WWE: Superstar Collection - Zack Ryder

WWE: Superstar Collection - Zack Ryder


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WWE: Superstar Collection - Zack Ryder torrent reviews

Love M (fr) wrote: Unexpected but likable movie pushed forward on Harrelson's subtle performance. 6/8/2013

Colin C (es) wrote: Warning: Contains Bernie Goldberg, who finds a way to say repellent things in a freaking bowling documentary.

Nicky B (fr) wrote: I my, I had actually pretty low ecpectations from this, but it turned out very well. I love Salma, she's so amazing .....

Al M (ru) wrote: An omnibus film like those popular in the 70s and 80s, this television movie feels more dated than it is. Both stories suck as does the frame tale that connects them. Nothing scary, brutal, or even remotely interesting ever happens. Instead, the film is like a bad 87 minute of Tale from the Crypt.

Christie (au) wrote: Very interesting but I lacked sympathy for some of the characters.

David B (kr) wrote: Possibly the worst film I've seen in a long long time!!! Acting is dubious at best, storyline is fine (although a remake would improve it vastly), but the overall effect for me lacked severely.

Mark W (us) wrote: This was a fantastic thriller movie! It may have been heavily influenced by Hitchcock, most notably Psycho, but it was a really fantastic film! At first I didn't think that I was going to enjoy the film greatly, but I did! Hywel Bennett was a surprising breath of fresh air, which was handy as the film follows Martin and focusses on the killer aspect as supposed to the victims point of view... Just an all round great watch!

Al H (us) wrote: The WORST XMAS movie ever but I like it.

Corey M (de) wrote: A keep-the-kids-distracted flick that relies too much on potty humor and innuendo.

Joules L (gb) wrote: Poorly thought out. Tries to be clever but just isn't.

Derrick D (nl) wrote: Took me 2 years to watch