Wyoming Outlaw

Wyoming Outlaw

Will Parker has been destroyed by a local politician and now must steal to feed his family. He steals a steer from the Three Mesquiteers.

Will Parker has been destroyed by a local politician and now must steal to feed his family. He steals a steer from the Three Mesquiteers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex F (nl) wrote: Creating the automaton children that will rule the world. The Posterity Project carefully selects children to be seeds of the future in the hope that they'll once again have the smartest populous. They don't learn like normal children and they certainly don't play like them. The plot is defined in some areas and loose in others giving you enough space to come to your own conclusion. The quirky ending leaves the door for a sequel which could be interesting to see what and who are restored for another installment.

Olatunde A (mx) wrote: Another movie with a bad "critic score" that I enjoyed every much so

Farah R (mx) wrote: What a complete waste of time. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

valerie v (jp) wrote: no one could play a beter english lord

Andrew L (jp) wrote: Another movie about my life... if I was in high school for the 80s.

Scott R (br) wrote: Informative, yet biased. I did enjoy mcgoverns perspectives, he was knowledgable and wise. However, Many of those involved were unqualified to voice their opinion, but were included because of their extremes. It is easy to criticize the election of Nixon.

Tracy T (fr) wrote: A really funny, sweet movie that will make anyone who watches laugh.

Michael M (us) wrote: Typical Stallone awful flick.

Paul P (it) wrote: Warning from Space is a sensitive, hopeful film detailing how two alien cultures can put aside their superficial differences and work together in harmony to achieve greatness.Well, no. Warning from Space is about a bunch of waddling star fruit people with huge fake eyes in their center who pester a group of stuffy Japanese scientists and children.:=8/Ahhh, to be so naive again. I guess it was the 50's in Tokyo, there was something in the air, anything could happen, and, well, the star fruit people happened.Well, the fruit are from the planet Paila, and are orbiting earth "from the opposite side of the sun" in their little spinning aluminum pie-plate satelite. They see that the silly humans have invented a powerful new source of energy which may destroy the galaxy (hmmm, remembering Hiroshima, are we??), and so the fruit begin to show up around Japan, frightening fishermen and scaring saki girls.The fruit are very upset that this new power, which they've had for years, is far too unstable and dangerous for us humans to understand. The fruit really don't do anything even remotely upsetting until it becomes apparent that a run-away planet is about to collide with earth(!!!). THEN its okay for the humans to have...well, whatever its called...so we can blast the planet to smithereens, and then the world's weather can get back to normal, and the shrieking group of Japanese children who hide in the basement of the observatory can go back to singing and happily playing.The fruit are very strange people. First, they show up here and there, scaring the bejesus out of people even though they are OBVIOUSLY a guy a in pointy hat with a couple of sticks covered by some sagging fabric with a huge fake eye sewn into their middle. One fisherman sees one of the fruit, startles back, and exclaims "It's a monster", and everyone flees in a state of extreme panic.This is a fairly interesting mooment. In 1954, Toho Studios had already fired the first salvo in the Giant Atomic Monster Moovie wars with the release of Godzilla (1957 in the US). Daei Studios would have to wait until 1965 before they could really challenge Toho with a beastie of their own (Gamera the Invincible, 1965), so Warning from Space was going to have to do for the mooment. But even in 1956, the fact that a nameless bystander in a Japanese film can say something like "It's a monster!", and everyone in the film (and presumably in the audience) knows exactly what he's saying and reacts accordingly, is slightly absurd. Say something like that in the US, even in 1956, and moost people woud scratch their heads and say "huh?", or "what?", or even "what's that supposed to be?". I guess monsters, demons, and devils are an active part of Japanese traditional culture, and Japanese people in 1956 experienced enough monsters and demons (especially the White Devils who blow up cities with Atomic Weapons) that a couple of star fruit waddling around with huge eyes in their center was almoost old hat.Thing is, Daie Studies released the film promoting Warning from Space as a Giant Atomic Monster moovie, even making the moovie posters cowplete with giant star fruit people shambling through the streets of Tokyo, none of which is shown in this film. The fruit are, sadly, very much human-sized, and while they do waddle about stiffly, they do not do so against a set of model buildings - more is the pity.The star fruit understand cowpletely their udder lack of scariness, cowbined with the fact that they possess neither the hands to grasp tools not the arms to wield them (which makes you wonder cow they managed to build their aluminum pie-plate satelite), so they decide to steal a human form for one of their fruit people to use while spying on the humans. The form they decide to steal is that of a rather bad, cheesy nighclub singer/dancer.This is yet an-udder interesting, amoosing mooment. We first see our night-club floozie gracefully turing in the arms of several tuxedoed Japanese men, while soft, classical moosic plays in the background. Suddenly, the tempo shifts, the dancers pause for just a tiny mooment, and then...they all begin to tap dance.:=8/Truely, this is one of the mooost absurd mooment this cow has seen in a Giant Atomic Monster Moovie (even one which pretendes to be). The MooCow wasn't ready for that one, and neither will you, trust me. The whole herd laughed their spots off on that one.Meanwhile, the transformed fruit tries to fit in with modern Japanese society, but has trouble keeping her cover as she teleports away from crowds of giggling schoolgirls, and hits tennis balls by leaping straight up 15 feet in the air. Curiously, the Japanese characters in this film seem only mildly interested in the fact that our transformed fruit cutie displays almoost superhuman abilities. It takes one dopey scientist half the moovie, after remooving 'fingerprints" from her tennis racket, to figure out that she is really an alien. I mean demons, sure, but aliens? C'mon...Once the jig is up, the fruit reveal who they are and why they are here. Then, they vanish for a while, and the scientist who dreamed up the whole stupid unstable energy source gets himself kidnapped by evil agents. You can tell the agents are evil because they are only interested in money and power. They slap our scientist friend around, and then leave him tied to a chair for 20 days!!!Bored, the evil agents leave the film, and then the weather gets bad. Really bad. The fruit say that the reason the weather is bad is because a run-away planet is headed on a cowlision course with earth. Planes, missiles, and bombs are no good vs the run-away planet. The japanese government appeals to the United Nations for help - in true Bush-reality, the United Nations sits hopelessly deadlocked about what to do. once again, everyone flees in panic; the scientists hole up in a basement (comeplete with windows) beneath the observatory, where a pushy teacher also leads her 600 screaming, terrified children. Minutes drone by while the scientists take off their shirts, stare at the planet in the sky, and the teacher says things like "Don't worry children , everything will be alright, let's all sing a merry song", over and over again. Clearly she is crazed and not functioning rationally, but the children don't seem to care.Meanwhile, a cowvenient earthquake helps free the scientist, who must have been awfully hungry after 20 days tied to a chair - he hops down the street, and makes it back to the observatory basement, just in time for a tidal wave to sweep in. The scientists and children panic, and try in vain to block up the basement windows with cardboard boxes, but the water pours through anyway. But just when you think they'll all drown, and thus relieve all of our pain, the water stops, and everbody becomes sullen and morose again.This is just when our friendly fruit people pop back in. They've decided that we need to use the...whatever it is...packed into a missile and shot out to hit the planet and blow it up. The United Nations are once again cowtacted; once again they are hopelessly deadlocked, until so mooch time elaspses that even the star fruit people are bored. The UN gives the ok, a cowvenient missile which just happens to be loaded with a bunch of...whatever the stuff is... is shot off, the planet blows up, and the 600 screaming children run off and sing in the rubble.The End.Whew! That wa a mouthful of moo juice!! :=8.Warning from Space is a heady mixture of silly, amoosing mooments, bad costumes, poor dubbing, and long, thick stretches of sheer, unadulterated boredom, which makes this film an instant stinky moovie classic. The star fruit are one of the least cowvincing moovie monters the MooCow has seen since the evil pickle from Venus in It Conquored the World. The plot seems to be a strange cowbination of When Worlds Cowlide and Plan Nine from Outer Space - the whole herd was just waiting for one of the fruit to point one of it's stick-like arms at a scientist and scream "You see, you see, your stupid minds, stupid, stupid!!!"The MooCow says check out Warning from Space. Oh, and remember, if you have a Japanese friend nearby, yell out "it's a monster!", and watch him flee in an embarrassing, little-girl panic.:=8)

Heather B (it) wrote: wow, hope and crosby they are so genius. I love everything about this movie, i'm not usually a fan of old fashioned movies but this one i was interested in. They're amazing actors and this is my favorite in the Road to ... series. George: "Oh, buster, I don't like the look in her eye!" *female ape holding Harold* Harold: "George, get a rock, a club, anything! Kill one of us!"

Jerome B (ag) wrote: Slow story but ending somewhat made up for it.