. Actually Im really grasping here. Nothing is interesting to Death Spa...Forgettable.